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3, 7, 10, 17

Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?*
This is a great question but I’m drawing a blank. I guess I liked HIMYM for a time and now I can never watch it ever again because when the finale aired, somehow all copies of the show ceased to exist forever and it was erased from time completely. Weird right.

10. most disliked arc? Why?

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Of course calling this an “ARC” is real generous when it was one episode that had huge ramifications for the past and almost 0 ramifications for the show going forward because it was totally pointless except as a one-off self-congratulatory “lookie what I did” but!!! We brought in a secret Doctor (??!?!) as the Doctor’s deep dark secret (??!?!!) who didn’t call himself “the Doctor” anymore because angst and instead called himself “THE WAR DOCTOR” (???!?!?!!) so that Billie Piper could return playing a glorified version of Siri (?????) and only interact with John Hurt (??!?!?!?!?!?!) while Ten fucks Queen Elizabeth (????????????????) all so that we could… retcon the emotional backbone of the entire previous seven seasons all to accomplish… fuckin’… nothing? I guess??! We still got the next Doctor being dark and broody for no reason at all, we’ve barely done anything with Gallifrey that couldn’t have been done a hundred other ways, we STILL even get one-off lines about the big bad Time War asflahrwlwarlT god!!!

17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would’ve made ABC happen instead…


Bring back more of the old companions and Doctors for funsies and have a silly romp. Restructure it so Eleven, Ten and Screen Legend John Hurt find closure to the Time War by realizing it was the right thing to do because Gallifrey had itself become a monster. Have the Doctor realize he failed and surprise Gallifrey hid itself, or there’s a refugee colony, or literally anything!!! Anything else!!

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writer ask meme - 15, 18, 22, and 25 if they're not asked yet :)

18) were there any works you read that affected you so much that it influenced your writing style? what were they?

Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore was incredibly influential on my whole writing career. I first read it just as I was beginning to take writing my own stories seriously, and I still didn’t know how to write or anything about myself as a writer. But when I read that book it was like I realized there were so many things that only fiction could do and I wanted to do all of those things. 

In a weird way, I think Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye was also very influential, (only weird because I wouldn’t consider it a favorite, although I enjoyed it). Because that’s the first book I read that was in short segments, just paragraphs/scenes at a time, and that was also sort of a revelation. Like, “Oh hey, you don’t have to fill in all the stuff that comes between? You can just move to the next section? Awesome. I’m going to try that.”

Your others were asked, but 25 was also a popular request, and I figured I could pick another passage I was proud of :)

  25) copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you’re particularly proud of

“It is a bit like the opposition was doing their best to prove all dogs were dangerous while faced with a crowd of Rottweilers and Pitbulls and now all of the sudden a Pomeranian is in front of them and they’re still trying to make the same case.”

I was always absurdly proud of this simile in “Don’t Blink You’ll Miss It” because it worked on a lot of levels. OK, so only on the one level in that a Pomeranian is a tiny orange dog and Hinata is a tiny orange human, but still. I was pleased with the comparison.

Thank you so much, anon-friend!! =D

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merrill + isabela?

  • “vs.” for who I think would win a fight
  • “or” for who I like better
  • “+” for how I ship them (platonic, familial, romantic, not at all)

Why would they fight? They love each other, they are so in love, the only fights they have are verbal spats and both can hold their own.

I like Isabela a lot. Merrill I don’t care about, she’s got the same ‘nerd gamer boy’s wet kooky dream’ vibe that Tali’Zorah had though both are immensely competent people. Such a shame that they got saddled with the ‘awkward cutesy’ personalities they did. But Isabela, her I adore. She’s the highlight of an otherwise dull game for me.

They are in love, due to get married and they often bring a third woman to bed with them because that’s how they like it. They are apart often, but Isabela now grows a herb garden in boxes on her ship’s deck. She brings them to the sun when the sea is calm. Some don’t like her wasting fresh water on plants, but they pipe down quick enough when salted meat gets old.
Merrill has begun to collect coins, old and new. Her collection is small but it reminds her of Her and she cleans and handles her coins with care and love.

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15 or 25 for legend of korra

15. Unpopular opinion about the manga/show?

book 4 was balls and book 1 was the show’s peak. the korrasami relationship was underwritten and got an disproportionate amount of praise considering how much they half-assed it. the show did very little for asami as a character and equalist asami would’ve been better. above all it is revolting to me that brash brave bold wonderful korra needed to “learn compassion” through being repeatedly physically and mentally violated by the show’s male villains. 

i’m saltier about LOK than almost anything else lmao

25. Would you change the ending of Legend of Korra?

yes. i can’t really explain how because there is Too Much. i’d probably want to unwind back to book 2 and go from there. i thought korra’s arc in book 2 was really solid but the rest of book 2 was very shakey so i’d want to keep her arc while reworking the rest.

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Lea vs. Solas ;)

Oh dear.

  • “vs.” for who I think would win a fight
  • “or” for who I like better
  • “+” for how I ship them (platonic, familial, romantic, not at all)

Solas would immediately win the fight because his spells are explosive and grandiose. But he’ll die slowly of Lea’s curses afterwards, and where the both of them are going, there will be a God, and that God is not Solas. He killed the child of the abyss, and though  Lea can be considered weak in the mortal world, the Void is full of his magic, and there Solas will suffer for an eternity.

Oh I like them both! Because they are both mad gods. Except one of them is just honest about it. I love Solas’ liar aspect. He’s a liar and in severe denial about it. But Lea is honest. He doesn’t mask his ambitions, he doesn’t delude himself into thinking that he’s doing is for the greater good, or for his ‘people’. It’s all for him. And for that as a person I like Lea better.  I can suffer a honest piece of shit as a person, but never someone who lies.

Solas is not Lea’s type at all. Too bald, too pink, too ugly. But as far as personalities go, they’d most likely engage in a torrid affair before Solas leaves Lea because Solas can’t stand competition, he needs a lamb to lead, and while he’d admire that one of the ‘braindead’ possesses qualities so similar to his ‘people’, ultimately he’d grow angry that Lea doesn’t share his ideals.
Lea himself would go frustrated with Solas’ thinking that he’s above him, that he, Lea  Surana, doesn’t have agency in this relationship and Solas thinks that he does unto Lea at all times. Lea would be furious that Solas doesn’t see him as an equal. And honestly in the end there can be only one god, and this puppy ain’t it.

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Send me a character and I’ll provide a brief headcanon on the following topics:

  • a lesson they learned in their childhood: Other than the explicitly canon Evil Must Be Deleted and Nobody Can Be Depended On!!  and God Is My True Bff assortment of wonderful lessons he learns, he probably also thinks more frivolous things like “people who chew gum are more likely to be assholes” (from one too many experiences of feeling old chewed up wads of gum under the desk). 
  • a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning: Because he has Important Things to do and nobody else can be trusted to  do their due diligence. …Plus the guy genuinely loves going to work and his whole life is defined around work. 
  • a fear: I don’t think Teru consciously fears anything because his world view is so set in stone that he’s long written off the fear that his world view is incorrect as one that’s impossible by tautology. You could argue he fears this unconsciously, I suppose, but I feel like that’s a bit of a cop out answer. 
  • a strength: Work ethic can power a small city. 
  • how they think others perceive them: Efficient, punctual, a bit of a social recluse. In reality, he likely comes off intimidating and judgmental and even if told this, he’d make no attempt to change it. 
  • how they perceive themselves: Efficient, punctual, orderly, dedicated – basically the textbook model citizen. 
  • whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person: There is absolutely no doubt in Mikami’s mind that he is a decent person. He is someone deeply committed to upholding the law of the land and conducting himself in a righteous manner. 
  • a temptation / proclivity they have: Keeping things neat and tidy. He gets annoyed when people touch or move his things because he finds it disrespectful. 
  • an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable): Mikami is an example of someone who would literally die if they couldn’t be a state prosecutor. He wouldn’t settle for any other kind of legal profession. I suppose I can see him getting promoted to becoming a judge…. but frankly, I think even that he’d be disinclined to take on because he likes breaking criminals during interrogations/investigations just as much as he likes being able to get them convicted. 
  • how they waste time: …what is this wasting time you speak of. He reads books if anything, and they are all coma inducing legalese. He’d probably consider sleeping a waste of time if he didn’t literally have to sleep. 

here’s a meme from @operakitten while i try to keep myself awake

Last movie I watched: lmfao it was the fault in our stars. i knew the cigarette scene was gonna be unbearable but boy was it ever! the anne frank scene was also wildly inappropriate. the discourse was correct. otherwise i mean eh, teen movie w/e. some of the most realistic teenage dialogue i’ve ever seen was when they were writing a craigtslist ad that described the swingset as “vaguely pedophilic” that is exactly what shitty teenagers would write and find hilarious.

Last song I listened to:  actively listening to “girls” by beatrice eli right now

Last book I read: i appreciate that you think i’m an adult who reads real books

Last thing I ate: it was a bagel from tim hortons and every time i order it in english they have no idea what i’m asking for because no one knows chive in english = ciboulette en francais. i should start ordering it in french but i am Ashamed

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: this is hard because all my favourite fictional characters are people who would wildly intimidate me in real life lmfao they’re too cool and/or reckless for my boring ass. like, what the fuck am i gonna do all day with jessica jones? sarah manning? fiona? just be awkward, that’s what. so. hm. maybe cosima niehaus, i bet we could have some good discourse and like watch cosmos or something

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: lmao, “asleep” is a good answer i’m so tiiired hockey whyyyyy. generally, like, not at work would be ideal. i don’t even want to say somewhere cool because i’d be too sleepy rn to enjoy it. 

Current fandom obsession: tales from the borderlands, obviously. what gave it away. the saddest part is you all have no idea how much i’m restraining myself at any given moment. also obsessively thinking about game 7 tomorrow. it’s sort of just those two flipping back and forth today punctuated by “god i’m so tired”.

tagging uh whomever i guess – @beingfacetious @brilliantfantasticgeronimo @valoscope @shinyopals 

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O wait lol I just realized I asked wrong o)-( Matsuda for the ask meme please and thank you ๐Ÿ’™

Not a problem!!

Send me a character and I’ll provide a brief headcanon on the following topics:

  • a lesson they learned in their childhood: Things tend to look 10x cooler on TV than they do in reality. 
  • a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning: Mm, part of him really wants to sleep in every day and not go to work, but the louder part of him knows he’s part of a team and there’s no way he can let his team down.
  • a fear: Failure in a nutshell. Matsuda never wants to be the reason something falls apart, whether it be work related or in his personal relationships. 
  • a strength: Matsuda will give his personal best in everything.
  • how they think others perceive them: He worries about this a lot. He gets yelled at enough for speaking out of line and making “stupid” comments all the time, so he’s aware people don’t take him seriously and kinda find him annoying at times >_o On the whole, he’d like to think that people still find him easy to talk to and friendly though.
  • how they perceive themselves: ..An average person. I think Matsuda knows he’s not going to be the brightest or a person who can consistently impress others… and I think he’s mostly okay with that. He thinks as long as he gives everything his personal best then he’ll at least be able to look back and be able to say he doesn’t regret anything. 
  • whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person: Yes, he does! Matsuda thinks he’s a good person. He may not make the best decisions all the time, but he likes to think that he’s considerate and empathetic. 
  • a temptation / proclivity they have: Matsuda tends to do that thing where he makes things ten times worse in his head when he overthinks something, catches himself doing so and is like “nope gotta stop overthinking, Matsuda!!” …. also he talks to himself and sings in the shower. He thinks he sounds good, but……..
  • an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable): I’d like to see him as a legit manager for an entertainment company. I bet he’d have fun doing it too.
  • how they waste time: Fantasizing and day dreaming about bing Someone. …..sob, that sounds so sad. 

catfishmaster  asked:

Hmmm Mello for the ask meme? (hope your night gets better)

Grugh, I thought I replied to your well wishes… and it turns out I did not /o\ Belatedly, thank you and things are indeed better by now <3

Send me a character and I’ll provide a brief headcanon on the following topics:

  • a lesson they learned in their childhood: Rules are made to be broken.
  • a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning: Mello always has Things To Accomplish and if he doesn’t get out of bed things will not accomplish themselves. 
  • a fear: Not getting the recognition and respect he feels he deserves. 
  • a strength: Mello’s incredibly driven as a person; if he puts his mind to something he will fight tooth and nail to get it. 
  • how they think others perceive them: Ruthlessly pragmatic with just that pinch of unpredictability that keeps people from feeling secure around him. Not quiiiite a mad genius, but close. I think Mello likes to think he gives off this air of being unreadable and that his motives are only known to himself.  
  • how they perceive themselves: To use Mello’s own words here, he’s the kind of person who sincerely buys into the mentality of “Only I Can Do This.” He believes he’s the best and his frustration comes from the fact standardized measures of aptitude don’t back him up on this. 
  • whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person: Imo, Mello doesn’t consider “decency” an important trait in and of itself and therefore finds the question pointless to reflect on. I think he’s of the opinion that decency is subjective, relative and if being decent means getting exploited all the time, it’s a dumb thing to value in the first place.  But fo clarify, he doesn’t view himself as a monster either.
  • .a temptation / proclivity they have: Other than the CHOCOLATE, I think he’s someone who can’t really sit still for too long without getting antsy and tends to pace a lot. Especially when he’s thinking. 
  • an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable): Wow this is actually p. tough to imagine for Mello. I don’t have an IC answer for this, but the thought of him being like the Lion Whisperer is kinda fun??
  • how they waste time: Picking on Mafia lackeys for no reason other than the fact that he’s bored and the fact that they have to take orders from him, no matter how eccentric they are, is funny to him. 

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19, 20, 21, 22, 23!

19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?

well as someone who weaved her way through like 150 pages on the Borderlands AO3 tag it would be/would’ve been cool if more than about 20% of that had featured literally anything other than Rhys/Jack. or even if like 20% more of those fics featured characters who actually behaved like rhys and jack. c’mon man.

20. What is the purest ship in the fandom?

what kind of flamewar question

lmao gortys and loaderbot honestly, surely no one has discoursed about that

21. What are your thoughts on crack ships?

I don’t get them? I guess it depends how we’re defining “crack ship” but if we’re taking it in the ye olde meaning of something totally wild that would never ever happen in canon because the characters could never possibly meet or whatever, like – fuckin – Ten/Hermione or something, I just don’t get it lol, shipping isn’t enough of a drive for me to want to do it for characters who will never interact in any way. 

but lately people use “crack ship” to just mean pretty much anything that isn’t canon so obviously that answer is harder and is case by case.

22. Popular character you hate?

I like all the popular characters in Tales, even Jack I enjoy in his actual capacity as villain.

lmao I hated the Eleventh Doctor, he’s probably the most popular character that I hate. I’m also aggressively disinterested in Jack Harkness but Eleven actively pissed me the fuck off a lot of the time.

OH WAIT!!! KENNY FROM THE WALKING DEAD GAME. God I fucking hate Kenny so much and I’m So Mad that Telltale ruined his perfectly good s1 arc to bring him back in s2 and then even managed to ruin his perfectly mediocre-to-acceptable arc in s2 by having all his s3 flashbacks be Happy Fun Times With Bestest Dad Ever Kenny. aslfhalwrhat UGH

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Mikami vs. Takada. Who would win in a political debate?

“Win” is a relative term, because Mikami is a stubborn man with his head very very far up his own ass. He doesn’t lose arguments, he walks away thinking he is right anyway. 

I mean, to be fair, I don’t think Mikami is averse to changing all of his opinions and he could definitely concede some points, but I don’t feel like he is overall someone you can have a fruitful talk with.

whoop whoop birthday meme (tagged by @oodlyenough)

Last movie I watched: crap, I’m not sure I remember. I think it was Guardians 2? That was definitely the last in theater and I’m terrible at watching movies at home so it counts either way. I really liked Guardians 2 tbh! It had bad dads and somewhat-less-bad-dads and reluctantly feelsy sisters and the best Marvel opening credits sequence ever!!!! my heeeart. and inexplicably I loved Rocket. still. again. I cannot believe the Bradley-Cooper-voiced CGI rodent with a machine gun is a fave 

Last song I listened to: boss has the new Beatles satellite radio station on in here :) uh the last song I was actively listening to on it was Ticket to Ride. oh, now it’s Don’t Pass ME By! this station is cool

Last book I read: I just finished the first book by an author whose second book I LOVED. I did not love the first one. Every other sentence was a comma splice???? the last book I loved was, no joke, Shonda Rhimes’. 

Last thing I ate: something called a “deluxe grilled cheese” from the dunkin’ donuts across the street. it was fine. 

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: this is always hard for me because so few of my favorite fictional characters would like…enjoy spending time with me, probably… maybe Cordelia Chase, maybe Pam Beesly, maaaybe Veronica Mars? oh my God, I’m now only 5 years younger than season 1 Lorelai Gilmore. oh, God. maybe her. maybe Sookie. 

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: probably manhattan I guess, maybe Scotland near Glasgow

Current fandom obsession: honestly I think about Person of Interest, like, all day. what is the deal with CBS procedurals secretly being feelsy found family shows with compelling twists??? I literally–I love Person of Interest so, so much. but we’re only like…maybe ¾ through season 2, so I just have to ignore it on here until we’re finished. IT’S HARD. 

feel free to do it anybody but I’ll tag @miscellaineeous @anonymouscatt @knittin4kicks @gallifreyburning

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fandom, you can pick or do all: Steven Universe, Mass Effect, DA2, Voltron

Let’s do DA2 this time.

Favorite Male Character; Sebastian Vael forever and ever, as if I hadn’t made that clear.
Favorite Female Character: Meredith Stannard. She’s fascinating.
Least Favorite Character: A/ders and, tbh, Aveline and Varric can get on my nerves, too. You can guess why.
Favorite Ship: Sebhawke, Hawkabela…really any combination of Hawke/Seb/Isabela/Fenris is good…I also like Bethris. 
Favorite Friendship: Sebastian and Fenris, yet another criminally underrated and misunderstood relationship.
Favorite Quote: Isabela’s, “It’s [Justice] like a bar brawl. People are continuously pulled into the fray, and nobody remembers why it started. Justice is an idea. It makes sense in a world of ideas, but not in our world,”.
Worst Character Death (if any): The other Hawke twin :(
This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: Sebastian Vael existing. Learning each personality has options open only to them is a fun discovery, too.
Saddest Moment: When Fenris leaves your mansion after fighting Hadriana and if you’re not romancing him the best you can do is say we’re friends and you want to help. But he walks away and says “I’m not sure I know what that means,”.  
Favorite Location: Sundermount…pain to go back and forth, but the rolling mist in the graves is cool.

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"stay with me tonight"

Put “stay with me tonight” in my inbox for my Muse’s reaction to yours asking mine to spend the night with them.


John looked over curiously at Laf from where he was looking for his phone among their blankets. Instead of responding, John just smiled sweetly and plopped back down on the couch, cuddling right up to Laf and winding his arms around him. Spending the night with his brother was always a good decision! “Sounds good to me, Laffy!”