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Another Shimada.まだまだ—


((these were actually closed but I couldn’t resist drawing this, even if I misread the palette and did palette 43 instead of 33 orz))

((….also, please feel free to consider this the end result of the last comic ;3))

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Omg look, Bon Voyage Season 1 gave a hint for one of BTS’s songs from 2016??

Be on the lookout for more song hints in this season too, guys!

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The part in the fidget spinner livestream where Steph types something to get mat to stop talking is very uncomfortable

I’ve had a few people mention this moment to me actually and say that it was really awkward/uncomfortable and wondering what Stephanie typed. I admit, I’m a little curious too but it’s not my place to speculate. We only really see a couchworth’s of their lives an hour and a half a day, so who’s knows what goes on when they’re not streaming? It might have just been her closing her tab, it may have been her checking something else, it may have been her typing something just for Matt to see. But regardless, it’s not my place to try and figure it out or demand more info than they’re willing to give us about their lives.