Monsta X Reacting to You Being A Bookworm

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He loved it. It was one of his favorite things about you, that fact that you could slow down your busy life and time some to read a good book was really attractive. It also gave him some down time to relax in a quiet space with you. It was effortless when you were reading.

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He found it a little boring that you like to read a lot. He was just such a fast-paced person, if he’s not constantly doing something then he feels like he is wasting time, time that could be spent on doing something productive or fun.

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He didn’t really share your love of books, but encourage it anyway. He always made a point to ask about what you were reading, which resulted in a long-ass conversation about whatever convoluted plot you were reading this time. You were so passionate about it.It made him smile every time.

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He liked to read, of course not as much as you, but he enjoyed a good book here and there. There was nothing calmer to him than you two cuddling and reading with some chill music on in the background.

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It’s a good thing that you had friends to vent your fictional woes at because that kind of stuff bores him to death. He’ll let you know to, if you start going off on a tangent. He’s never liked books because they could never hold his interest for long.

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He would hype on your book to the millionth level, he would make whatever you were reading about seem like the most riveting thing in the world. If there was a problem in the book, it was suddenly the end of the world.

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He never really liked to read, until you started to introduce him to books that you thought he might like. It was key to make sure that you read books that are about things that you are interested in and to constantly try new books. You made sure that he knew what kind of books he likes.

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