meme of the day

me: *uses slang*

some daft person: see, you don’t know how to speak properly

me, an intellectual: Actually, I fully grasp the concept of colloquial language, something which you don’t seem to understand; my level of education has nothing to do with my verbal pattern. Hence, I can go from a highly articulated manner of speech – as I am displaying now – to ‘man door hand hook car door’ in the space of a sentence, you abhorrent philistine.  

@ Zarkon's throne room
  • General:Sir, we've recovered another... 'Message' from the Paladins.
  • Zarkon:Hmm. Is it in code?
  • General:Just like the others before it. Only once again, the code has appears to have been changed. Our top cryptographers have been descrambling it all morning, and part of the message has been cracked although the overall meaning is still unclear.
  • Zarkon:Read it to me.
  • General:What we received this morning was more of an image than anything. It was multiple pictures, all with the same central figure and caption. Depicted was a green... Thing.
  • Zarkon:A 'thing?'
  • General:A-apologies, sir. Allow me to be more clear. The 'thing' in question was analyzed by our cultural experts. They believe it to be a digitally rendered version of an Earth amphibian called a frog. It's riding a unicycle.
  • Zarkon:What was the caption?
  • General:It was the same statement every time: "Here comes dat boi!"
  • Zarkon:Most disturbing... Haggar, you worked with the Champion when he was with us. Did he ever utter about a 'boi?'
  • Haggar:No, my lord. He never spoke about 'dat boi.'
  • Zarkon:These Paladins grow more clever with each day. It appears the children have finally started to grow.
  • Zarkon:I want the galaxy scanned; find the planets with lifeforms that most closely resemble 'dat boi' and alert the ground troops. Perhaps the Paladins were trying to send the message that they were on their way to help.
  • General:At once, sir.

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