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Opinion on an Alex and Lena BROTP?

they’d geek out over science and worry together about kara

i’m much more invested in a lena&maggie brotp where they met on a lesbian dating app and like, there was no chemistry but they became really good friends. 

they do yoga and eat healthily together and commiserate over their trash children girlfriends

maggie always makes lena pay for lunch and lena always rolls her eyes but if maggie ever offered to pay lena would punch her in the throat

maggie and lena bond over grunge music together. 

maggie takes lena shopping and buys her a leather jacket. kara is grateful. very grateful.

they never talk about their parents’ rejection but it’s something shared silently between the two of them. whenever lena has a run in with her mom she texts maggie and just says ‘moms are the fucking worst’. every year on the anniversary of maggie’s parents kicking her out lena brings her a bottle of incredibly expensive scotch and they drink together. when alex is in the picture, lena sends the scotch and a note that says ‘enjoy this with your girlfriend’

maggie turns up at lena’s office, bottle in hand, and just says ‘youre my family, too, you idiot’ and they drink together in silence like usual.

maggie calls lena when alex proposes and lena knows she’s upset bc she took maggie ring shopping months ago and of course alex beat her to the punch

  • Rap monster (after the interview): speak English?
  • Yoongi (in the cutest English accent ever): yes
  • Rap monster: why didn't you tell us
  • Yoongi: ...I didn't want to because then you'll talk to me in English, force me to talk in interviews and that's just too much for me you see I don't like to talk at all tbh all I wanna do is take a nap in fact I'm gonna take a nap right here because I said way too many words I have to recharge my energy gn
  • Rap monster:
bighit should read this tbh

so since a lot of armys been speculating BTS might do a carpool karaoke in LA………here i am..,, thinking…. why dont the 7 of them just use their manager’s car and go around seoul by themself with jin driving it and do THEIR VERY OWN carpool karaoke without ANYONE ELSE BUT THEM IN THE CAR like THEY RECORD IT WITH THEIR OWN CAMERA, THEY CHOOSE THE SONG FROM THEIR OWN PLAYLIST, THEY GO TO WHEREVER THE FUCK THEY WANT, it will be less-hard than doing a carpool with james dont u think? it will be so simple but lit as hell like IMAGINE what kind of chaos would we see if that happens? they will not just singing if its only the 7 of them. they wont hesitate to scream their lungs out laughing till their cheek hurts (not to mention about their banters) and they might do something stupid like in the middle of traffic light jimin suddenly want to pee and jin will be panic because there’s no rest area nearby and the remaining 5 will still jamming like nothing happen and i can imagine the subbers will have a hard-time subbing it because WE ALL KNOW HOW LOUD CAN BTS BE

shiro [08:34 pm]: i want you to lead voltron

shiro [08:51 pm]: keith, answer my texts

keith [09:04 pm]: i can’t, i can’t find my phone

shiro [09:12 pm]: okay, let me know when you find it

shiro [03:26 am]: you’re an awful child. you’re killing me. you’re killing your father 

When you see this, post three random lines from three WIPs

[Because why not? I love teasers and I happen to be actively working on three Voltron fics right now. I’m, ah, going with a loose interpretation of “3 lines“ here.]

Love and Other Questions (Soulmate AU; from the chapter going up in two days.)

Shiro saw something of himself in Lance. The fierce desire to protect, to take his friends’ pain on himself. He knew exactly how hard it was to let go once you’d taken on a burden like that. How much you clung to it even as you craved a release. How you longed for someone to share the burden, how adamantly you resolved to suffer alone.

Lance needed them now, but Shiro knew he would never ask for their help. He knew, because he’d been there himself too many times before.

Shiro hesitated for only a second, then stepped forward and pulled Lance into a hug.

Someplace Like Home (Dualityverse; from the chapter going up on Monday)

“Perfect!” Lance pumped his hands in the air, then let them fall back as a yawn overtook him. “It’s about time we took a vacation.”

Pidge snorted, nuzzling into Lance’s side. “If this is a vacation, does that mean we have to do road trip games?”

Lance grinned at Keith, who’d faceplanted in the remainders of Pidge’s nest, curling in on himself like a fluffy, overgrown baby. “I spy with my little eye something adorable.”

Pidge followed his line of sight, lips quirking upward. “Is it Keith in the fetal position?”

“Hell yeah it is.”

Stars Burn Out (Dualityverse; Nyma-centric side story going up in about two weeks)

In the last four years, Nyma had turned seduction into an art. It was a fine line she walked—everyone knew the invaders read into anything that might have seemed an invitation, and the word No might not have existed in the Galran language.

Nyma never invited. She never offered, she never hinted. She just smiled, laughed, and let the men go on about their business. And sometimes, if she could be sure it would never be traced back to her, she found ways to send the soldiers into the paths of “accidents” that made sure they never took anything more from her than what she’d already sacrificed.

Lately, though, she’d grown tired of it. She didn’t want to spend her life batting her eyelashes at every Galra to walk through her doors. She wanted to be something more than a pretty shop keeper’s girl with the liquid violet eyes, eyes the color of the Empire, eyes she sometimes wanted to carve out of her head so she didn’t have to hear one more tipsy officer in red and gray tell her she carried a piece of Zarkon in her pretty fucking face.