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I feel like Hanamaki and Matsukawa are the kind of people who are subdued most of the time unless they’re really comfortable with you. Like they’re at their most ridiculous with their families and their team but when either of them are in class or whatever they seem normal. However every once in awhile they’ll slip and say something dumb, sarcastic, and hilarious. Basically they are that kid that you think is sweet and quiet and then later on you realize you’ve befriended a troll.

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Ah I love matsuhana! I’m sorry for formatting by the way, this is all on mobile!

5. Who is most likely to carry the other?
Mattsun definitely carried Makki, he’s totally whipped and knows it. All makki has to do is sigh a little too heavily and Mattsun’s already in a piggy back squat

10. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?
Makki always remembers Mattsun’s order, but Mattsun can never guess Makki’s because he changes his order every single time they go out, he’s a total foodie who wants to try everything on every menu

26. What would be their theme song?
Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley - could you expect anything else from the Meme Team Supreme??