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harry potter book quotes:

“I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death — if you aren’t as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach.”   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

if harry died in the forbidden forrest

- Hagrids heartbroken sobs would never turn into a smile. He would forever mourn his death along with millions of others
- of course he would have his good days and not dwell too much on the past, but Harry did have a special place in his heart
- the Dursleys would never notice, until an apologetic wizard from the ministry finally informed them
- they wouldn’t show much emotion. they still didnt want to be involved in all that nonsense, but they would feel something deep down. shock maybe
- a part of them would be relieved. they wouldnt have to deal with the magical world anymore. their lives could go back to normal
- of course, it never did go back to normal. war does that to people
- Mrs. Weasley would have lost yet another child
- Mr. Weasley would be in disbelief while comforting his wife
- Harry would be burried with his parents. finally underneath the snow with them like he wished for
- he would reunite with Sirius and Remus. even Dobby and all the other loved ones
- but they would all greet him with a sad expression. he was too young
- Ginny would be crying, but she was tough. She had been through so much from the very beginning, and with her family’s support and love she was able to move on
- she would become a succesful quidditchplayer and never quit, because she didnt have any kids to quit for
- she would visit his grave less and less. finally settle down with someone else entirely
- Teddy didnt get to have Harry as his godfather for long. meaning he didnt have anyone who could relate to his loss. but it wasnt like he ever got to know Harry, and his grandma was so full of love that he managed just fine
- the scared Death Eaters felt a weird sense of heartbreak too. they had believed in Harry, and hated him all at once
- Several students from Slytherin felt broken, cause they knew their parents were being controlled by Voldemort, and who would save their family now?
- All the horcruxes had been destroyed, so Voldemort was able to be killed by Neville.
- Harry still died for him, so Neville was protected by his love
- and Hermione was of course still determined and strong Hermione. But she was broken. she had lost so much during this war
- she had been so worried for Harry. a part of her knew he was gonna sacrifice himself, but for some reason, even her, smart and clever, hadnt really realized that he could actually really die
- she would arrange a lot of campaigns for Harry and make sure he died for a reason
- Ron would break down. he wouldnt feel any shame about it either. he would be sobbing loudly and not care what people thought of it
- but everyone would just feel bad for him
- he wasnt going to look tough and strong in front of his best friends corpse. he had already lost one of his brothers
- after voldemorts death he would run to the forbidden forrest and scream and yell into the silence, not caring what creatures he could be waking. they could come at him. he didnt care
- and at the bottom of the forrest, in between all the fallen leaves on the ground, he would find a tiny stone.
- he would be sucked into a wish. with Fred and Harry still alive. they would stand above him and smile at him
- he would remember the mirror of erised and harrys biggest wish. and a small voice would warn him
- but he wouldnt leave the forrest until Hermione finally found him passed out
- she, of course, guessed what had happened and made sure to hide the stone far away
- they had to be strong. they would live on and always be there for each other
- a couple times a year harry would be the talk of the town and old wounds would hurt again
- there would be a day to celebrate Harry Potter and this time, they were more cautious not to disturb the muggles like they did that night so many years ago, when Harry got his scar