meme attente

if you run around calling other groups flops unprovoked just because bts has a billboard music award, then you’re a disgrace to the fandom ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

ADHD Gothic

-You go into the kitchen to get some cookies, only to find the cookies are gone. You don’t recall eating the cookies. You live alone. Disappointed and confused, you go back to your room. Ten minutes later, you go into the kitchen to get some cookies.

-Your leg is bouncing. You try to stop it, but you no longer have control. It bounces. Your leg is going numb. Still, it bounces. It never stops. You give up. It bounces.

-You see a big flower in a vase. You attempt to count the number of petals, but something is stopping you. You are sure you said 7, but was that the last number or 10 numbers ago? Still, you do not give up. You start from the beginning. You are still counting.

-You have $100 dollars. You are saving it to buy a new laptop. You see a $75 dollar cosplay. You have $25. You wonder why you bought it. You have never been to a convention. It hangs in your closet, untouched.

-All of your pencils mysteriously disappear. You are sure you put them on your desk, but they are no longer there. You get another pencil. Two days later, your original pencils are on your desk.

Sweet Asks

🍭- List the initials of your 5 closest friends
🍬- Have you ever been in love? When?
🍫- Do you have a sweet tooth?
🎂- If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to?
🍡- What’s your favorite season?
🍪- Do you have a significant other? What’s your favorite thing about them?
🍩- What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
🍨- What do you find attractive in people?
🍑- Who do you miss right now?
🍉- What/who inspires you?
🍓- List 5 reasons to love yourself