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Insta Series: Hajime Iwaizumi 

Unflattering pictures of Oikawa, mostly. 

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imagine being an employee at mcdonald's who knows nothing about rick and morty. your boss tells you that corporate is doing some promotion for a cartoon so a couple fans might come in looking for some dipping sauce. “it’ll be like happy meals toys. but for adults.” he says, and he drops a couple dozen colorful sauce packets into a bin for you to hand out like halloween candy. imagine being excited to make someone’s day with this weird cartoon sauce. imagine that excitement being replaced with horror at a startling pace as you run out of sauce and manchildren in meme t-shirts and cosplay begin to throw tantrums in the restaurant and fight in the street over 50 cent packets of sauce. imagine watching a grown man naruto run into a business establishment in broad daylight and yell about being a pickle who wants some sauce. imagine.