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tagged by @preposterousness. this is supposed to be a list of favorites.

Colour: Hazel’s eyes

Food: potatoes in all their many forms

Smell: Lavender, coffee, steamed milk with amaretto syrup, horses, leather, books, mint

Movie: Lawrence of Arabia, Pitch Perfect, Seabiscuit

Genre of music: i like a lot of things but often pull the hipster bullshit thing of “guys listen to this acoustic version of that song it’s so great”

Texture: soft soft soft. fluffy soft soft.

Time of day: I like the early morning when no one is awake yet, but I don’t get up early unless forced to do so, so I very rarely experience this. 

Day of the week: It doesn’t matter.

Celebrity: can I just say Mallory Ortberg

Drink: I love so many coffees so many teas so much plain water. Currently I really love a good Irish breakfast tea with a little bit of soy creamer. Chamomile tea is beautiful and soothing but I sometimes resent it because I don’t want to be soothed, there’s too much to do.

Precious stone: Who knows

Flower: Lilies, or maybe chamomile?


Video game: Assassin’s Creed 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2 are the only video games I’ve ever truly loved

Fruit: Green apples, strawberries, raspberries

Vegetable: broccoli forever. also kale.

Shop: small, non-judgmental coffee shops with interesting and healthy food (I have issues eating sugar). ancient, dusty book shops where no one asks if you need help with anything. Tack shops. Also, I feel very at home in a Jersey diner, or bagel place, or also any slightly dingy Wawa or QuickCheck frequented by bedraggled customers with muddy boots and heavy Jersey accents. 

Fashion/style: nah

Workout: Hiking or horseback riding. Haven’t done either in a long time. I mostly just walk my dog.

Boy’s name: I like a lot of names.

Girl’s name: I still like a lot of names.

Meal of the day: breakfast when I have nowhere to be too early, and I can get my shit together and make something good and healthy and enough, and I don’t waste a ton of time in an anxiety spiral instead of cooking.

Ice cream flavour: strawberry? I don’t know. I never like ice cream as much as I think I will.

Soda (pop): nah

Popcorn: yes

Season: Fall or spring.

Month: April. I used to quickly clarify, “that’s not because of my birthday being in April” as though it was wrong or immoral somehow to choose your birthday month as your favorite. It is my birthday month. It is my favorite.

Word: there are a lot of those, yes

Disney princess: Elsa

Insult: The kind you come up with on the fly when you’re fake fighting with a good friend, possibly in some sort of character you also came up with on the fly, which renders the insult unusable outside of that context, and impossible to explain.

Dessert: Good chocolate, maybe.

Restaurant: I don’t think I have one anymore. I like the bagel place down the road, does that count?

Language: Irish at the moment. Latin too.

Thing about myself: I try to see the good in people and understand their point of view. I want very much to do good and I am often painfully earnest about that. It ends up hurting me but it still isn’t a characteristic that seems to be going away, despite the fact that I frequently want to succumb to bitterness. I am afraid, exhausted, and hurting a lot of the time but I still push through everything and make a fool of myself if I must. which often gets me down, but I still get up. I don’t even know why a lot of the time, but I do. I just do. Even at my lowest, when I often wonder what the point of my existence even is, and if I need to be around at all, and if it would matter if I wasn’t around – I still have some kind of hope that all of this stubborn holding on isn’t for no reason. Sometimes that hope hurts. But I believe it will save me in the long run.

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Ethical memeology
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The ethically cultivated meme

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Rosemary, just one, left where Cole had made a home, in the Herald's Rest. Rosemary, for the spirit who made others forget him, for the boy who was forgotten in the dark. Rosemary, because Fenris would never forget the kindness Cole had given him.

Without words meme

The spirit had come back, surprised, but not, at the sight of the rosemary. Carefully, he had picked it up, hearing the intent as it drifted from the stem.
They hadn’t been able to meet in a while and when they did it hurt. But the spirit pressed the delicate thing to his lips, if only for a moment, before padding over to where he hid his small trove of ‘memories’. Pinned carefully above the book from a pretty Templar.

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Showing feelings without words meme: Harmony's face is stern as she approaches Vanna. Without saying a word, her cybernetic arm hooks around the other woman before her other arm joins in to pick Vanna up. The Turk will find herself caught in a strong hug. Then, Harmony sets Vanna on her feet, gives her a bag with a pat on the head and left. Inside the bag are three heart shaped sugar cookies, two had smiley faces in icing, the middle cookie has the word "Friend" written in icing.

After she watched Harmony walked away, Vanna opened the bag. She smiled when she saw the cookies, especially at the one cookie that is written with the word friend on it. Vanna made a mental note of herself to do something for Harmony in return……