meme: fake film

  • Namjoon: What would you hypothetically do if someone had hypothetically knocked over your favorite mug, and hypothetically smashed it so bad you hypothetically can't glue it together?
  • Seokjin: Hypothetically?
  • Namjoon: *Nods*
  • Seokjin: Well I would have Jimin and Jungkook hold him down while I kick his ass, then kick him out of the bedroom for at least a month.
  • Namjoon: ...
  • seokjin: Hypothetically.
  • Namjoon: ... Right.
  • Seokjin: The store I bought it from is downtown. I suggest you run. Hypothetically of course.

This Feat I Hold: Steve Zahn and Ben Schwartz requested by stranded-in-belmont

Wiley Ray (Steve Zahn) used to be a great boxer – now he’s just a coach. Emilio Slater (Ben Schwartz) is the dream that Wiley never got to be. Now, Ray finds himself self-destructing and pushing his own self to prove a point – only he’s hurting himself and, well, nobody cares. Emilio, on the other hand, who was once amused and annoyed of Wiley, begins to see someone admirable and akin to a role model – only its at the expense of Wiley’s health.

“I used to think you were a joke. Like if your entire career was a satire – but like a really funny, highly rated satire. Certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.”

“So what happened? I landed in a coma and that inspired you?”

“No. I don’t know. I guess I just actually met you. I guess… there’s more to you than boxing and collapsing from fatigue – there’s a lot of cool stuff to you and, it’s like, boxing just happened to be one of them. Like if you have a whole box of them – that’s just, I don’t know, very different.” 

fake movie meme || “Fourth Corner of Nowhere”

↳ a fictional documentary starring Lydia Graham and an ensemble cast of newcomers and non-actors.


The story of Solin Peak, a town nestled near one of Minnesota’s highest summits, unfolds through the lens of aspiring filmmaker and lifelong resident Samantha Brisbane (Lydia Graham), who has chosen her hometown as the subject of her entry to the New York Film Academy. Through interviews with neighbors, friends and other Solin Peak inhabitants, an image of small-town life begins to emerge that is both heartwarming and harsh, as well as extraordinary in one particular way: Solin Peak is home to dozens of ghosts, many of whom live with their former families and friends and perform their jobs and habits just as they did when they were alive.

Shot in pseudo-documentary style and set against the frozen, windswept backdrop of Minnesota’s rural landscape, Fourth Corner of Nowhere paints a picture of a world bearing many similarities to ours, where the townspeople have found themselves at the crossroads of catharsis and stagnation for decades. They are held together by undercurrents of sadness, resilience and hope, but above all else, their history and future can be summed up by the one question we all face: do we choose to stay with the things we’ve lost, or face the future that has already left them behind?

Fake Film: Finding Murphy

The Murphy brothers, born into New York Upper East Side royalty, are as different as night and day. The eldest son, Benjamin (Aaron Jakubenko) is the wild child, traveling the world via private jet with girls, booze and drugs. The younger son, Christopher (Shane Harper) is the perfect heir, being groomed to work under their father, the CEO of Murphy Industries.

When their father is suddenly murdered and the Murphy family is thrown into scandal, Ben and Chris must come together to prevent the empire from crumbling. They come together at the Hampton family home to save the Murphy business and solve their father’s homicide.  

inspired by a text conversation between me and @rapunzel-withthegoodhair

I’ve decided that I want to see a villain origin story. All the trailers will advertise it as a hero story, but when you watch the movie, you see the protagonist try to be a hero over and over again and get completely bashed by the media and the people of the city. Gradually, the hero gets tired of fighting for something only they seem to believe in, and the reports of the hero slowly taper off. The hero starts off doing a few little things for personal gain, and the entire time, you agree with them and their motives. Then, at the end of the movie, something truly horrible happens and it’s all the hero’s fault- not some villain forcing the hero to do something, the only one responsible is the hero. And you’ll see their eyes darken…

And you’ll still think the “hero” was in the right.

fake film + inception au pt. i

gugu mbatha-raw as the extractor / oscar isaac as the pointman / idris elba as the mark / margot robbie as the forger / robin wright as the tourist / chiwetel ejiofor as the chemist / ruth negga as the shade / golshifteh farahani as the architect

nora boyd (mbatha-raw) operates as the team’s leader with gabriel castillo (isaac) as her righthand man. the two of them founded this dream share team together and are rumored to be lovers, but they carry an air of a strictly professional relationship. carey hayes (robbie) was recruited in part due to her relationship to nora’s younger sister, vivian boyd (negga), and her talents in the art of deception. the team’s chemist, godfrey young (ejiofor), was good friends with gabriel back during their college days and was reluctantly convinced to join a few years prior. the now last member of the team, anahita saidi (farahani), was taken in during one of the team’s earlier missions in singapore, when vivian was still the architect. however, with vivian’s untimely death a few years back, anahita has taken over that role. 

currently, corporate head, annalise turner (wright), has hired the team to infiltrate the mind of her rival and former coworker, marcus taylor (elba), and extract the secrets that nearly destroyed her company and family. their mission quickly spirals out of control as the dream world becomes a battle ground once other dream share teams join the fray, vivian’s shade undermines team efforts, and annalise and marcus are discovered to be more than meets the eye.


fake movie meme - psychosexual political thriller

song: electra heart by marina and the diamonds - requested

the children (sebastian stan, emma watson, sophie turner) of three important political figures have been trapped in the same house their entire lives for their own safety. the head of security (naomie harris) is in the middle of attempting to solve a mysterious death and possible murder that occurred in the mansion grounds at the same time they conspire to break out.


Fake Movie: Rupert Graves & Colin Firth

Romantic Drama ► Felix (Colin Firth) and Hugh (Rupert Graves) are well know adversaries in politics, and everything in between too, really. One night of drinking anything that passes by in some very, very boring party leads to one big but quite enjoyable mistake. But it’s okay, everything continues the same. The fights, the frustration, the wish to have the last word. There is just more kisses, tears and broken hearts.

part 2 of this post


tom hardy & will smith in an action-espionage thriller as rival spies of rival agencies who are the best of the best in their field. when a criminal organization threatens to stir up global chaos, they are reluctantly assigned to work together to track down and stop the threat. their partnership, of course, starts off with animosity and distrust, but they eventually set that aside to go save the world.

Fake film: Mountain State.

Rami Malek & Sebastian Stan - requested by nightowlpost.

Romantic Drama ► Photographer Alex (Rami Malek) is stunned when ex-boyfriend Issac (Sebastian Stan) returns to their hometown of Louisville, Colorado. They grew up together and realised their love for one another during college. Although Issac abruptly left to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles, leaving a devastated Alex behind. Issac is looking to start again with Alex, but to forgive and forget is easier said than done.


My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.

Natalie Dormer as Alice and Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter

Frank (Ian Alexander) and Josie (Rowan Blanchard) are the only new kids in their freshman class, and quickly become best friends, bonding over their shared fascination with everything mystery related - Frank has done extensive research about famous unsolved cases for his tumblr blog, and Josie is an aspiring crime novelist, with a large collection of Agatha Christie books. With the help of their english teacher, Mr. Aoki (George Takei), they form a mystery club, but only one other student joins - a junior, Nancy (Amandla Stenberg). At first, the only mysteries they have to solve are things from Encyclopedia Brown novels. But when one of their classmates goes missing, and the club finds themselves caught up in it, they find that real mysteries are much more complicated than they could have imagined.


Fake film: At Sixes And Sevens

Lupita Nyong'o, Tatiana Maslany, Zoe Saldana, Emily Blunt, Lyndie Greenwood, Natalie Dormer

Trained together in the academy six women become the unstoppable force that’s needed to take down the country’s biggest threats and keep the people safe even if no one will ever know but them.


Fake film: This Is Not A Love Story.

Rooney Mara & Matt Smith. requested by anon.

Romantic Comedy ►Rose (Rooney Mara) is twenty five. She is bisexual. And she has never been in a relationship. Feeling pressure from her parents, friends and just about everyone else to find her ‘other half’, her best friend, Brady (Matt Smith), offers to set her up on a few blind dates. All of which go horribly. Aside from Rose questioning Brady’s choice of friends, she comes to realise that the only person she needs to feel whole with is herself.