meme variations

Petition to turn Ben snapping at GWash into a Meme
  • Person 1: get the cake out of the oven before it burns
  • Person 2: (throwing the cake onto desk so hard it sails off onto the floor) ALREADY DONE
  • ~*~
  • Person 1: remember that staying hydrated is an important part of self care-
  • Person 2: (throwing empty water bottle at desk as hard as they can) ALREADY DONE
  • ~*~
  • Person 1: Don't allow yourself to become stressed out by negativity-
  • Person 2: (throwing self onto desk and weeping) ALREADY DONE
  • ~*~
  • Person 1: no but seriously can we make this a meme
  • Person 2: (throwing memes onto desk) ALREADY DONE
  • Me: Do you like video games?
  • Gamer: I like video games!
  • Me: What kind of games do you like?
  • Me: OFF?
  • Gamer: Call of Duty
  • Me: Ib?
  • Gamer: Halo
  • Me: LISA?
  • Gamer: Grand Theft Auto
  • Me: Bruh.
  • Me: *steals ur console*
  • Me: *adds to garbage bag of thirty thousand other consoles*
  • Me: Ya'll need ta get schooled on ya vidya gaymes.

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