members be teasing each other so much all the time

Jimin Appreciation

Happy Jimin day!! Today is gonna be all about our squishy Busan man and below this will be 10 reasons he’s super amazing, there are of course endless reasons but for this post’s sake, I’m sticking to 10

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Dating Yugyeom would be Like

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-Cute lil shit always hugging you
-Back hugs every five second

  • “Baby, I missed you.”
  • “Yugyeom, we actually saw each other two minutes ago.”
  • Whining “I still miss you though.”

-Whining whenever he wants anything.
-Teasing you when you can’t reach something.
-Kissing you a lot around his Hyungs.

  • “Yugyeom, they’re looking!”
  • “So? Let them know how much I love you.”

-Telling you how much he loves you all the time.
-Seeing you asleep and wondering how he got you.
-Teasing you whenever he realises you’re turned on.

  • ”Do you want some Yugyeom in you?”

-Whenever you need to rant about your day, he’ll hold you and play with your hair and listen.
-He will play with your hair whenever you are next to him.
-Hyungs teasing him about you.

  • "We heard what you were doing last night, Yugyeom.”
  • “Shut up.”
  • Mocking you: “Harder YugyeOM OPPA GO FASTER!”
  • Yugyeom gets mad and leaves.

-Kisses every piece of exposed skin
-He’d be little spoon a lot
-Sex would be sO GREAT HoOHhoOHOHO

  • Love bites everywhere
  • Bruises
  • When it’s really passionate you wouldn’t be able to walk the next day
  • Would be all about pleasuring you
  • Hardcore eating you out and fingering
  • “There baby? Do you like it there?” and “Does this feel good?”
  • Handcuffing you to the bed
  • He’d be so dominant never, ever submissive
  • Hitting your spot with every thrust
  • Your moans and sounds would make him go harder
  • ‘Say my name, princess.’
  • Pet names (Princess, baby girl etc.)

-Showers with you, not sexual just cleaning each other
-Kisses your shoulders all the time
-Holds your hands wherever you go
-Says I love you randomly

  • You’re about to go the the bathroom when…
  •  "I love you, Y/N.”
  • “I love you, Yugyeom.”

-’I love you more’ arguments.
-Stroking your bare thighs while you sleep
-Kissing your eyelids while you sleep too
-Watching kdramas all day together
-100 inside jokes

Sobs my baby is so cute