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I was tagged by @polizwrites to post the last sentence of a WiP and then tag the number of people corresponding to the number of words in the sentence.

This is from the next chapter in What Happens in Vegas, which, yes!  Is finally being updated.

“Whatever it is, whatever happened that got you here, I don’t care? You really think I’m going to judge you?” Tony demanded with a groan of exasperation.  “Come on, you just heard me bare my soul over how much I’ve screwed the pooch in life, and if you want to go toe to toe on that column, I’ll see you a narcissistic personality disorder, volatility, self-obsession, a few too many daddy issues…stop me whenever you want, by the way.”

And from where I left off in the next chapter of The Prize, which is in bits and pieces at the moment, but here is the last piece I wrote:

“Where are these people you call friends, whom you wish so badly to return to?  Why did they not find you? Why are they not here, pressing for your return?  If you were lost to me, do you believe I would not move heaven and earth to find you?” Tony demanded.

I’m not tagging that many people, but I will tag: @potrix-the-queerschlaeger, @izazov, @shetlandowl, @megaranoelle, @emeraldine087, @xtaticpearl and @sarah-has-blue-eyes, if they want to participate!  No pressure, though.

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Thank you!!

- nicknames: Amalas, Amala
- star sign: cancer
- gender: female
- MBTI type: I really don’t know..I never did this tests. What even is this? I’m always so confused when people go “hey I’m INFJ” or ESFP..or whatever..I don’t know what this means!..I’m just asdfghjkl
- height: 1,64 m
- time: 6:21 pm
- birthday: July 4th
- favorite bands: Atmosphere!! Felt (more a project than a band I guess, Warpaint, Gorillaz, Dilated Peoples, Soul Coughing, Blue Scholars
- favorite solo artists: Brother Ali, Evidence, Grimes, Aesop Rock, haha and lately I really like Snak the Ripper…B. Dolan…good there are so many great solo artists in Hip Hop…and in general…can’t name them all….
- song stuck in my head: right now..non…just the song I’m listing to right now. But most of the day I had “The unforgiven II” by Metallica stuck in my head…don’t ask me why..
- last movie i watched: Oh god..not sure…I feel it’s been ages since I went to the movies…I love movies and going to the cinema..but money, man..Some weeks ago I rewatched the first Harry Potter movie..yeah…
- last show i watched: GoT. I’m kinda rewatching thee season I already know cause it’s been so long so I can catch up on the series.
- other blogs: here on tumblr amalas-tutorial-and-inspiration and a secret nsfw blog. And twitter and Instagram..but I think those don’t count as blogs…
- when i created my blog: Around late May 2015 (it’s been over 2 years now…wow)
- what i post about: Haikyuu..or rather iwaoi. Mostly fanart…my own and some others I reblog.
- last thing i googled: I googled how to convert 164 cm into feet and then said “screw it” most people know 1,64 m so why go all US American here?
- following: 371
- followers: 6448 (amazing number!!!!! hah but I feel half of those blogs ar enot active anymore)
- favorite color:
Rosa, blue tones…teal…
- average hours of sleep: It’s a mess…..don’t ask..
- lucky number: I don’t really have a luckx number..but I do realyl like the numbers 4,8,13 and 21
- instruments: Nah… I tried to teach myself the guitar and ailed and lost interest…and the same with piano.
- what I’m wearing: Something weird to chill home…I got rid of my jeans and wearing Yoga Pants but still have my colorful blouse on and some light black jacket with a hood over it.
- how many blankets i sleep with: 2
- dream jobs: *lies down*..not so sure..something creative…storyboard artists,,…illustrator, comic artists…..but I could also imagine drawing like scenery and backgrounds for games or movies…or creating vibe sand moods and sceneries for movies..does this make sense?? I have no idea
- dream trip: Road trip! Juts..let’s go. There already have been some countries I have seen and some I wanna see again…like I wanna do another road trip across the USA for example…and also visit Canada. But I also really wanna see Japan…and Mongolia…and Kazakhstan..and so many otehr places!!
- favorite food: pfff…how do I chose this??? No idea. All
- nationality: german

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Top Five/Bottom Five

Rules: tag the person who tagged you, always post the rules, answer the questions, and add the date!  

I was tagged by the awesome @hollyand-writes, thank you! (I’m pretty sure you tagged me for something else too and it’s probably sitting in my drafts. If I don’t do this right away, it never happens.

What are your five most popular works?

I have all of my fics on AO3, except for [Trifecta], which is a tumblr only WIP. Kudos is probably the best metric as anybody can cause a Hit on a fic but a Kudos (hopefully) means a bit more.

I had hope to have at least one Dragon Age fic in this but it’s all Mass Effect:

  1. [Solid Fluidity] Hits: 11709, Kudos: 325, Comment Threads: 117. 
    No surprise this one, it’s the oldest and longest and it’s sexy shakarian with lots of romantic sparkles. A killer recipe ;-).
  2. [Cultured Memories] Hits: 5120, Kudos: 254, Comment Threads: 7.  
    This one keeps surprising me, it’s a shavik (Shepard/Javik), hardly anybody comments on it but it keeps getting Kudos.
  3. [The Rippling EffectHits: 6185, Kudos: 144, Comment Threads: 5.
    A very porny shrex. It looks like other people love Shepard with Wrex too and this one is just one big sex scene.
  4. [Under The Sand Of Tuchanka] Hits: 4232, Kudos: 114, Comment Threads: 8.  
    I’m glad this fic is up here, it’s one of my favorite things I have written. It’s also shrex and I tried some new things with it. 
  5. [When the Hunter is Hunted] Hits: 3146, Kudos: 109, Comment Threads: 2.  
    A shrios (Shepard/Thane) and some light BDSM. 

What are your five least popular works?

I don’t know if this is quite right because I uploaded original works to AO3 and they are, as expected, the least popular works:

  1. [The Shine] (Original Work) Hits: 141, Kudos: 6, Comment Threads: 1.
    A story about living with a perception altering AI in your head. The AI changes how you see the world and makes it prettier. But what happens when you see how the world really looks?  
  2. [Varric And The Aliens] (Dragon Age II, Star Trek: Voyager) Hits: 71, Kudos: 6, Comment Threads: 4.
    Written for the @daficswap, crossover where Varric and FemHawke stumble upon Captain Janeway and Chakotay in the Deep Roads.
  3. [Octopus over Paris] (Original Work) Hits: 105, Kudos: 4 Comment Threads: 0.
    Written for an image prompt of an octopus in a room.   
  4. [(podfic) Local Man Returns From Trip, Discovers Boyfriend Adopted 25 Cats] (Dragon Age II) Hits: 88, Kudos: 3, Comment Threads: 3.  
    Oh, this was fun. It’s a podfic of @hollyand-writes‘s handers fic.
  5. [Empty Eyes] (Original Work) Hits: 29, Kudos: 1, Comment Threads: 1.
    The least popular, a little fantasy story about addictive magic. I wanted to write a story that showed that only a little child would be cruel enough to do what’s necessary to save the world but I just couldn’t get the end right.

Are you surprised? Why?

I am not surprised about the bottom five, original work hardly ever gets read and AO3 is not the right platform for it anyway. I’m a bit sad that the podfic doesn’t get much love, I guess people don’t like listening to me. 

For most popular, the Mass Effect spam was kind of expected and I’m glad that Under The Sand Of Tuchanka is up there. I’m a bit sad that Lyrium Skin didn’t make it up there.

Optional: If you want to calculate this, what are your works’ average number of notes?

You want me to do math?????.

Total hits-to-kudos ratio of all fics on AO3 = 26.91 (I currently fail at making that a percentage thing, it’s been a long day)

Today’s date, so you can see how your results might change if you do this again in a year.


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!!! attention cuidado piso mojado !!! 

tagged by @katsukifatale to post the first line of a work in progress and then tag as many people as there are words in that line 

from chapter two of love, improvised

Victor’s not going to pretend that jazz has suddenly solved all of his problems. He’s not that much of a white male lead in an adapted-for-film musical.


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anonymous asked:

"Love is a verb/ Love is a doing word" for Heith?

Keith frowned up at Shiro, lips pressed then as he said, “What does that even mean?” 

“It means,” Shiro replied, rolling his eyes, “that it isn’t something that just happens or goes away in a flash.  It’s communication and effort, even when you’ve had a fight.”

Shoulders slumping, Keith scowled down at his boots.  “So you think we’re doomed already if he’s not talking to me?”

Shiro sighed.  “No, Keith, I think you need to go and try to communicate to Hunk instead of moping to me.  And I mean- look, it’s love isn’t something to just appears one day and vanishes another.  You work at it, and I’ve never known you not to put in the effort when it matters to you.”  When Keith continued to stare warily, Shiro took a deep breath.  “I mean he’s not going to get sick of you just because, so go talk to him instead.”

“Oh.”  Keith offered Shiro a flash of a distracted smile.  “It still sounds weird.”

“Oh, go.”

[Improtu positivity bang! - Send me prompts for these pairings]


I was tagged by @ongsunged @yoonjsung and @darkpastwoojin to do the selfie thing and wow I’m sorry I took so long and I realized I don’t really have many good selfies lol (had to put a dog filter one bc… my face I’m sorry for it…..)

I feel like everyone has done this already?? idk who to tag tbh I’ll tag @parkji-hoons @dxnghyunnie @woo-jin-young ofc you don’t have to do it tho!! feel free to link me if you’ve done this already~❤️