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steeledveins asked:

          when she had awoken earlier to the sound of rain she would have EXPECTED to be able to calm herself from her fears. waking up from nightmares had always been a problem for shelley. unfortunately, that too had been transferred to prycilla. throwing the silk sheets off her body, she makes her way to roman’s room, where she knows she’ll be SAFE. when she realizes he’s not there, she wonders if she’s still trapped within her thoughts. slowly, she backs out, lips pursing as she gathers the courage to make her way downstairs. 

          if not for the moonlight seeping in through their little glass home, perhaps she would have MISSED him, sleeping soundly upon the couch. he looked cold, arms wrapped upon one of the pillows loosely. she SMILES then, making her way out of the living room  &&  to the closet where she knows he keeps the blankets. pulling one of the larger ones out, she makes her way back to HIM

          quietly, she crawls in besides him, laying the blanket over the two before resting her head upon her brother’s shoulder  &&  wrapping her arms around him, drawing him closer. he smells like a mixture of iron  &&  the cologne he always wears, a wave of SPICES that lull her to sleep. she forgets about the nightmare she had, doesn’t even REMEMBER what it was about. eyes fluttering, she moves one of her hands to his chest, feeling the beating of his HEART before finally dozing off once again.

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[Feelings without words meme] He looks at the back of Neil's head and smiles, like a man coming home after years of pilgrimage. He looks at the thug attacking Neil with murder in his eyes and certain death on the tip of his arrow. He sees his world, his home crumbling to burning rubble and his eyes instantly search Neil. He is willing to loose everything, so long as Neil remains.

Despite Sebastian’s skill at hiding his expressions, Neil feels every smile on the back of his head. They make him smile in return and add some pep to his steps.
In battle, he’s always confident that they’ll win the day. But the confidence lies not in his own abilities, but the skills of his companions. Hawke knows they have his back, and he’s especially confident in a certain red-head archer.
And when everything is falling apart, when his best efforts only lead to more ruin, he finds himself searching for eyes of lapis. They are his anchor, his rock, when everything else crumbles underneath him. If he has those eyes, that strength, and that smile, he can do anything.

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"How very goddamn mysterious." /peter, pLEASE

a small laugh comes from the girl, nodding in the slightest in response to the other’s words.    ❛   the only clue where the voynich manuscript came from are the drawings. one day i’d like to try and DECODE it myself. it’s not even complete, some of the pages are missing  —— but i think it’d be fun  !!   ❜   shrugging, she rocks on her heels.

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