full disclosure, I love jade/davepeta

my ultimate it will never happen but if it could it would own wish for jade harley’s post-canon Direction is that by day she and Roxy work tirelessly on applications of absurdly advanced technology together to improve the lives of all residents of Earth C. Meanwhile Jade is just constantly up in everyone’s business, EVERYONE’S, all her friends and family who she loves very much become duly accustomed to just having her walk in unannounced at all odd hours to catch up or talk out her latest theories or just generally exult in the glory of human connection while the horror of 3 years in near-isolation recedes behind her, increasingly less forefront in her thoughts every day until some days she almost doesn’t think about how awful she felt and how lonely she was at all

Then one day she gets a message from Terezi, whose search for Vriska eventually somehow culminates in her finding a way into Ground Zero of the Green Sun incident, where she finds Vriska – along with Meenah, Tavros, Sollux, and Davepeta (the actual best character in Homestuck.) Jade uses the power of Science and Determination to help Terezi and various other involved people rescue these cosmic refugees

Eventually Jade and Davepeta are able to establish a romantic relationship based on current mutual attraction and a mingling of feelings referred from Davepeta’s recollections of being a Davesprite who adored and dated another version of Jade and Jade’s recollections of being a thirteen year old girl who was maybe kinda hoping resident Cool Kid Dave “Akwete Purrmusk” Strider might just go ahead and tell her he likes her already before he was murdered horribly and their paths diverged. 

They go into this relationship aware of those referred feelings but with a sense of purpose and agency and awareness that what they are doing while informed by those things is something new and Jade Harley Now is not the Jade Harley who died a meme-tastic death as the Wicked Witch stand-in of the Game Over timeline and Davepeta Now is not Davesprite and ALSO is not Dave Strider.

Davepeta enchants her with both cosmic insights about the Self and they talk constantly about Meaning and Purpose, sometimes in heated debate and sometimes in commiserative fashion, and fall in love based on things about them that are Uniquely Them as they are now, and everyone is very supportive of them 

And it’s a fun subversion of Jade’s implied character path if homestuck were any other popular piece of media from the very beginning (“ends up in a romantic relationship with Popular Male Character #1″) 

This satisfies my shipping heart which naturally does want everyone to Find Love without aggravating any of the things I expressed discontent about in my previous post

Thanks 4 Reading and please remember Homestuck Is Good and fandom, while it can oftentimes be frustrating, is also good


The meme-tastic finale to my non-sweary vine compilations. Enjoy!

1. First impression: Wow! He draws so much in traditional and digital! And it’s so funny- Follow-
2. Truth is: You’ve improved a lot- I mean, just look you old art and the new- TELL MEH YOUR SECRETS- And you can’t change you still being mah senpai- *runs*
3. How old do you look: 14?? IDK-
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yeh.
5. Have you ever made me mad:  Nah.
6. Best feature: Your personality and humor!
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nopy!
8. You’re my: Friendo-!
9. Name in my phone: AK McMeme (WhatTheHeck-)
10. Should you post this too? If you want man!

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Karl Lagerfeld, Evan Spiegel, 2016
Gregg Segal, Palmer Luckey, 2015

When the Snap glasses came out last year, someone on Twitter made this comparison that Snap glasses were Los Angeles and Oculus was San Francisco. Like every good joke, there’s an element of truth in there. Apparently the beach background was actually a painting in the background of the room where Gregg Segal’s Time meme-tastic cover of Palmer Luckey was taken. I’d be curious as to how Karl Lagerfeld came to shoot the Evan Spiegel portrait.

D͛EH͛ Y͛o͛u͛t͛u͛b͛e͛r͛ A͛U͛ Channel Headcanons

Evan: posts videos about plants, nature vlogs, and gardening tutorials

Connor: videos about music and sit-down type videos that are mostly just small rants???

Jared: makes diy bathbomb video and rated how good the cronch is per recipe, also posts meme-tastic vlogs on occasion with too much editing

Zoe: covers of songs on guitar and speedart

Alana: videos about social issues

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The first impression I had of you was: Wow, what a great writer, since I read your fic 'Le Fou et l'aveugle', and I was blown away. You are one of the coolest people on this planet, and absolutely meme-tastic! Rock on 🤘

Oh my gosh, thank you!

I also think that you’re really cool, and I’m proud to have you as a fellow Tally Hoe. Pretty meme-tastic yourself, might I add! Rock on, as well! 💕

Send me your impression of me over here.

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do u have any other seventeen blog recs?? I want to follow more blogs that are funny and meme-tastic like yours;)

Honestly, I only follow like a handful of blogs, but I guess I can recommend some pretty interesting ones:

1. Ok, for starters, if you’re looking for good SEVENTEEN centered meme blogs, I recommend @alt-17project , @incorrectseventeen and @relatableseventeen . They have really funny posts and they are full of humor. I would also like to add @real-kpop-imagines , they are multifandom, but they do post about SEVENTEEN. Also, @jellybeanminghao has dope text posts.

2. If you want gif/edit centered blogs: @junhuidu & @junhuiduu , @wonhuii , @wonnhao , @hanwooz , @jihanlife , @1jh (17+others), @jungifs , @jeongahn , @smolgyu , @xuhaology (I don’t really know a lot of blogs that post graphics/edits, sorry!!).

3. Also, because I just love these, some legit awesome blogs you absolutely HAVE to follow are @pure-jisoo , @stanjunhui , @munjunhui , @junhuissmile, @princeuji , @prince-vernon (Jean the Jelly Bean she’s adorable), @jisooscat , @jun-kyard , @mountean , @thoteen , @scoupsanti , @17dad , @veryotl , @jeonghcn , @wonwoosidealtype , @yellowsweater-wonwoo .

Of course, there are a lot more amazing blogs, but these are the ones I mainly follow and/or reblog from. I don’t even follow like half of these, but All of these blogs are amazing, so I hope you will like them too (I might as well keep this “masterlist” updated every once in a while)!!

did you guys know about the Selfridges designer Minion line?

because like…

this mediocre sweatshirt is 175 pounds. that’s aproximately 270 dollars. that’s pretty ridiculous, but at least it’s relatively wearable if you work in a kindergarten. probably very comfy.

this white t-shirt? 50 pounds – 80 dollars for something that looks like merch you win at a movie theatre and maybe sleep in sometimes.

a ridiculous hat? 305 – that’s 475 dollars. for that fucking hat. with the sticky-out hair and everything. look at that thing.

it gets weirder, too. guess how much this awful headband is:

this headband that looks like it was made out of maccaroni by a disturbed 3-year-old? costs 420 pounds. that’s 650 dollars to look like you stuck googly-eyes on the infected tumors growing out of your head. so far this „couture“ looks like it’s supposed to exclusively appeal to very rich, very ironic twenty-somethings.

I’m gonna let you read the description for the final thing before you look at it, because… just:

it’s a minions dress, but they managed to make it sound pretentious.

wow. the elegance. the sophistication. the gross stenciled uniboob. so chic. totally worth the … 1,575 pounds??? 2,450 dollars for the most basic, meme-tastic dress ever. jfc Selfridges.