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I wanted to surprise doodle this for ma pal  @misterpoofofficial​ =u=)b

chellyneko  asked:

Light Yagami for the headcanon compilation 😌

Send me a character and I’ll provide a brief headcanon on the following topics:

  • a lesson they learned in their childhood: “Difficult” seems to mean something different to everyone else. 
  • a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning: Depends on canon point, really. Prior to finding a DN, he’s probably doing it because  you have to go through the motions of every day life before you can actually do anything of consequence, and there might be a small chance of something interesting happening. Later canon, he has a world to fix. 
  • a fear: I think at the core of it, Light has this kind of ennui stemming from the thought that despite his best efforts into things that really matter to him, nothing will actually change from the status quo because society and human nature are slow to change. 
  • a strength: He’doesn’t find the prospect of grinding work daunting. He’s disciplined and has a good work ethic. 
  • how they think others perceive them: The golden boy. He gives the world his best face and he knows he can be cute/charming/impressive as he needs to be. 
  • how they perceive themselves: Gifted. He knows he’s smart and that he’ll be going places in the future. 
  • whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person: Yep, definitely. He views himself as a model hard working, law abiding citizen who only wants the best for society. 
  • a temptation / proclivity they have: He has random habits that mostly manifest when he’s bored? Pen twirling, staring out of windows, daydreaming, wondering why time can’t go faster. 
  • an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable): Could see him becoming a prosecutor, but pretty much he’s going to follow in his dad’s footsteps, join the NPA and eventually become the director general…. and maybe find himself a cabinet position way down the line.
  • how they waste time: Video games with Sayu or Ryuk, going for walks 

lesbidar  asked:

22/23? <33

22. Popular character you hate?

alskdbn this maybe doesn’t count but i hate so few characters so,,,..i’m gonna say joyce

23. Unpopular character you love?

now, he’s not my favorite, but i do think xander is much more palatable than most of the fandom gives him credit for. i mean, he’s an original scooby and his dumb sense of humor is Top Notch. so he’s alright in my book.

salty ask list 

prideling  asked:

How about "believe"?

“Fenris trusts me,” she says, through the nightmare smile. “I’ve never lied to him, you know. I’ve lied my bloody face off to almost everyone else, one way or another, but never to him. Because he stayed with me, long enough to —” Another breath like the plunge of a blade. “He let me pour this whole mad story into his ears and held my hands the whole time, and then he said I believe you, Hawke, and got a cloth to clean my cuts.”

(From the next chapter of A Lesson in Drowning)