meme level shit
The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues
I do not have any profit by posting their music, I just want to promote the band, I want more people to know about this band! Buy The Neighbourhood's new alb...


*Changes my voicemail to:*

Me: sorry I can’t take the phone right now, cause I’m busy watching CHANGE UP on repeat, so try again in about an hour and we’ll see if I’m still busy. bye~~

The two lines of English uttered by that DW9 trailer sound fine at least the actors are trying to imitate the voices (they actually sound like younger versions of Xiahou Dun and Cao Cao which would ideally work if THEY WERE EVER YOUNG IN THE FIRST PLACE)

Meanwhile I have to watch DBZ FIghterz get their English cast and agonize as I hear Sima Yi as Ultimate Gohan cuz he is not going to sound like that this time around

my grandmother has recently acquired a smartphone and is already on some next-level meme shit… my mom texted her some stupid joke and she replied with an audio message of herself saying “shame on you”