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Taurus & Libra
  • Taurus, shoving her face with a hot pocket and sticks of pocky, stressing out:
  • Libra, patting her back soothingly: It's okay, it's okay Taurus- life is gonna stress you out and its okay to not always have a strong face but
  • Libra: Who the fuck told you that ham and cheese hot pockets were okay to eat in my presence- matter of fact, anybody's?
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I got tagged by @ask-boospicetravels!!

Name/Nickname: My name is Kamau, but you can call me Kamauster or Kamasu.

Where are you from?: Wisconsin, the Dairy state! I currently live in AZ.

Favorite color(s): #5400ff, #00bfff, #02ea15, #2f3030, #ad690a and MANY more.

Do you like spicy food?: Hahahahaha no.

Biggest fear(s): Death, being Forgotten, ending up Lonely.

Top 3 hobbies: Drawing, Playing video games, and Chatting?

How many siblings do you have: 8……..

iPhone or Android: Android

Somewhere you’d love to visit: Hawaii, Japan, China, and Legoland XD

If you could meet one person, who will it be?: That’s personal but if i have to answer….. Tumblr friends.

Artist/Band you’d love to see in a concert: Uhhh Mystery skulls maybe? idk, all i really listen to is videogame music….

Favorite thing(s) about yourself: My agility and intelligence.

Something you look forward to: Seeing my art get better, and making more friends.

Cool people i’m tagging: @astrophiliisms, @occasionally-wooper, @occasionallyoctillery, @asklatias, @thefictionfox, @daily-nidoran, @ask-pokebreeder-tracey, @mytrainerisanidiot, @dailyhoppip, @occasionally-skitty

    do  you  know  what  this  shirt  is  made  of?   ———-  BOYFRIEND  MATERIAL.         //   LANCE  MCCLAIN’S  IPOD  PLAYLIST.   art cred.

When you don’t win the award for best animation, despite bringing stunning, new techniques to the grounds of anime though a playful, consistent artstyle.

Yuuri @ the beginning : I can’t understand Eros

Victor: But babe-