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 𝒋 𝒖 𝒔 𝒕 𝒊 𝒄 𝒆 ❣  What’s something your muse has been dying to admit or confess?

 At this point in canon time, Stefan is struggling to confess an of innermost thought to himself.  I’d say it’s along the lines of admitting how truly unhappy he is with his life, and with his place amongst the Mystic Gang.  It’s easier said than done.  Stefan’s trying to make the best of things, especially now that Damon’s no longer out of his life.  However, there’s nothing around him that he considers “living it up” in life. At the same time, admitting it means accepting the sad truth, or doing something about it, and doing something about it means big changes, again. It was easy to leave his life in MF behind when he was too wrapped up in the grief of his loss, but at this state, he doesn’t feel urgency driving his emotions enough to get up and go so easily.

This roots back to s5 after he was finally released from the safe in the quarry, and everything just adds on from there.  Stefan’s real torture post-quarry was knowing that he was forgotten about by everyone around him.  Which makes the value of his “friends” in Mystic Falls diminish. Aside from Damon, Stefan really doesn’t have any bonds with other people that make it worth his while to stick around, but he does anyway.  For now, he’s grateful for Damon’s presence, but that’s not enough to fill Stefan’s void.  What Stefan desperately battles to confess is his craving for a new life where he’s sincerely happy without having to second guess.  


But, I’m pretty sure the writers try to play off that he’s content with the little amounts of half-ass he’s got right now, so this is obviously personal.  But I don’t feel he has actual friends aside from his brother, while everyone else has their bestys and their buds.  And lets get real, Stefan’s would never be allowed his own life unless it came at a large price. Stefan Slave-atore .