Sending anonymous hate is NEVER ok. 

If you don’t like how someone else is running their blog, just unfollow. 
If you feel like someone is being problematic, talk to them about it. Private message them. Discuss it with them. And if they snub you, unfollow. 
If you feel like there’s something someone needs to improve on, send them some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Explain to them, politely, how you think they could change. 

And if they don’t want to listen, if they don’t want to change their blog, JUST UNFOLLOW. Ignore them. Forget about them. Move on. Block them if you need to. 
BUT, there is NO excuse for telling someone to delete or harm themselves just because you don’t like how they’re running THEIR OWN blog. 
This has been a PSA

anonymous asked:

will you ever continue the dr-killing game tumblr edition? for a bad idea, it's actually hilarious and I would love to see more! I don't care if it doesn't even make sense. I just need more of that shit in my life!


Please save yourself the suffering. I made it a oneshot for the punchline and also because I’m too lazy to write a proper series. But okay, since you love shitposts so much and I’m trash, I’ll give you a not-so-fair chance.

If this post gets 50 notes then I might consider writing something related to the dr-killing game tumblr edition

Something because it could be a sequel, could be just the squad talking, could be just a list of executions, could be free time events, or could be just something random about it, Whatever I come up with, it’ll still be problematic as hell and you guys have weird tastes for asking for more.

Heck, why not shoot for 3rd time’s the charm? If this post hits 100 notes then you get two oneshots!

You can even vote/suggest on what you want to see by replying to this post

This fandom loves shitposts and memes too much, Kamukura would be  so proud! We’re all going to live and die by the memes :’)