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middle earth meme: [1/3 races] the maiar (specifically, some of my favourites)

The Maiar were Ainur, offspring of  Eru Ilúvatar’s thoughts before the world was made. They were akin to the Valar but lesser in power than the Holy Ones who were the chief shapers of the world. The Maiar were typically devoted to and served specific Valar, being of like stock. For example, Eönwë and Ilmarë, who together were Chiefs of the Maiar, served Manwë and Varda respectively, while Sauron was of Aulë’s folk before being seduced into the service of Melkor. The Maiar were fëar (spirits) but unlike the Children of Ilúvatar, they do not need to possess hröar (bodies) to appear to the Children, manifesting themselves in a fana (vales). It is insinuated, in the tale of Melian the Maia and Elu Thingol the Elf, that should a Maia wed with one of the Children they shall take up Elven forms and be bound forever to them. They are immortal, and like the Elves, they are bound to Arda until its end and cannot die in the matter of the Children, though their spirits may be weakened to the point of never again causing harm, such as the case of Sauron after the destruction of the One Ring. Among the Maiar were Balrogs, who were those corrupted by Melkor the Marrer. 

Ok so apparently, according to my dad years ago, you can download songs onto your Sims 3 and maybe 4 game and it’ll put that song into simlish and it’ll play in the game.

Now this sounds crazy and idk if it’s possible and it probably isn’t but just imagine if it was. Imagine downloading All Star by Smash Mouth onto the game. And your Sims are on a romantic date. And suddenly you hear:


But in random jibberish.

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AMO TU ARTE ! ADORO TU ESTILO, TU COLOREADO , TODO!! SOO, lo que siempre me intriga al ver tus dibujos es como haces para dibujar las expresiones, mas que nada esas de sentimientos fuertes (?? Como tristeza o enojo... usas referencias o algun meme?? MUCHAS GRACIAS <3 <3

muchas gracias AAAAAAAAAA <3 <3 <3

puesss no uso refs?¿¿ simplemente hago muecas a 10000 con mi cara X///DDDDDDD

music tag meme :3

i was tagged by @watertribegirl, thanks mom

Put your playlist on shuffle and put in the first 10 songs.

ok full disclosure i’m doing this a second time becuase the first time was…… i just clicked next 10 times quickly, which probably cursed it, so this time i’m actually letting the songs play all the way and go to the next one automatically (skipping artists coming up more than once)

  1. Ariana Grande - Greedy
  2. 少女時代 (Girls’ Generation) - I’m a Diamond
  3. 태연 (Taeyeon) - 스트레스 (Stress)
  4. 라붐 (Laboum) - 푱푱 (Shooting Love)
  5. One Direction - Best Song Ever
  6. 포미닛 (4Minute) - ICatch (feat. Manager)
  7. 현아 (HyunA) - Ice Cream (feat. Maboos)
  8. Carly Rae Jepsen - Fever
  9. Rachel House & Auli’i Cravalho - I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)
  10. 원더걸스 (Wonder Girls) - Why So Lonely

a bit of a slay if i do say so m’self

i tag everyone!

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