meme team supreme

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Arima will make the most dramatic cringe face if someone says the word "moist" or "moisture" around him. Saiko found this to be a great game to play. Urie will use this to his advantage.

Saiko and Urie are the supreme meme team, they intentionally sit RIGHT NEXT TO ARIMA and have conversations about how delicious certain foods are, they sling the words “moist” “wet” “juicy” “sweet” all over the place with a lot of innuendos and by the end of it arima’s whole face has probably concaved into his torso from the amount hes scrunched his face up.

Matsuhana headcannon

I feel like Hanamaki and Matsukawa are the kind of people who are subdued most of the time unless they’re really comfortable with you. Like they’re at their most ridiculous with their families and their team but when either of them are in class or whatever they seem normal. However every once in awhile they’ll slip and say something dumb, sarcastic, and hilarious. Basically they are that kid that you think is sweet and quiet and then later on you realize you’ve befriended a troll.


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