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Zdeno Chara and Brandon Carlo :

“Nineteen years, eight months and eight days separate the 19-year-old Carlo and 39-year-old Chara, who was born on March 18, 1977 and is in his 20th year in the NHL.

“We haven’t really talked about it or anything,” Carlo smiled. "I’ve seen quite a few tweets that he was drafted in ‘96 and I was born in ‘96, so it’s pretty cool for me to be around a guy with that much experience in the league.“

“It’s exciting to have someone who literally when I started playing NHL, was born, and now, he’s on my right side,” Chara said with a big smile.

The tandem of Chara and Carlo is special, and Chara genuinely knows that.

“It’s kind of two contrasts - but I like it,” he smiled.” 

anonymous asked:

What's your fav pairing? What kind of dates do you think they'd go on?

Spike and Xander (Spander, BtVS) remains my favourite pairing of all time (sorry Destiel, you’re a close second). Aside from patrol dates - because after two of those, the rest of the Scoobies decide it’s safer for everyone if the boys get split up for patrolling - I’d think they do a lot of movie dates. Xander dragging Spike out to see a new Marvel movie and Spike sitting Xander down at home to marathon television dramas and snog.

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Numbers 6, 7, 15, 16, 18 and 19 :)

 Thank you for the ask my friend :)

6. popular anime you didn’t like:

Free!, the only anime that I know that’s fairly popular and I dislike.

7. anime you are currently watching:

Otogi Zoshi, Akagame no Shirayuki-hime and I’m still trying to finish Ore Monogatari.

15. anime you never get sick of watching:

Ouran High School Host Club, I have lost the count of how many times I’ve watch it and every time I fall in love with the characters once again.

Also Code Geass. I don’t know why I do this to myself,though. I end up crying every time xD

16. 10 best animes you have watched:

1. Code Geass

2. Ouran High School Host Club

3. Wolf’s rain

4. Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal

5. Shingeki no Kyojin

6. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

7. The Devil is a part-timer!

8. Umineko

9. Nodame Cantabile

10. Romeo x Juliet

18.10 worst anime you have watched :

1. Free!

2. Hakuoki

3. Vampire Knight: Guilty

4. Amatsuki

5. Ao Haru Ride

6. Brothers Conflict

7. Rave Master ( I love the manga but the anime adaptation was pretty awful)

8. Naruto

That’s all I can think of. Some of them were just boring while I found others pretty bad.

19. favorite anime ships 

There are too many. Let’s which ones I can remember:

Renji x Rukia, Alibaba x Kougyoku, Amon x Akira, Okita x Sei, Tamaki x Haruhi, Musica x Reina, Sharrkan x Yamuraiha, Hakuryuu x Judal, Hakuryuu x Morgiana, Suzaku x Euphemia, Gajeel x Levy, Ayato x Hinami, Loki x Lucy, Kaneki x Touka and I’m sure I’m missing many more.