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Send a ship? Merlahad, of course. <3

Comes home drunk
Bit of a toss up.  Neither one is quick to get drunk in public because of the nature of their work.  Sure, they’ll have a couple to get the edge off, but not to the point of real impairment.  They do, however, drink in the comfort of home, where Harry is the one far more likely to get arse over teakettle on a far more regular basis.

The lush.

Tops in bed
80% of the time, Merlin, not to say Harry doesn’t get a bit..uppity and top from the bottom some of the time. Neither mind switching, depending on the mood they’re both in, or sometimes switching those roles in a bit more rigid matter, when either feels the need to have control of anything, in his life, or Merlin needs control taken away.

Does the laundry
Neither.  They have a service and much of what they wear requires dry cleaning anyway, but Merlin is the one that knows how to actually work the washer and dryer should the need to do it themselves arise.

Cleans the mess
Again, they have a service for general housekeeping, but for the light things Harry does most of the cleaning.  Merlin does his fair share of the dishes after supper and whatnot, but has no real desire to dust or vacuum.

Leaves a mess
…Merlin, but it’s a localized orderly mess contained in his office, thank you very much, and no don’t touch that, I know it’s right in the middle of the floor, but I’ll never find it again if you move it.  Stop moving things.  This is my chaos spiral, not yours.

Throws food at the other
Who would do something so juvenile– Harry.  It’s Harry.  They both like to needle each other into exasperation, but Harry is the one that gets annoyed first and throws a bread crust, or whatever else is at hand.

Spins around in the squeaky chair
Also, Harry, though not so much in his dignified older years.  But in his twenties trying to goad Merlin into paying attention (fuck him, what Harry wants is Merlin to fuck him, energetically if you please) to him?  Absolutely.

Gets jealous easiest
Harry.  Their relationship is still technically an open one, considering Harry’s preference for honeypot missions.  Merlin is able to watch, and even direct Harry on said missions without becoming overly jealous, though that doesn’t stop him from staking his claim once Harry returns home.

However, Merlin so rarely flirts with anyone, that the sight of it tends to throw Harry for a bit of a loop, though he won’t admit it under pain of death.

Cuddles the other
Merlin actually.  As they’ve gotten older, and had so many close calls in between, Merlin’s become a bit freer with his affections.  If they’re alone, he doesn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around Harry, kiss his temple, or even just stretch out on the sofa with the other man.

Feeds the pets
Harry.  The dog is technically his, and therefore his to care for.  (Not that Merlin would let the poor bugger starve, but having the animal to care for in a post- V-day setting, was actually part of Harry’s therapy, and Merlin isn’t going to get in the way of that if he can help it.)

Cooks the meals
90% of the time, Harry.  He’s the better cook between them, and beyond that enjoys cooking.  Merlin knows enough to never starve, but his offerings are far from the near gourmet meals Harry comes up with.

Spends the longest time getting ready
Is this even a question for the two of them?  I give you the obvious answer. H-A-R-R-Y. 

And who spends the most money
Debatable, but erring on the side of Harry.  Merlin is frugal when it comes to day to day things, but doesn’t hesitate drop coin on a piece of tech that’s caught his eye, or on gifts for Harry.  Harry could (and does, don’t let him tell you different) spend a fortune on cheese alone, let alone anything else.  Neither one tends to monitor their spending too closely, however.  They can afford to live how they like.

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I know it's a bit dark, but Seung-Gil for the yoi ask please? love your writing!

Hahaha, you have picked the darkest most tragic question on the list, anon-friend! But other people were curious, and I am at a point where I feel comfortable talking about it with you all, so I don’t mind going into it now! So thank you for your question 😊

For a very long time I wrote only original fiction and I tried very hard to see that fiction published, to varying degrees of a success, but largely of the unsuccessful variety. And there were definitely projects that I worked on—that I gave my absolute best, put all my soul into, believed in so strongly—only to have those ultimately rejected, and that was incredibly difficult. I cannot stress enough how much that sucked. 

And after my failures I had a tendency to wallow in self-pity for a very long time before eventually working on a new project. After the last time, which was by far the worst and took the most out of me, I eventually came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to wallow so much.

Around that time I discovered how much fun writing fanfiction was, and so I started doing that, and it really reminded me how much fun *writing* could be and it was also truly amazing to discover that there were actually people (who did not know me! who did not care at all about my personal happiness!) who were actually willing to read my stories without me asking them to, and that was kind of amazing.

The “what happened” part is still an ongoing journey! I am still working on original projects, and I would still very much like to find out if people would enjoy my original projects, but in the meantime, I am also very happy that people enjoy any of my writing at all. So I have not given up yet! But I am trying to approach things differently than I did before 😊💙

Thanks again for your question, anon-friend! I feel like in part you just unlocked my tragic backstory 😀

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14, 15, 16

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

I feel like the subtitle of my blog is basically “unpopular death note opinions” tbh, haha. I guess the creme de la creme of unpopular DN fandom opinions is that the fandom is too centralized around Lawlight and the lack of diversity makes the fandom kinda dull. THERE I SAID IT. 

But in all seriousness, ymmv and that is perfectly ok!! Please do not explode my inbox with rage.

…Though come to think of it, I’ll take Lawlight over the Netflix garbage any day. 

15. Unpopular opinion about the manga/show?

Unpopular opinion about the anime: it’s not that great. It’s beautiful and lovely in many ways, but in terms of the story telling it cuts corners and does weird things to characters that don’t actually make sense and I wish more people discussed Death Note with the manga as their base of reference. /predictable, yes.

Unpopular opinion about the manga: Death Note was not primarily a story about L vs Light, and it did not stop being good after L died. ..I guess this one also applies to the anime, but idc. I completely agree that the quality of the writing got sloppy in 2nd arc as Ohba was not able to write 3-way chess very well, but L’s death is what made Death Note amazing. 

16. If you could change anything in the show, what would you change?

First of all – to the very sweet anon who also requested this particular question and wished me a lovely day, I would belatedly like to say thank you and hope that you are having a great weekend <3

OKAY, so as I alluded to in the other salt ask, I’d change the way the 2nd arc progressed as I think Ohba was overly ambitious given the time constraints and publisher deadlines. I think the way I would have written it was to eliminate the Wammy kids altogethe and develop the storylines of the characters that already existed. Effectively, I’d shift the focus of Death Note to be less about Light vs a third party, and make it focus more on testing Light’s convictions and Light’s self propelled downfall. 

Imagine, for example, if Kira didn’t get results and the whole “ends all wars, reduces crime 70%” thing just never happened? What if, as the world turned more and more authoritarian, there were more riots, more innocents getting hurt by extremist Kira supporters? What if Sayu joined a resistance group? What if everything Light cared about and wanted to protect was taken away from him and Light, who feels he’s come too far to stop but no longer sees the value in his actions, strings the task force along to lead up to his arrest? What if his confession at the warehouse actually came as a relief to him? 

Obviously that’s not a story that’s going to appeal to everyone, but I’d really like to have seen more focus on HOW this “utopia” was more of a dystopia for the people living in it and I liked shattered dreams and idealism because I love cheerful things. 

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yuri, phichit, makkachin, and minako for the yoi ask! <3

You picked some hard questions, friend! But thank you for asking them!!

Yuri: who is the closet person in your life?

I had a hard time with this one largely because I am assuming the question was supposed to be “closest” but also wasn’t positive, and wasn’t sure how to interpret closet. In terms of “closest” it is my sister and my Bestie. In terms of “closet” as in who is the most fashionable, that would be my mom.

(I’m assuming the person who created this list meant “closest” but “closet/most fashionable” would have been a strangely appropriate Yuri question, thus why I was unsure).

Phichit: what are your talents and what would you like to do with them?

Hahaha, oh man, I always have such a hard time with these sorts of questions because it always seems far too bold to claim that I am talented in anything. 😅😓 I guess in general I am very good at keeping to a deadline and finishing projects, and these are all things that help me write better, so I guess my main talent is my determination and I will continue to write with that determination! =D

Minako: what’s the best piece of advice you can give others?

This one is also incredibly difficult because I feel like the *best* advice I could give someone would just come across as a platitude to other people, and it would be very hard to properly convey the depths of my sincerity about how much I deeply believe in that advice. And I guess I know it’s not always true for others. So. Instead of giving the best advice, I will give you the advice I wish someone told me *years* ago instead of me having to learn it relatively recently:

1. If you have a friend who has made you unhappy for a very long time, you do not still need to be friends with them just because of how happy they once made you a long time ago.

2. Shop at a dollar store. Seriously. Dollar stores have everything. 

Honestly, I really wish I had that Dollar store epiphany in younger years.

Makkachin here. Original meme here.

Thanks again, friend!! 💙❤️️💜

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If you're still doing the top 5 meme can you please do top 5 martha jones moments for all the people who unfairly hate her and her storyline

gonna do this quick n dirty! there are probably plenty of other contenders but. hoo boy. a bit rusty.

5. Martha on the spot in a life-or-death situation busts out “expelliarmus”


4. Martha making some weird-ass tea in Family of Blood/Martha in Family of Blood, like, generally

shows off Martha’s cool thinking under pressure; she knows something is wrong and confirms it for herself without raising any alarm bells. Martha’s so smart

also martha slapping john smith & naming all the bones of the hand get it martha

3. Martha wanders around becoming the Doctor in “The Doctor’s Daughter”

this ep is such a weird combo of enjoyable and silly, and it’s a bit of a shame Martha doesn’t get to spend more time with the rest of our protagonists, but on the bright side Martha ends up fulfilling the Doctor role on her own – making friends with the alien species, figuring out the mystery, gaining a companion, losing a companion tragically in a weird quicksand pit

2. Martha laughs in the Master’s face

gotta be real w/ u when i first watched the s3 finale, I was marathoning the whole thing, and I totally bought into the silly gun-hidden-around-the-world plan, and then Martha laughed at him and I felt like an idiot. Martha spent a year walking through a hellish dystopia with her loved ones as prisoners and she laughs in the Master’s face because he has no idea what she’s actually been doing this whole time. classic. 

1. Martha’s “getting out” speech

This is still one of my favourite companion departures. Maybe my very favourite? It’s so good. This is the speech that makes Martha’s unrequited love arc worthwhile, because it completes it in such a great way, with Martha realizing and verbalizing that she wants and deserves better and that she understands her own worth and accomplishments independent of the Doctor’s feelings. Maybe until this scene you could argue that the text itself is presenting Martha as second-best (I… wouldn’t, but maybe you could), but here we make it clear that nope, Martha is her own person,  she doesn’t need the Doctor’s validation, and she is good, tyvm. She’s still the only New Who companion to walk away from TARDIS life for her own sake and it’s just such a good scene. 

GOT7 as Tumblr Users

Jinyoung: serious, filled with intellectual conversation. follows his favorite authors. participates in those “ask the cast member of x about x” things. tags are organized by subject, date and content.

Jaebum: naruto, cat pics, has a vague tagging system that changes like the wind. answers anon asks with memes of himself. answers hate with cat pictures. told bambam he doesn’t have a tumblr.

Bambam: memes, shit posts, especially about himself. reblogs to add, “THIS IS SO FUNNY, LAUGHING SO HARD.” king of tags, rambles on excitedly. answers every single ask with careful thought

Mark: has exactly 31 people following him. if he tags, it’s only so he can find it later. is the only one able scroll through their entire dash on a daily basis. constantly sends bambam memes to reblog

Yugyeom: reblogs music, dance, etc with the tag SO SICK MUST WATCH THIS. has way more followers than you think he does. is friendly with everyone, has anon names for everyone

Youngjae: EVERYTHING IS IN ALL CAPS! disappears from Tumblr for days at a time, comes back and YELLS SOME MORE. when tagged for the selfie tag, posts photos of his dog

Jackson: forgets his password at least once a month. loves doing about me tags, will tag ten more people than recommended amount because HE WANTS TO KNOW EVERYONE! sends his friends anon love even though they all know it’s him

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11 for the salt asks pleasee

11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

Yep, that would be the lovely Kiyomi Takada. I think a big part of the reason why I started caring about Kiyomi is because she got such a disproportionate amount of hate from the fandom and I am a softie at heart, haha. I don’t really find her all that relatable personally, but I just think she got such a shitty deal out of life and I feel awful for her. Like, she’s a smart, pretty girl who probably worked her butt off to get into the best uni and get her foot in the news media industry….and she thought the guy she had a crush on in college was someone he wasn’t and ended up betrayed by two people she liked and literally dying in a fire for it???  Ahhhhhhh /o\

Kiyomi is, of course, far from perfect. She’s privileged and naive enough to genuinely believe Kira is great, and she does end up becoming a murderer, but when you think about how different her life could have been if it weren’t for Light manipulating her, it’s just so tragic. She’s only 24 when she dies, man….

It’s kinda funny because sometimes I look at all those arguments that people made in the past about Misa purely being a victim of Light’s because I feel like that narrative is way more applicable to Kiyomi than it is to Misa, but then it really stops being kinda funny b/c sometimes those same people get on the “KIYOMI IS THE WORST FOR TAKING LIGHT AWAY FROM MISA” train and  then it’s doubly OTL inducing. Clearly it’s not Light’s fault that he cheats on Misa when he’s seducing another woman (????) 

IDK man, I guess I just generally really wish Kiyomi got more appreciation and sympathy from the fandom as I think she just doesn’t deserve the amount of negativity she gets for making some pretty human mistakes, y’know? 

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iterum, 4????? :))))

4. What will things be like for the characters 1 year after the main events.

Good question. Here’s one way it could go:

A year out from Iterum is an interesting place. The year has flown by for Rhys; he’s started a new job, he’s living on his own for the first time, and he gets to see Jack every weekend, and a lot of the weeknights too. His apartment is small but it’s all his, and that’s more than a lot of people his age can say.

And then there’s Jack. Jack is, as far as Rhys is concerned, the best part of this whole deal. Jack is more than willing to fuck Rhys in any way that Rhys can imagine, and some that Rhys has never even thought of. Jack is teaching Rhys about things like safewords and how to use them, and the first time Jack ties Rhys’ hands behind his back and blindfolds his eyes Rhys’ heart nearly pounds out of his chest. When Jack smooths a hand through his hair and asks for a color Rhys gasps out “green” because this is so green, this is greener than anything Rhys has ever done in his life and he can’t wait to see what Jack has to show him next.

Jack, meanwhile. Jack hasn’t felt this young in years; Rhys soaks up everything he has to teach him, and Jack is trying to do right by this kid, he really is. He looks so good, choking around Jack’s dick, that Jack can’t help but want to take care of him.

Unfortunately this is about to backfire a bit in Jack’s face.

Because what Rhys doesn’t know, although he’s about to find out from a careless comment from his landlord, is that Jack has been subsidizing his apartment. Rhys thought he had been really lucky, to find something so cheap in such a good part of town, and he was right; he absolutely would not have found it if Jack hadn’t put in a call about him earlier that day. Jack had also paved the way for his shiny new job, which Rhys may or may not ever find out.

It’s not that Jack doesn’t think Rhys can take care of himself. It’s just that he remembers how shitty your twenties can be, and he wants to make it easier on Rhys, if he can.

That’s not what it looks like to Rhys, of course, and the honeymoon period is about to be over.

(Expanded Universe Ask Meme)


Tagged by @amadarav, to pick five things I’ve written and share why I like them. To be blunt, for all my whining about comments and the way fic is treated in fandom in general, I don’t have THAT much work out there. And most of them are for the same fandoms and characters (I’m a niche writer, I guess?) Still, I am proud of what I’ve managed thus far.

Not Salvageable (Sebastian and Varric, background Sebhawke, during Dragon Age: Inquisition, after Here Lies the Abyss)

I think this is my best short piece. I set out to create a painfully awkward moment between these two characters, ending with an explosion of pent up anger and the destruction of a friendship that could have been. I think I did that pretty well, likely fueled by my general annoyance of the way Varric treats Sebastian. And that’s all this fic is; a single moment where a shaky relationship is broken.

The Hereafter (Sebhawke, Hawke Family focus, during Dragon Age II, between Acts II and III)

This is my magnum opus. It was everything I wanted to have in a fic, everything I thought was missing from most DA fics, stuffed into a medium sized chapter fic. I wanted to explore what made my Hawke unique; her relationship with her family, her training, her feelings on her team and occurrences around her, and dealing with the loss of her mother. Also a lot of demon fighting. Also Hawke and Seb are both clearly in love with each other but struggle to express it and I think it’s pretty fantastic.  

Little Prince (Sebastian, childhood)

Tried to do something different. Fabricated a possible past of an established character, with no references to the rest of the cast. Childhood memories and flashbacks have always interested me, though Sebastian, based on what he says, didn’t exactly have a happy one. I think I did well in laying the baseline for what I interpret his in-game character to be; someone looking for purpose. Someone who keeps losing people when he needs them the most.

Monsters (Shepley, during Mass Effect 3)

This is what got me back into fic writing after a long, long dry spell. through the Mass Effect Big Bang I got to meet @maxxiedemon and that alone was worth the work. To be honest, the start of it is kind of slow and I might have overdone it with the original characters everywhere, but I think I made them fun without overshadowing Shepard and company. Much like The Hereafter, this story was mainly written to make this character my own and flesh them out; what makes Bastian different from any other Commander Shepard.

Chickadees (Hawke, childhood)

Like I said, I love childhood stuff, and have a lot of non-mage Hawke/Carver feelings. This also had a lot of focus on Malcolm, as there’s not much solid info on him in game, this was my attempt at making my own version of him, one that was clearly this Hawke’s father. My goal was to encapsulate a single, sweet moment, as surely not everything in the Hawke family was tragedy. There were good times.

I tag @thebearmuse@elfyourmother @thievinghippo @faejilly and @shadoedseptmbr, my apologies if you’ve already done it and no pressure if you haven’t!

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19, 25?

19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?

Ah. Okay, so I got this down to TWO things. One of them is pretty specific to Death Note fandom and the other applies to fandoms generally. I’ll talk about both because fight me. 

To start with the general peeve, it’s the insistence on very black and white moral dichotomies. Within just the Death Note fandom, it rears its head across several different topics and they all wind up being frustrating for similar reasons. Just to list a couple of examples: 1. Light was born evil vs Light was controlled by the Death Note, 2. If Light is “evil” then L must be “good” by default. 3. Misa was purely a victim of Light’s and did Nothing Wrong…. and so on and so forth. I keep wanting to point out that complexity does exist and things rarely ever fall into the category of “pure good” or “pure evil” but this is far from an issue unique to the DN fandom.

The peeve I have that’s way more specific to the DN fandom is the odd tendency I’ve observed where people tend to praise Ohba for shit he frankly does not deserve praise for, specifically on the subject of gay representation. As  any attempt to be subtle about this is likely going to fall flat on its face, I’ll just say it outright. Not only is Ohba a bit of a homophobic author, L and Light’s canon dynamic is abusive and it’s kinda questionable to praise Ohba for “good representation.” 

25. How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX?

I actually really like the manga ending of Death Note as is and wouldn’t change anything about it specifically, though I would have preferred a more satisfying, less plot hole-y 2nd arc of Death Note overall. 

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💕 for Grimmjow, and Ichigo please (since you mentioned liking the threesome thing in the last ask lol). And if I can throw another character in there, theeeen Shuuhei. Honestly if you wanna do this for the whole cast I will not protest haha. Or I'll just keep coming back to ask you more and more!

Omg yay! I’m so happy anon~ Feel free to drop more in my ask box :D This would’ve gone out last night but I was writing in drafts and then Chrome reloaded the tab so I lost everything //cries ~Admin S

send me 💕 for who they’d have a threesome with if they could

Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez

Grimmjow is pretty possessive so this would have to be a more casual no strings attached type deal and actually his list is pretty short XD His list is Neliel, Orihime and Ichigo. (That means he can fight Ichigo afterwards…. right?)

Bonus: If they weren’t dead = Yylfordt

Ichigo Kurosaki

Although Ichigo has a lot of people he’s close to or would be comfortable with, it would still be the core ‘group’ to avoid anyone embarrassing cos let’s face it I don’t think it matters how old Ichigo gets, sexual stuff is always gonna be kind of embarrassing for him taken out of context! So his list is: Orihime, Rukia, Renji, Chad and Ishida.

Bonus: Byakuya - I don’t think Ichigo would ever dare suggest it to Byakuya or think to but if Byakuya brought the suggestion to him he’d probably agree

Shuuhei Hisagi

Shuuhei is way more relaxed about the threesome thing whether it’s casual or something more permanent. He’s a bit older and more flexible (;D) about it~ His list would be: Izuru, Rangiku, Kensei, Renji, Aoga

Bonus: It happened once in a dream = Yumichika

Bonus bonus: It happened once in a nightmare dream but I was strangely ok with it = Findorr

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7, 20

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?*

Obvious answer would be L/Light, but to go for something more interesting…

Mello’s narration of Another Note. When I was younger I used to get sentimental about it and Mello’s nostalgic-negative feelings about his old home plus his relating to B, etc…. But now that I am older, the only thing I can think anymore is “none of this makes any sense with the way Mello’s timeline happens in the manga, none of this makes any sense for Mello to know at all, none of this—” in endless loop.

I love AN but I prefer to pretend Mello has no part in it, sob.

20.  What is the purest ship in the fandom?

…. uh.

I… guess Raye/Naomi? Who canonically love and care for each other a lot. I guess Soichiro/Sachiko is also an option, because the same applies to them, but after all this marriage put Sachiko through, I’ll let them take second place.

Alternatively, the purest ship is totally Mido/Ooi. These are words of truth.


mun note:

tagged by: @pippa-frost
tagging: @deadbeatmatsuno, @dxddymxtsu, @bluesquidz, @purple-sadist, @jyxshi, @greenmatsv, @froggedmouth, @burrusignis, @fuunkuroneko, @theblondmenace, @choroplex, and @anyone else who wants to do this!!

Name: Holly
Nickname: holyl, little sin, sin leaf, etc
Nationality: korean american, eyyy
Orientation: pansexual homoromantic
Zodiac sign: aries (people tell me I don’t act like an aries lmaooOO)
Favorite color: PINK, then blue, and purple? I’m really fond of the color green tho
Favorite animal: dogs, PANDAS, poodles, bears, PANDAS AND BEARS AND DOGS—
Favorite season: fall is number one~ I love the cool air and warm colors
Favorite fruit: mmm… do bananas count, cause I love those. or asian grapes. not the ones without the seeds, the ones with the seeds, those are soooo good~
Favorite flower: daisies (hue), peonies
Favorite scent: uhm… I dunno, maple and coffee are really pleasant smells to me…
Biggest fear: alcoholism (more like having me or loved ones getting alcoholism), and deep-rooted dissatisfaction with my life????
Night owl or early bird: night owl and it’s terrible
Average hours of sleep: on normal days, 4-6 hours, and on some days like… 11… there’s no inbetween
Fav fictional character: tOO MANY OH NO—for osomatsu-san, I guess I can say karamatsu, ichimatsu, osomatsu, choromatsu, jyushimatsu, chibita, atsushi, and tougou (even tho he’s technically from the kun manga, h eh–). also I’d. just. like to say. I love don ichi and doctor ichi very very much, they hold very special places in my heart, as does hira!kara and geruge!ichi and poseidon!kara and resu!oso and mafia everyone and greek god everyone and mAGICAL GIRL KARA AND EVERYONE AND—
Dream trip: I don’t really have any, I just want to go anywhere with my girlfriend and make lots of good memories and dates with her… any trip with her would be a dream trip to go on my list tbh
Pets I have: a silly little brown toy poodle named muki!!
Worst habit: biting my fingernails (so I have to clip them often so I don’t bite them—), bouncing my leg without realizing it, and other things lmao
Things i like to do: writing, reading, drawing, sleeping, watching anime and crying over characters and stories and ships