meme: 30 days of female awesome


female awesome meme [1/30 female celebrities]: Paris Jackson 

“I have to make a promise to everybody in this room, everybody watching, that from this day forward, and every step that I take from here and every decision that I make is with love in my heart and with hope to get one more step ahead in fighting the good fight. I promise to use this platform, as we all should, that I will use my voice to speak for the voiceless and to fight for the rights that every one of us deserve. Every woman that walks this earth, every mother, every sister, every daughter and every lover. Every member of my fellow LGBTQ community. Every immigrant. Every child. Every animal and every plant.” 


Day fourteen: Favourite older female character

Minerva McGonagall 

This woman - this witch - is the most badass motherfucker in the entire wizarding world. She doesn’t need force to control her students, no, because they respect her, because she deserves respect. Which can be seen many times throughout the Harry Potter-series, like when Harry jumps out from under the invisibility cloak simply because she was disrespected. She’s incredible. And one of my favourite moments in the films is when she enchants the giant armored statues at Hogwarts and goes - with so much glee: “I always wanted to used that spell!” 

That’s McGonagall for you; so kind and caring and full of love, yet still so fucking badass and the bravest fighter with a wand.


Day seventeen: Favourite warrior female character


I love Michonne with all of my heart. There I said it. I really fucking do. On top of being the most fucking badass zombie-slayer with a katana, she’s incredibly smart and beautiful as well. I mean. Just look at her.

Just. Look. At. Her.

The second she entered The Walking Dead as a character, I fell in love with her; because of the way she helped and treated Andrea, and because of the clever way she disguised herself to blend in with the walkers. 

I will be absolutely crushed the day she gets eaten by zombies or killed by an enemy group. A lot of deaths on the show have been hard on me - but this one will top them all, if it happens (cross my fingers). 

So, Michonne was easy for me to choose as a warrior character; she’s my favourite hands down. And also - I mean. 

Just. Look. At. Her.