meme things!

  • Yoongi: I really want a sandwich...
  • Seokjin: Why are you telling me while you lounge in bed? Go make one!
  • Yoongi: *Thinks for a moment* Nah it'll take at least 15 steps to make one. Too lazy.
  • Seokjin: So you're telling me that you are willing to spend nights in a studio slaving over a track that's already good enough but 'it's not perfect', and you can't even get up and make a sandwich?
  • Yoongi: Yes.
  • Seokjin: You're unbelievable.

aflamethatneverdies  asked:

7, 11, 13 and 17 for the salty asks? :D

Oops I forgot to answer these I’m sorry

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?

Ahha there is Lots, but I have oddly hard time pinpointing specific examples? There are many fandom tropes and trends that wear out with overuse - though I don’t usually end up actually hating them. What I *have* ended up hating are overly mean-spirited parodies and mockery of Bad Writing and Those Stupid Teenagers Doing Fanfiction Wrong - which honestly didn’t bother me as a Stupid Teenager, but now makes me so very angry.

Oh also I like my fanfiction - and all the other media, and indeed everything else in my life - way way less cynical than I did even a couple years ago.

11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

Mother Plutarque and Salomon the cat ftw!

(Also other great minor characters including but not limited to Fantine’s grisette friends, Marguerite, Corinthe staff, Azelma, the convent school girls and nuns, but I haven’t written about any of them, unlike several other members of fandom, so there’s hardly any room for me to go on about how much I, unlike the rest of the fandom, like and care about these poor forgotten characters.)

13. Unpopular opinion about XXX character?

I’m firmly convinced that no version of Eponine, regardless of what universe throws at her, is ever going to fit the mold of Tough Female Character ™. We know from the book that she’s “dove turned into osprey”, in contrast to Cosette’s “more a lark than a dove”, implying that in a kinder world she would have been the gentler and less wild one of the pair. Yet even the “osprey” version in the book sings love songs and plays in front of the mirror and asks for small acts of kindness, unabashedly, no matter how many times she’s been disappointed and turned away. The very way she’s allowing herself to be emotionally vulnerable is very daring, almost an open challenge to the society who keeps denying her the right to want nice things, but it’s a different kind of bravery from loud angry tough-talking bitter cynicism that seems to be part of the parcel for more common interpretation.

17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…

Can we do away with every scene where Hugo tries to interpret female brain in general and young girls in particular and replace them with relevant characters doing their own thing? If there’s one good argument for show-don’t-tell, it’s the contrast between what’s going on with Hugo’s female characters and what Hugo thinks is going on with them… >_>

Masamune’s Fabulous BANANA Fashion!!!

Art by Nekkyo Usagi

(伊達 政宗) Date Masamune ~ ( 戦国BASARA) Sengoku Basara

verhexen  asked:

♥ for jackanda?

♥ : Reacting to the other one crying about something

lol ari kindly supplied miranda’s dialogue for this one since i’ve never been able to characterize miranda well and she’s a pro at it. thanks love!

I’d seen her cry before, but I hadn’t felt bad about it.

At least two or three of those other times, it was my fault. Either I’d made a jab about her rich daddy, or I’d blurted out some nasty comment about her leading with her tits instead of her brain or whatever the fuck. It used to be sort of viciously satisfying, to know I could make her cry.

But now she’s sitting on the top step of the sub-deck staircase, head and shoulder resting against the wall, little sniffles making her back hitch. I watch her from the foot of the stairs, rubbing the bleariness out of my eyes. Maybe I’ll just go back to sleep. It’s some fuck-awful hour of the night cycle and whatever this is, it’s not my problem.

But I’m not gonna be able to fall back asleep knowing she’s right there in the stairwell, either. Why is she doing that all the way down here, anyway?

I lean against the wall by the bottom step and fold my arms. “Don’t you have a whole big fancy office upstairs to cry in, cheerleader?”

She glances up, startled, looking at me through a curtain of annoyingly perfect dark hair. God dammit, no normal person should look that pretty with tears in their eyes and their cheeks all red and shit. Her makeup isn’t even running. “I thought you were asleep.”

“So you decided to come cry on my stairs?”

“They’re not your stairs,” she sniffs, dabbing at her eyes with the back of a slender finger. “This is a Cerberus vessel.”

Yeah, don’t I know it. “Well, if you just came down here to be a bitch, then you can go bawl somewhere else. Or you can stop, since some of us like to sleep at night.” I turn to go back to the metal slab that serves as bed, bench, storage locker, and anything else I need it for. I don’t need a lot of space, but the little space I have, I value.

There’s some silence, but then she says, “I trusted Niket.”

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FormidoLumina written by Siris

When your enemies realize they can’t corrupt you

                                                       or contain you

                                                     or appease you

                                                   That’s when you’ll have their attention because that’s when                                                                            you become a genuine threat.

                                                       AmericanAlien written by John

I was tagged by @gentlesleaze for the 5 things meme! =D


  1. Wallet
  2. Lipstick(like far more than necessary)/my buxom lip gloss
  3. Dry Shampoo (highly recommend)
  4. A rather intimidating pocket knife
  5. deodorant


  1. a mess *snort*
  2. my makeup drawers
  3. a large framed poster of cafe terrace at night my van gogh (it’s my fav painting)
  4. a machete
  5. currently my sleepy kitty 


  1. Work is Washington DC
  2. Live by a beach 
  3. Get Married
  4. Do something bigger than myself I’m just still figuring out what
  5. Take self defense classes


  1. my cat Henry 
  2. spending time with my friends
  3. falling in love with a new song
  4. that first sip of coffee after it’s freshly brewed
  5. Peter Pan by Barrie (seriously i love talking about this book/play)


  1. Collabing (im involved in vidderkru and working on a project with @gentlesleaze & @a-heart-of-kyber)
  2. The 100 currently and permanently into bellamy blake
  3. pink, orange, and peach eyeshadow
  4. bellarke fanfiction (i go thru phases i have a hard time reading for more than one ship at a time)
  5. using witch hazel as part of my skincare routine 


  1. get my oil changed
  2. clean…everywhere in my apartment
  3. dye my hair
  4. short-term…get off this friggin site, get myself into the shower so i can go get wine with some coworkers
  5. return something to bath and body

well i tag: @a-heart-of-kyber, @royalblakes, @marriedkillianjones, @wonderrbat, @captainstudmuffin, @killians-fair-maiden, @operation-henry, & @oobiwankenobae

a collection of my favourite gay memes: 

- i am a TWUNK a combination of TWINK and HUNK 
- so which one is the x and which one is the x (but replacing it with increasingly ridiculous comparisons a la the ‘feudal lord’ discourse) 
- using bland straight people names to express frustration with the hets eg ‘well, DEBORAH’
- move, im gay 
- ‘[mild inconvenience] is homophobic’ 
- macklemore invented the gays with his hit song ‘same love’ 
- macklemore died for the gays 
- macklemore didnt die for THIS 
- *touches anything* its gay now 
- calling things ‘gay’ in the same way straight people do because reclaiming things that are used to hurt us is what we do 
- ‘as a cissexual heterogender……..’ 
- acting disgusted when ur straight friends do anything pda 
- ‘not to be a stereotype, but-’ 

add ur own memes pls its part of our culture