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Hetalia through the times

-Throw back to when America’s art didn’t even have the curl
-when the axis powers anime first came out and the hype they built for like 8 episodes about the American Revolution
-when the fandom had the disco pogo hype
-dead Prussia jokes when they weren’t over used and funny
-when we all praised lord Doistu.
-when we weren’t so meme centered.
-the pub and go hype
-spains ass
-when shipping wars between USUK and FRUS was an actual problem
-the fake ‘confirmed USUK by Himaruya’ news
-now it’s the hitman Jones hype
-also @ask-aph-fruk being literally the most recognized artist in this multimillion member fandom.

-Hetaoni -shine bright like a doitsu~☆ I know there are so many more things and events that will be in our hearts and memories that I hope we look back at in another 10 years. add and please do add if you remember some. But my point is that…10 years. /10/ years…we all have grown and found friends United by this silly show of a tomato fairy. I want to thank not only Himaruya for this amazing series but all of you for an amazing fandom. It it weren’t for Hetalia I wouldn’t have found my partner either so thanks for giving and producing love. Cheers dudes for all you gave done for such a magical fanbase.

~Never stop drawing the circles~

Given how the alt-right neo-Nazis have made so much of their recruiting and, frankly, their existence, center around memes, it’s doubly fitting that Richard Spencer getting punched has become the second great meme of 2017 (after i lik the bred).

Break him by playing it constantly, uploading remixes, just keep it going.  Make sure he knows we find him risible, and that we know he’s now afraid to leave his house, like every neo-Nazi should be.