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•BTS "Profiles" by Me•

-Loves food and cooking
-Wide shoulders
-Dad jokes
-Bad puns
-Voice of an angel
-Flying kiss
-Windshield whisper laugh
-Dancing has gotten so good
-Honestly another Maknae
-Third guy from left

-Gummy smile
-Made an amazing mix tape
-Spits fire
-Also writes fire
-Pretends he doesn’t care but is always there for others
-Huge squish
-Cutest lisp (especially when he speaks English)
-Wants to be a rock

-Spits fire also
-Sings beautifully
-Beautiful forehead
-Gets scared easily
-Releasing a mixtape soon!
-Screams a lot
-Dancing machine
-Like so damn good
-Also Jhores
-Also also Jhoe

-Breaks things
-Another one that spits fire
-Sings well
-Ryan lover
-Contagious dimply smile
-Reason that BTS was made
-Super Super smart
-Has a fire mixtape
-And some really questionable songs
-Deep thoughts
-Loves fashion

-Use to have cute chubby cheeks
-Squeaks when he laughs
-Eye crinkle
-Has a lot of “accidents” such as his shirt coming down
-Smol but mighty
-Is the sweetest and care so much
-Angel like voice

-He’s in his own world a lot
-Sees things In different ways
-King of weird faces
-Loooves kids
-Also loves animals a lot
-Deep voice
-But can hit those high notes
-Isn’t afraid to be different
-Is probably a genius
-Box smile
-Tae Tae

-Golden maknae
-Can do so much
-But also a huge dork
-Super funny
-IU fan boy
-Picks on the older members
-Muscle pig
-He loves video games
-Another voice of an angel
-Great dancer
-Nose crinkle

•May do more groups•

Basic Exo for beginners

-Xiumin is the oldest, but looks the youngest
-Suho is the leader, the awkward mom of the group
-Lay is the only Chinese member left, super talented
-Baekhyun is loud but with a voice of an angel
-Chen is a whining baby, but actually has one of the best voices ever
-Chanyeol is super tall and clumsy, but can rap your panties off
-Sehun is the actual maknae, but looks nothing like that
And Kaisoo is in love

soulmate! Seungcheol (pt.2)

requested by anon: “Can u do a seungcheol pt 2 ?????”

recap: in which whatever your soulmate writes on their skin, you get it too and vice versa

part one

  • so good things can’t always last forever 
  • but that summer was definitely one of the best 
  • the whole thing was so surreal but,,, 
  • mr. choi seungcheol was there to remind you it wasn’t just a dream 
  • despite the intense swim training, and seungcheol’s busy schedule 
  • there was never a day you two didn’t make time for each other, 
  • even if it meant the only time you had together were the late night facetime’s with the other members butting in 
  • or the gym dates, working out together 
  • and the food dates because practice left the both of you guys starving 
  • and while he’s preparing for his concert, sitting on the practice room floor eating bibimbap is a must 
  • “BABE!!” you shriek when seungcheol has the audacity to stick his chopsticks into your food and steal a bite 
  • you groan, “we’re eating the same thing” 
  • he just has to pout, “not true you got a different flavor than me” 
  • “well i’m about to make sure you wont be able to taste flavors soon” 
  • and your joking of course but he’s extra asf and goes, 
  • “nooo jagi~ here eat some of mine” 
  • he knows you weren’t mad, but he’s sly and your pretty sure he justs wants to feed you 
  • “open~” 
  • you roll your eyes but open you mouth anyways, 
  • and even though your expression was like this the both of knew your heart was going 50 miles per hour 
  • svt though, they just have perfect timing 
  • “not on the floor seungcheolie, we practice here,” 
  • jeonghan says in this oh so angelically voice with the members giggle from behind 
  • “is it time to practice” you ask, not wanting to intrude 
  • seungkwan settles beside you and stifles a laugh, 
  • “no noona, we just wanted to bother hyung” 
  • laughing, you rapped your chopsticks on his head lightly 
  • “noona can i have a bite?” 
  • you shrug and your chopsticks reach into your bowl but seungcheol stops you 
  • “yah you have your own food seungkwan, y/n needs to eat” 
  • and everyone kept teasing seungkwan after that 
  • but you made sure you make eye contact with seungcheol, and smile, your eyes turning into crescents 
  • he laughs shyly and gives you the most loving smile, 
  • something he seemed to reserve for you 
  • “can you wait until practice is over?” 
  • he holds your hand tightly and hopefully, 
  • please as if you weren’t going to 
  • “of course” and you stayed, 
  • and tried not to look at seungcheol too much because he was looking too good, you don’t think your heart can take it
  • but it does, and when he’s done, and sweaty he of course comes over to you and attempts to hug you 
  • key word attempts 
  • “i have a surprise~ come back to the dorm so i can shower” 
  • so you wait, sitting on the couch and playing FIFA with the maknaes 
  • then seungcheol comes out, grabs your hand, grins and starts pulling you to the door 
  • “where??” 
  • “i got permission to go on a date~” 
  • svt knew about this of course so their screaming from behind you 
  • you turn to look at him and shake you head laughing,
  • “don’t kill jeonghan he’s my source of amusement” 
  • “ha okay jagi” 
  • you both walk down the street hand in hand, making comfortable, sweet conversation
  • you ask him about the fact that he didn’t even tell you where you were going
  • and he’s just like “you’ll see" 
  • the two of you end up walking to the theatre 
  • most would think okay boring but 
  • you talked to seungcheol about how you really wanted to watch this movie 
  • your heart was honestly so touch he remembered, because you really only touched on the subject for 2 minutes 
  • the entire time was amazing
  • you somehow got to concentrate on the movie and not always think about how his hand was in yours 
  • and then the two of you go to a casual but vintage restaurant close to his dorm 
  • "i just want you to know, im really having a lot of fun" 
  • you both smile at each other, with a little something sparking in each others eyes 
  • and neither of you told anybody how he kissed you softly outside the restaurant 
  • that was your secret 
  • because according to the other members, your first kiss was in the studio where they all caught you 
  • imagine the laughs you and seungcheol had 
  • so that summer will forever be etched in your mind 
  • the summer you met your soulmate 
  • and when you were done with college, and fully moved to seoul,
  • the two of you had many more dates
  • and many more kisses

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino || 


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bts positivity

- golden maknae on top
- drinks banana milk over alcohol
- sweetest vocals 100/10
- soft mischievous bunny boy
- deserves all the love in the world

- a fluffy ball of happiness
- loves to make his members laugh
- vocals are heaven sent
- brightest smile ever
- loves fans so much

- literally a walking angel
- has the voice of an angel
- thinks of his members first like an angel
- pure angel
- did i mention he’s an angel?

rap monster
- great composer/lyricist
- brain mon
- can’t cut onions
- his dimples are everything

- your hope, your angel
- actual ray of sunshine
- mood maker
- has the most amazing personality 
- talented as hell

- his lyrics are deep
- so is his voice
- he swears but it’s kind of hot
- loves to sleep
- pulls off every hair color

- mom of the group
- loves to eat lots
- great cook
- has a heart of gold
- sings beautifully
- gives his 100% to all 

Thoughts on Jin’s confidence


Some people are turned off by Seokjin’s confidence in his looks. On the surface, he seems to compliment his own appearance a lot. Some people see that as arrogance or narcissism or cockiness. 

I don’t see it that way. I think perhaps Jin talks so much about his appearance because it is the one thing he’s confident in. Has anyone noticed that his looks are the only thing about himself he’ll compliment? Everyone by now knows the real message behind Awake– he’s worried that everyone else in bangtan is better than him and will succeed without him. He knows the other members have a ton more experience than him, and for that he may be a little self-conscious and overly-critical. Everyone knows Jin joined Big Hit with no experience in music– no singing, no dancing, not even an instrument.

So, to him, maybe all that positive self-talk is self-reassurance. Self-talk reminding him that maybe he’s not confident in his singing, but at least he has his looks going for him. Even during his long Vlive he said he was surprised when they picked him to do the Hwarang OST with V. 

My hope for Seokjin is that he get more lines he’d be much more confident in his singing abilities as well as his looks. Army knows what his voice sounds like, it’s angelic! He is a valued member of bangtan, and they wouldn’t be the same without their eldest hyung.

And come on, it’s not like he’s wrong about being handsome amiright?


And now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, the first member of the maknae line, a ray of sunshine whose voice is so angelic, even when he’s just speaking, it sounds like a lullaby, he has such a comforting, warm voice, I love his voice so much, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • This post takes place in the college AU, you don’t have to read the college series to be able to understand this bc it is just to help set the mood but just in case there are people that do wanna read it, college!Jimin is right here
  • Visuals are first
  • Idk if I’ve ever used Danger!Jimin but it’s a shock if I haven’t bc that was actually a pretty cute look so I’m gonna use it here bc I love that look
  • That entire era could be player!chim tbh, he wore so many sleeveless shirts, he showed off those amazing arms that he worked so hard for, he was in jeans so the thighs were a thing and it was just a really good look overall
  • Of course, player!chim does the BST look and the orange hair and the red for a few months as well bc he can pull all the things off
  • Okay so I’ve got a couple looks for player!chim, just hear me out I have a plan (both of them are airport looks, my memory sucks so I couldn’t even begin to remember their dates just by looking at them but typically I can tell the era bc hair)
  • The first look is from the BST era I think, it’s more of a date look, it’s casual but has enough effort put into it that his date doesn’t think he just showed up in his pajamas but it’s all black!JImin bc that is my s h i t, he had on black jeans (aka my fave) a black turtleneck and then a black leather jacket !!!! and he had sunglasses on 1000000000/10
  • The second look seems like it’s from the Boy in Luv era, it’s more of a casual, I’m just here to chill look, it’s when he wore black leather (??) pants, a white tank top with a bit of promo for the LA Dodgers on it, what looks like some Timberlands, a black snapback that was backwards !!!!!!!!!! and then his backpack, a jacket around his hips (in some other pictures from that day, he’s wearing the jacket) and some headphones bc college!Jimin is forever off in his own world
  • Also just gonna throw this in there bc I love chim with tattoos but player!chim has a couple of tats, he has the MAMA tattoos and one on his collarbone that you can see the very end of when he wears t-shirts
  • Jimin is another flirt but he’s also a bit of a dater, he’s kinda in the middle
  • Okay so here’s the thing with Jimin, he’s really shy but at the same time, when he feels comfortable/in his element, he pops right out of that shell
  • He has moments where he’s really flirty and charming and can win anyone’s heart in under a minute (friendly reminder that it took Chanyeol 0.2 seconds to fall for Jimin and that was with Jimin just looking at him)
  • But he also has moments where he gets really blushy like when people approach him first, he gets a bit flustered and no matter how many times it happens, he never really gets used to that feeling bc it’s just o h
  • So he’s either the biggest flirt that’ll get anyone and everyone giggling like a child with their first crush or he’s the child with the crush that can barely make eye contact
  • Either way, people love him almost instantly and it’s not hard to see why, how does someone not love Jimin he’s so pure and cute and giggly and just his smile can bring so much happiness 
  • When he’s in a flirty mood, he does that thing where he’s leaning on his arm against a wall and talking to whoever he’s flirting with and he sends lil winks when they walk away with the promise of a date that night
  • He’s very playful when he’s flirty, he’s a super affectionate person as is so he’s always got his arm around them or he’s holding their hand and he playfully teases them a lot 
  • He’s always got really cute dates, going down to the beach at sunset, going to the local carnival/festival, going out on a romantic dinner
  • He’s another gentleman (all of BTS are) so he’s really polite towards his dates and they always have fun on the dates, he’s yet to have a boring date
  • Jimin would never hurt anyone, he’s a really sensitive person, he seems like he’s really in tune with the people around him so the “breaking up” bit is really hard but he also doesn’t wanna be flirting/dating someone and then start it up with someone else at the same time
  • He doesn’t like to lead anyone on so he never lets the relationship get too far, he always makes sure the other person knows this is all casual, no relationships are happening yet, etc.
  • You two meet when you take the same art class as him and you two become friends
  • You’re new to the school so you don’t really know about him or his reputation and you would’ve n e v e r guessed if you just went off of his personality
  • He’s so funny and precious and he’s so huggable, he always gives the best hugs, they’re really warm and he always smells really good
  • He’s s o talented and his drawings are always amazing and you’re forever complimenting him, which gets him really blushy and giggly and shy and that’s just super cute
  • You find out through some people in the class that he’s known to be a bit of a player, that he dates a new person every other week, that he’s never been interested in a serious relationship
  • You’re a bit sad bc you’d already started crushing on him and now you’re finding out that he’s not looking for a relationship and that he’s probably super used to being crushed on
  • You take the chance when he asks you out bc you figure you might as well, you’ve already got a crush, it’s not gonna go away by rejecting him
  • And just like everyone told you, he says it’s all casual when he’s dropping you off and that he’s not looking for anything serious rn and your heart is just ow
  • You two go on a couple dates and he’s always really fun and you find yourself forgetting about the whole casual thing every time bc he’s so sweet and kind, it’s hard not to want to be with him when he’s playing piano and singing for you with that beautiful voice he rarely uses
  • He starts developing feelings as well but he ignores it and goes on thinking that he’s okay with it being casual bc that’s always been what he wants
  • It doesn’t really work but it all comes to a halt when he sees someone flirting with you and then it’s just mm mm everything in him is not happy with this scene at all
  • He’s not used to being jealous so he’s not fully sure what to do, especially since you’re not technically his and he’s not yours so it’s not like he can just walk up and say excuse me I’m the boyfriend
  • So he does his best to show his emotions towards you on the next date, he makes it super romantic and he sits down with you and the two of you have a really long talk about how the casual thing isn’t working out for either of you
  • “We can make it exclusive on one condition”
  • “Name it and it’s yours”
  • “You gotta sing for me more often”
  • “Only if you kiss me afterwards”
  • “I think we have a deal” 

Y’all let’s talk about WINGS album solo songs. No, specifically, let’s talk about Kim Seokjin’s solo song for the WINGS album okay. I’ll be using this source because I didn’t translate the lyrics myself and as an International ARMY I’ll use English translations. I’ll also use these sources here for various references used in this analysis: x x

OKAY, so, we know that Jin wrote his own lyrics (with a helping hand from a few members and other staffs) as well as had a hand in composing his own song this time around. (he explained that it was his first time helping compose and that he was nervous and it was difficult). Jin has done writing on lyrics from many other BTS songs in the past, and has always expressed very anxiously and excitedly that he enjoys writing lyrics.

So, we know that BTS wrote their lyrics for their songs or at least had a hand in writing the lyrics. So, this leads to: Jungkook’s song being about his love for his Hyungs and how they helped him to grow and ‘become himself’, Yoongi’s song being about music. Hoseok’s track being @/to his mother, etc.

These songs are all dedications and their deep personal feelings. They were given a chance to do a solo track and have a hand writing lyrics and composing. The concept is about growing up and fighting hardships at it’s core, when broken down to the simplest concept. So, their solo songs really say alot about who they are and how they feel.

Let me tell you this. This will be a long breakdown, very long. Jin is someone who is routinely put on the back-shelf as a singer and musician within Bangtan. Most of his lines within the distribution of BTS is harmonizing and bridges. He is without a doubt the least appreciated/popular/recognized member within BTS by both Bighit and the fans as well. Not because he isn’t just as talented but that’s just the way it is. Why??? idk it’s a mystery. So, what did he do with his moment of truth, his moment to shine, his solo song he had a hand not just writing but producing, where he can make a declaration that he wants as long as it doesn’t conflict with the concept??

믿는 게 아냐
버텨보는 거야
할 수 있는 게
다 이것뿐이라서 

It’s not that I believe (it)
(But that) I want to try holding out
Because this is
All that I can do 

Jin is a member who is repeatedly treated as the ‘extra’ member of BTS. He’s the hyung, has a beautiful, literally ANGELIC voice, but the least popularity in rankings and the least vocal distribution in songs.

Yeah it’s my truth
It’s my truth
온통 상처투성이겠지
But it’s my fate
It’s my fate
그래도 발버둥치고 싶어

Maybe I I can never fly
저기 저 꽃잎들처럼
날갤 단 것처럼은 안 돼
Maybe I I can’t touch the sky
그래도 손 뻗고 싶어
달려보고 싶어 조금 더

Yeah it’s my truth
It’s my truth
I will be covered with wounds all over
But it’s my fate
It’s my fate
Still, I want to struggle (and fight)

Maybe I, I can never fly
I can’t (fly) like the flower petals over there
Or as though I have wings
Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky
Still, I want to stretch my hand out
I want to run, just a bit more

Yes, I recognize that this song fits in with the main character and concept of the BTS HYYH and beyond, concept. But please, recognize that this is Jin pouring his fucking heart out okay.

A man who is coNSTANTLY the underdog of this group, the one who is always overlooked, singing a song about how it’s possibly that he will never be able to reach the level he wants to, and yet he will continue fighting anyways.

Maybe I, I can never fly
I can’t (fly) like the flower petals over there

Did this literally fuck anyone else up? (BTW this is the voice of a TRUE fucking ANGEL).

Listen, don’t tell me that Jin isn’t unappreciated because he’s criminally underappreciated. Tell me that this song isn’t literally the most symbolic, beautiful thing.

People want to label him as only the handsome guy, or the house ‘mom’ and laugh at him, occasionally swerve into his lane when he looks good, etc. But let he fucking tell you what, Kim Seokjin is a fucking MIRACLE.

This is a man who once said that he hates dance more than anything, and yet literally never complains when dancing—works hard, memorizes every single dance without fail, performs them better than any cover dances I’ve ever seen, performs them day in and day out—performs them even when he’s in pain, even when he doesn’t feel he’s a good dancer. This is a man that people make fun of relentlessly for his dancing when all he does is work veryv ery very hard at it. 

This is a man who trained in acting, who trains his vocals and they improve so much every single year. Even though his voice is barely utilized to it’s full potential he still improves so much and practices so much.

This is a man who only ever puts on a brave face and jokes and smiles with ARMYs even though he knows he’s ranked the lowest among fans (particularly in SoKo fanpolls). Always takes care of Bangtan like the good Hyung/eldest that he is even though he was the youngest in his family. Who is the first one to notice that the other members are upset and run to their side, who feeds them, supports them, praises them. Supports and loves and showers ARMY with attention. All the while covering up any awkwardness or insecurities he might feel by joking around or making ‘handsome Jin’ comments.

And he poured his heart into this song. Not to be dramatic but this Solo song practically has more lines than Jin has recieved within BTS in the last 2 whole albums tbh. I mean, not literally but who the hell is counting? Jin stans are because they can’t catch a break.

I’m just saying, please stop, take a second, listen to the fucking PASSION he sings with, listen to the lyrics, read the lyrics, take in the lyrics. Recognize the parallels between the concept and what he represents there, and what he as a person and idol deals with every single day.

Because Kim Seokjin is a blessing to this Earth and it’s time we stop boxing him into the goofy handsome house mom stereotype and occasionally being like ‘everyone pay more attention to Jin’ and then everyone goes back on their way without fucking actually doing it. I’m guilty of this too, SO many ARMY sleep on Jin. We should stop this. He really honestly doesn’t deserve it.

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So other than B.I and Bobby, I really need help learning the members because with my luck once im about to learn who everyone is they gotta go ahead and do me dirty by changing their stagenames. So if it ain't a problem would you mind telling me who's who? QQ (also since youre on a ikon fangirl moment anyway lmaoo)

come to me, children, and let’s commence on a journey.

P.S. Their stage names changed for this comeback, so like you’re fine ;’)

Starting from the eldest and the most villainous:

Kim JinHwan

  • Also known as:
  • JiNan
  • 13cm fairy (he smol af boi)
  • An actual mother
  • Very sweet but has a scary glare
  • Was once responsible for `stuns`
  • An angel, tbh, and his voice is angelic as well
  • The original member of iKON

Then we have

Song YunHyeong

  • Or Yo-Yo for short
  • One of the devil twins
  • A cute smile
  • Sometimes dumb
  • Also very nice
  • Cute, as well
  • Still evil

Since you know Bobby and B.I. I’ll just say their full names

Kim JiWon
Kim HanBin

Goo JunHwe 

  • A.K.A Goo JunHoe
  • A.K.A June
  • A.K.A Koo JunHoe/JunHwe
  • Who the fuck even knows what’s the right thing?
  • Called either of the variations
  • A true representation of evil
  • A bias wrecker
  • Voice of a devil
  • Will seduce you without effort
  • Actually a cutesoo and smol
  • I cri
  • He might seem scary and unapproachable, btw, but he’s really just a kid that needs all the love and attention
  • Besides, he’s sassy
  • And pretty bad with emotions
  • But he’s an angel

Kim DongHyuk

  • Abs
  • Voice
  • Face
  • ;-;
  • Whenever you see him there’s just this want of
  •      Protect and love this bean
  • He’s actually so sweet
  • You can’t help but love him dude
  • I ain’t joking
  • I don’t even know his charm but he just pulls you in
  • A pretty smile and he’s just so cute I can’t

Then  finally

Jung ChanWoo

  • Or Chanu
  • The youngest of Devil Twins
  • Devil Twins comes from thee fact that Yo-Yo and Chanu are pretty similar in appearance
  • And they’re both evil
  • Though Chanu is gullible as fuck dude
  • He was sent to fetch some ice-cream in the middle of the night
  • Normal person would understand something was wrong
  • Chanu didn’t
  • Basically a puppy at this point
  • Also, he was the last to join iKON
  •      The memory still wounds me
  • And before iKON he had an acting career ;’)

LDH Week - Day 3

Favorite GENERATIONS Member - Katayose Ryota

Cutie-patootie with an angelic voice, Ryota’s charming (and sassy) personality and amazing talents were some of the things that made me his fan. There are two sides to every coin, and Ryota is a an aforementioned coin. He looks and sounds adorable, just like a child, but his personality is the complete opposite: sarcastic, funny, and sassy as heck. Also, he’s bilingual, so that’s extra-points from me in the ‘awesome as heck’ department.

JJCC In Houston

Ok, so last night was amazing and I’m still riding my concert high. First of all HOLY HELL SIMBA I DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAD THAT KIND OF STAGE PRESENCE. He was all smirks and winks and oasdkfjoiwejfoadk. He royally screwed up my bias list last night, I’ll tell you what. Also he has legs a mile and a half long. 

Anyways, I had top tier tickets, so we got to do the backstage tour, group photo, rehearsal attendance. The back stage tour was first, and in the venue we were at, it was just a little green room upstairs. We got to see their concert outfits and everything, so that was kinda cool! After that, we were ushered back down into the lobby before being led upstairs to the stage for rehearsal. The boys all came out and the cheers were so loud. I was nervous it would be kinda quiet since there weren’t many people there, but nope! We were so loud and the smiles on their faces when we cheered were so heart warming. So they did rehearsal, running through parts of two of their songs. Simba got this really big smile when we started singing his parts. 

After they finished rehearsal, they left the stage and GA came in (there weren’t many of them) and we waited for them to come back out. They opened with Fire and it was so hyped. There were these twins there who were constantly calling up to the stage and interacting with the members and making the members laugh and it was a lot of fun to listen to them. In between songs, Simba would try and speak English, and he can speak it alright, he’s been learning, but sometimes he’d get tripped up and would run to grab Eddy to bring him over to translate lol. 

So these boys were ALL ABOUT FANSERVICE. I’m talking hand holding, and winking and taking phones like it was so amazing I’m still on a high. I was right up against the stage and made a lot of eye contact with the members because of it. Zica is absolutely adorable and his voice is angelic, let me tell you what. And Chanyul is a cutie. Eddy was goofing around the whole time which was great, teasing the members and it was so funny. Meanwhile Simba is winking at everyone and I caught his eye several times and he winked at me and my heart stopped for a good few second. 

They played two games as well, one was charades and the other was where the members and a fan who they picked would hug and pop a balloon between them. Charades was so funny and I’m really jealous of the girl who was picked by Simba for the balloon game. They also picked sticky notes from fans on the fan board that had questions and comments on them, that was funny. Except there was one that called Zica ugly (simba put that on the board, not a fan, he was picking on Zica) and he got really upset, so I hope Simba cleared that up. 

Anyways, They played through all of their MV songs during the show and a few from other albums. They also did a couple of covers. I forgett he name of the one that Eddy, Yul, and Zica did together. But Simba and Sancheong did “All the Way Up” together which was amazing and then Simba did a dance while Zica sang Chandelier. And let me tell you both of them blew my mind. Like, Simba is so at home on the stage when he’s dancing. It was beautiful. They also all did a cover of Let’s Get It Started together and that was so cool. They were just having a blast on stage. 

At one point during the show, they each handed out little plastic balls that had their signatures on them. I was watching Simba since he had the box of them and all of the girls around me started screaming when he walked over to us. I was smiling at him and waved and he walked directly too me, smiled ,and handed the ball to me and I almost died. I guess he had seen me paying closer attention to him during the show haha. So that was pretty great. 

So at the encore. Simba told us all to look to the stage door and he came out and started cheering Encore encore, so they did fire again, all coming out to party with us. Cause that’s what it was, a freaking party. Well, Simba and Eddy and Sancheong were in the crowd and ZIca and Yul stayed on stage, taking phones and things like that. At one point, someone grabbed my arm and I was like “who is this kid trying to get up on stage?” And I was gonna turn to stop them but NO IT WAS SANCHEONG RIGHT THERE PARTYING IT UP AS HE WAS SINGING AND MY HEART STOPPED AND THEN I HELPED HIM UP ON STAGE. SO I BASICALLY DIED OK. 

So yeah, the concert was one big party and it was great. After that, we all went back downstairs and got in line for photos. Now, normally, the staff are like “don’t touch the members, don’t hug the members, don’t look at the members, don’t even think about the members” but this time they were like “You can hug them if you want, just don’t take to long ok?” And I was like !!!!!!!!! So I got to sit in front of Simba and I was do happy and I can’t wait to see the photos. So I hugged Simba after and said thank you and then I went to Zica and got a hug and told him he was very handsom and he looked so happy and was like “Oh thank you so much!” it made me smile to see him so happy and then I shook hands with the other members and it was nice. AFter that I went and got a shirt and then did the snapshot polaroid pictures. I only had one for Simba cause my friend is bomb af and bought me one. So yeah, that lives in my wallet now lol.

I waited with a small group of fans to say bye to the members when they left. They waved and said they loved us and that they would come back and then the staff thanked us for being so respectful and it was just over all a really good night and I’m so happy. 

If you have any questions about if something in particular or anything happened at the concert, let me know! I’m going to try and upload some pictures later! 

T101 Game: Produce Your Friends Group!

Things in the LO/\E fandom are sucky right now, so let’s play a game! It goes like this: Choose from your mutuals and friends and assign their roles in your own group to Debut them! If you’re tagged in the group, you then become CEO and Debut your own group, OR you can tag other people after!

Group Name: Empress9
Group Color: Blood Red
Members: @letmecastaspellforyou, @fuckyeaharonkwak @baekhodontdoit
@dancingemlin @taeminkki @pledisangels @iamadboy @beautiful-goodbyebye @nu-blessed
Debut Song of Group: Insomniac
Produced by: Kang Dongho
Record Label: Hwang Enterprises 

Read below the cut for group member informations!!!

Keep reading


 I will split it into Exo K and Exo M, because Exo M shall never die.



~ Korean member/Part of the maknae line/Nicknamed “Nini” by fans/ Real name is Kim Jongin

He is known as one of the best dancers in KPOP, and the dancing machine in Exo. His stage presence is amazing so I don’t fail to understand why. As well as dancing he also sings and raps a bit in their songs too. He has two sides to him, there is Kai, the incredible sexy performer you see on stage, and Jongin, the cute shy one in person. He likes to make up riddles, stick by D.O’s side and his laugh is the best thing I have ever heard!


~ Korean member/Maknae (youngest) of the group/Members called him Sehunnie/ Full name is Oh Sehun

He is one of the main dancers of the group, and also helps out with the rapping. He absolutely loves bubble tea (but currently cannot drink it due to his braces), and is extremely sweet and sassy to his members. He even prays for them before he goes to sleep. Apparently he also cries when he gets scolded by his members. He is known for constantly dying his hair different colours, saying his catchphrases “Yehet” and “Ohorat” and is mainly shipped with Luhan, and Tao.


~ Korean member/Leader of Exo K (and now all of Exo)/Called the mother of the group/Real name is Kim Junmyeon

He is one of the vocalists in the group and trained for the longest out of all the members. He is not the best dancer in the group but when it comes to doing embarrassing things, and crying without tears he’s your guy. When it comes to his members, he has a heart of gold always doing what he can for them (like swiping his card). He is often shipped with Kris (the father of the group), and he looks brilliant with blonde hair!


~ Korean member/ Full name is Park Chanyeol

He is known as the Happy virus of the group, because he always has a smile on his face, and another title he goes by is “The reaction king”, because his reactions are madness! He is the main rapper of the group when it comes to the Korean versions of their songs (but now he is the main rapper for the Chinese versions too). Although he is not the best dancer in the group, he can compose songs, play guitar, piano and drums, and he can also sing. He is also part of the beagle line (the members that talk the most in the group). Usually he is found laughing and hanging around with Baekhyun, or standing beside D.O trying to annoy him.


~ Korean member/Nicknames include “Bacon” by fans/ Full name is Byun Baekhyun

He is one of the main vocalists in the group, and definitely the funniest. He is a member of the beagle line too, and loves to joke around. He is one of the mood makers of the group, and constantly has a smile on his face. Often he acts quite silly, and is known for his catchphrase “Kkaebsong” which he used frequently throughout Exo showtime. He can play the piano, and he thinks the best part of his body are his hands (to which everyone agrees bc wow). A little while ago he starred in a musical called “Singin in the rain”. Before Exo debuted he had only trained with SM for four months. He likes to imitate people (especially Tao) and annoy D.O. However he is also supportive and his hip thrusts in Overdose are lethal (literally he said he hurt his back once).


~ Korean member/Nicknamed include “Squishy” and “Satansoo”/ Real name is D.O Kyung Soo

He is another main vocalist of Exo,and is quite short. He is nicknamed “Squishy”  because he is damn cute. Besides performing with Exo, he also acts, and has been in a film called “Cart” and a few drama’s, the most recent one being called “I remember you”. He can beat box pretty well, and he loves to eat steak. Even though he can’t speak fluent English, his pronunciation is fantastic. He doesn’t like to talk too much doing interviews, as he gets a bit camera shy when he is put on the spot, and gets lost for words. He is known for beating up Chanyeol and Baekhyun when they annoy him (hence his other nickname, “Satansoo”), having a major soft spot for Kai, and having the voice of an angel.



~ Korean member/Nicknamed the “Chencing machine”/ His real name is Kim Jongdae

He is one of the main vocalists, and has the capacity to hit extremely high and low notes. He is nicknamed the Chencing machine, due to his interesting dancing abilities. Even though he is not the best dancer in the group, even Kai said he has improved the most. Chen is the third member of the beagle line and can be a bit of a troll, and likes to hang around with Baekhyun. He is also always there on stage for the members when they are crying, and gives great hugs. His cheekbones are majorly high, and he looks amazing wearing eyeliner and a leather jacket (cmb mv). Like Baekhyun he has also starred in a musical.

TAO (Ex member)

~ Chinese member/Part of the maknae line/ His real name is Huang Zitao

He was one of the main rappers for the Chinese version of their songs, and he has a distinct voice so you always tell that it’s him. He can also sing, and looks amazing doing the Mirotic choreography. He suits every hair colour under the sun, and looks awesome when he is wearing all of his rings. Since he was young he has been practicing Wushu, and is known as the “AB style kungfu panda”. He can be quite silly, and tends to mess up his Wushu a lot when asked to present it to everyone on television shows like “Weekly idol”. He would hang around with Sehun a lot, and would ask the members to shower with him. He is deathly scared of ghosts and bugs, and knows sign language. Even though he is not in Exo anymore, he recently released two mini albums in China, which did extremely well, and at some point will be starring in a film with Jackie Chan.


~ Chinese member/Real name is Zhang Yixing

He is the main dancer of Exo M, and is great at body popping. He can also sing, and has taken over some rapping parts in their recent songs. He composes his own music, and can play the guitar and piano, as well as doing some basic beat boxing. He has a six pack that he is not afraid to show the world whilst he is on stage, and just like Kai, on stage he is sexy and off it he is extremely adorable. He has a tendency to make people laugh without meaning too, and is known for being a bit slow. However people think he is completely innocent, but I beg to differ, although he does follow a bunny account on Instagram.

KRIS (Ex member)

~ Chinese member/ Birth name is Li Jiaheng but his name was later changed to Wu Yifan

He was the leader of, as well as one of the main rappers in Exo M, and can speak four languages. He was known as the father of the group. Although he was born in China he lived in Canada for a while, therefore he speaks English fluently. The other languages he speaks are Mandarin, Korean and Cantonese. He tried to play himself off as a cool guy, however this reputation was completely tarnished as soon as Exo showtime started. In reality he trips over nothing, and screams in haunted houses. He is the tallest member of the group, and he thinks that he is really handsome. One of his jokes is that he says he can draw but he really can’t, and likes to call himself “Wu Fan Gogh”. He would often be found hanging around with Tao. Although he is no longer with Exo he now acts, and his next film to come out is called “Mr Six” (which looks really cool btw).

LUHAN (Ex member)

~ Chinese member/ Nicknamed “Deer”/ Real name is Lu Han

He was one of the main vocalists of Exo M, as well as one of the main dancers. He can hold a note for 26 seconds, and can solve a Rubik cube in 50 seconds. He likes to wear a lot of snap backs, and he has quite a feminine face, but if you tell him this he will deny it and tell you that he is all man! Personally he thinks his eyes are sparkly, and likes to say the word “Yo” repeatedly. He is nicknamed a “Deer”, and was often found with either Xiumin or Sehun. Even though he is no longer an Exo member, he acts and he recently released his first solo album (which sold 350,000 presales in one hour alone).


~Korean member/Nicknamed Baozi/Real name is Kim Minseok

He is the oldest member of the group and is both a vocalist and a dancer. He can hit the highest note in the group, and he is another one that can switch from sexy to adorable. Even though he is the oldest he does the best aegyo. Just like Lay he has a killer six pack that he has no problem showing off on stage. He is a quiet member who doesn’t really talk in interviews unless asked something. He loves to keep things tidy, and has a bedroom all to himself. He thinks the rest of the members are very loud, and if he had to choose a trait from another member to have for himself, it would be Kris’s language ability. He is also a good dancer, and could be found around Luhan.

*None of these GIFS are mine, credit to the owners*


P.S, yes this is a repost because the GIFS on the previous one stopped working :)

This is for Rap Monster

The leader. The brain. R A P Monster not D A N C E Monster. The God of Destruction, our Monnie. The person who wrote his own mixtape before any of the other members did. The person who learn English all my himself, getting an amazingly high mark in his test in all of Korea. The person who gave up going to university to focus on his music. The person who hasn’t let the haters stop him whenever some new idiot hates on his appearance. The person who started solo schedules first, interviews, Running Man, and many more, working hard for his whole group, by himself. The one who never forgets to thank his international fans, no matter what the other people say. The one who goes up on stage, and the first thing he can think of saying is ARMY ARMY ARMY. Without Kim Namjoon, BTS wouldn’t be who it is today.

This is for Jin

The eomma. The chef. The pink princess, our Jinnie. The person who opened a car door and got everyone talking about it. The person who went to a boys only school and got 14 valentines presents. The person who released a song on his birthday for the fans proclaiming his love for us. The member with a crazy obsession for all things Mario. The member who is undoubtedly prettier than your average guy. The member who is always put at the back, because his dancing skills are a bit too amazing for the fans to handle. The member who doesn’t get enough lines in title songs but doesn’t let that bother him. The member who started at BigHit as an actor, and practiced extremely hard for it. The one who constantly tries to make his members laugh with his funny dad jokes. The member who couldn’t stop himself from crying on stage when he realised that, yes, it’s real, BTS won the Daesang. Without Kim Seokjin, BTS wouldn’t be who it is today.

This is for Suga

The grandpa. The basketball athlete. The lazy older hyung, our Min PD. The person who wasn’t able to visit his family on Christmas. The person who doesn’t express much of his feelings often but when he does, it hits us like a ton of bricks. The member who stays awake till late at night/early morning making music. The member who had been working on his mixtape ever since before they even debuted. The one who takes care of the members when no one else is looking. The member who doesn’t hesitate to do aegyo if it’s for the fans. The member who pours his heart out in his raps. The member who’s produced so many of BTS’s songs. The member who told his life story through his solo mixtape. The member who’s written lyrics for almost all of their recent albums. The member with skin as pale as sugar. Without Min Yoongi, BTS wouldn’t be who it is today.

This is for J-Hope

The flower. The sun. Our golden hyung. The member who started off at BigHit as a dancer. The member who hadn’t rapped in his life before entering BigHit. The member who wanted to quit training for idol life because he wasn’t confident that he could rap. The member who was underestimated for his rap from the very beginning. The person who spent his entire childhood dancing. The member who is always happy, despite everything happening to him. The member who never fails to make ARMY smile even if he doesn’t say a single thing. The member who makes all of us melt when he sings. The member whose dancing is completely impeccable. Our hope. Our angel. The member who can always remind me that everything is going to be okay. Without Jung Hoseok, BTS wouldn’t be who it is today.

This is for Jimin

The prince. The actual maknae. Our Baby G. The member who was insecure about his body for the majority of his idol life. The member who’s only recently starting to accept his body and loving himself for who he is. The member who gets shy at eye contact with a fan. The member who forgets himself the second another member is in pain. The member who feels like it is necessary to run to their side and console a hurting member. The member who’s only recently starting to get the lines and recognition he deserves. The member who cherishes his brothers of Bangtan more than anything. The member who prayed that all the members, us, his family, stay safe and healthy before himself. The member who has the voice of an angel and the laugh from the gods. Without Park Jimin, BTS wouldn’t be who it is today.

This is for V

The puppy. The saxophonista. Our cutiepie Rex. The member who was hidden before debut. The member who didn’t get to showcase his beautiful vocals until for a long time. The member who isn’t afraid to act like a kid. The member who isn’t self conscious about showing his cute kiddy side to the world. The member who loves being with little children. The member who had suffered great loss and pretended to be alright through two months of schedules. The first member who got a part in a drama. The member with the voice that is literally a gift from God. The member who got his best friend a $1000 sweater. The member who openly lets his fans into the lives of him and his family. Without Kim Taehyung, BTS wouldn’t be who it is today.

This is for Jungkook

The bunny. The strongest. Our golden Maknae, seagull. The member who has an amazing voice. The member who wasn’t an amazing dancer predebut but now rocks the stage like nobody’s business. The person who can even rap so good it shocks his own members. The member who records covers to practice his singing but posts them up for us. The member who never sleeps, just thinking about ARMY and about his new song recommendations for us. The member with amazing visuals but keeps thinking he ain’t all that. The member who doesn’t let his hyungs boss him around. The maknae who actually isn’t the maknae. The member who doesn’t cry when he’s depressed, but the moment his hyungs are crying, he can’t control himself. The member who’s shown us there is always room for improvement, no matter how good you are at something. Without Jeon Jungkook, BTS wouldn’t be who it is today.

This is for BTS

My idols. My role models. The seven boys who ruin my life on a daily basis but make me stronger all the same. The boys who have taught me that you don’t need to be blood related to share love like family. The boys who have taught me that hard work really does pay off. I don’t know what else to say but how proud I am of these boys. They deserve all the love the world can give, and it is our job to give them that love.

ARMY fighting <3

Bangtan protection squad RISE

Daesang #1 2016/11/19

And many more to come

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Seventeen Reaction to you singing really good (you don’t sing often)

would be superduper amazed, telling you something like why you haven’t auditioned for anything, but immediately change his mind and tell you not to. He wants you to sing for him and only him. Honestly, he’d probably ask you to sing for him 24/7 now because that’s how much he loved hearing your voice: Seungkwan, Mingyu, Jun, DK

I think he would be completely in awe, and would smile at you. He would be so hyped that his s/o had such a wonderful voice. Unlike the previous one, I feel like he would want to show you off, a lot. I think he’s the type that would ask you to feature in their song as a backup vocal or a small feature (so fans wouldn’t get sus or something): Woozi, S.coups, Wonwoo, Joshua, Vernon

would join you in singing with you, and after would probably tell you that you have the voice of an angel. He would tell his members that his s/o has such an amazing voice, but they can’t hear it because it’s only for his ears. Honestly, I feel like after this one discovery, he would take you to karaoke dates: Dino, Jeonghan, Hoshi, The8

-s/o=significant other

Okay Listen, Kim donghyuk is sooooo freaking talented okay? but I feel like his talents aren’t show enough to the public. His Voice literally sounds like an angels Voice. All members are addicted to dongdongs voice cause it’s so clear & calming. He is a choreographer and probably THE best dancer in iKON. He is so good that even the leader asks him for help when it comes to dancing. Did you know that donghyuk is responsible for the beautiful “Airplane” dance choreo? Yupp and there is no Instrument he couldn’t learn playing. He can play guitar, piano & drums! Also he is really, really good at sports especially at basketball. He is out of all the members the smartest even tho he is one of the younger members. His english speaking skills are on bobby’s level (who lived in the us for half his life) and please let’s not forget about his personality. He is charming, cute, well mannered, respectful & 99% of the time in a good mood. Did you see his body btw? Yeah he also works out & has (my opinion only) one of the best trained bodies in iKON. AND HE IS AN AEGYO KING! They call him dongaegyo because he is so cute. And the Most important: He loves kids & food! Now that’s what I call an Artist & husband material. YG just has to give donghyuk a chance to shine in the future & people need to appreciate this multi talent more.

anonymous asked:

Can you u explain what got7 is? Sorry if I sound stupid but I'm really curious and I see pictures of them and there cute ahah. Thanks


WELCOME MY CHILDREN! Welcome to my class! This class will about GOT7! Let’s get started!



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Bam Bam

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And Yugyeom

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They have released five albums:

Got It? (EP Album)

Promotion Song - Girls Girls Girls

Dance Practice: #1 or #2


Promotion Song - A

Dance Practice - #1 or #2


Promotion Song - Stop Stop It (하지하지마)

Dance Practice - #1 or #2

Just Right

Promotion Song - Just Right

Dance Practice - #1 or #2


Promotion Song - If You Do 니가 하면

Dance Practice - #1 or #2 or #3

MAD - Merry/Winter Edition

Promotion Song - Confession Song 고백송

Dance Practice: #1



Promotion songs - All Around The World Love Train Laugh Laugh Laugh 

Dance Practice -


Love Train - #1

Laugh Laugh Laugh - #1 or #2

So now that all the mentions are out of the way! Its time to introduce my best friends to all of you, BOYS!

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Okay boys its time for introductions so lets get to it! JAEBUM!

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Jaebum: GIVE ME A SECOND! GUYS GET OFF! Okay I’m ready!

JAEBUM - The Leader

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Jaebum is the Father and leader of the seven and is probably the one with most dignity AND follows culture the most. He is one of the vocalists of GOT7. He is one of the sweetest, most compassionate leaders around. Before GOT7 he was apart of the JJ Project alongside GOT7 member Jinyoung.

Me: Thank you Jaebum! MARK!

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Mark: Babe do I have to do this?

Me: Please Babe! It’ll only take 5 minutes! Come on!


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Mark is the silent, beautiful, sexy martial arts guy of GOT7. He is the oldest of the seven and is probably the most mature, and is also the main rapper of the band. Mark writes his own raps for the albums. He has his silent moments, but he can be crazy and sexy when he wants to be! 


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Jackson: Huh? I wasn’t doing anything!


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Jackson is the wild and sexy member of GOT7! He is the lead rapper and also does martial arts alongside Mark. He is the mood maker of the group, he seems like a very cocky, “up himself” kinda guy, but really he is a sentimental, loving young man that loves and appreciates his members as brothers and family. 

Me: Okay Mama Jinyoung?!

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Jinyoung: Coming Darling!


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Jinyoung is the Mother of GOT7 and is also known as GOT7′s King of Aegyo! He is the lead vocalist of the band and also choreograph most of their songs. He really takes care of all the GOT7 members when needed and controls them when things are just a little bit over the limit, but he loves to have fun as well. Isn’t he a sweetie?!

Me: Youngjae? YOUNGJAE?!

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Youngjae: Oh crap! COMING!


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Youngjae is IGOT7 and GOT7′S ray of sunshine. He is the squishiest of the members in my book and has the voice of an absolute angel. He is the main vocalist of GOT7. Everyone knows him for his amazing rang and his ability at singing and also his contagious laughter.

Me: Bam Bam please stop cuddling Jaebum like a helpless Koala! Please come and speak to the people!

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Bam Bam: Okay Okay I’m coming grandma!


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This fella is the fashionista of the entire group and is also full of life just like Jackson! Jackbam for life! He is lead rapper and vocalist of GOT7. He is known VERY WELL for his fashion sense and his loveable personality. Bam Bam is also known for his thai rap “Seven steps to heaven” (please correct me if the name is wrong, I can’t remember its full name) which the boys always stop him from doing. 


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Yugyeom: Girl please you can’t tell me what to do!


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Yugyeom is GOT7′s giant baby. He is one of the vocalists of GOT7 and well known for being the maknae. This giant baby is the cutest sweetheart you would ever meet, but he has his rude moments of course, can’t leave it all to the Hyung’s can we? He also, alongside Mama Jinyoung, choreographs the dances for GOT7. 


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GOT7 is a very unique group, very different than the usual bands that are in the KPOP industry. Debuted in 2014 on the 16th of January, they are a martial arts, hip hop and pop seven member boy band. They have members from South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and The USA. Each boy is dedicated to their fans and they are loved by all for their kind, sweet personalities. Their fanbase is called IGOT7, and consider themselves one big family all over the world. 

Me: Thank you boys for your participation! I love you!

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GOT7: Its okay Shyami! We love you so much! :)

I hope you enjoyed this class! If you require any assistance don’t be afraid to ask! And if you want to learn about another band, please request!

Are you new to NCT? Read this:

Hello there! You probably have no idea or you have a slight idea of what NCT actually is. I’m here to give you some light on this whole NCT thing.
Let’s start with the basics.

1) What is NCT?

NCT is a world wide group which consists of unlimited members. We don’t know yet how many they will be, we don’t know yet all their names but sooner or later we will find out.
The members of NCT’s first unit are: Doyoung as a vocalist, Mark as the maknae and the rapper, Taeyong as the visual and the rapper, Jaehyun as a vocalist, Ten as a rapper. (I heard him sing as well so he might also be a vocalist.)
If you noticed, NCT does not have a leader.

2) What is NCT U?

This NCT U is a vocal unit.
It consists of: Jaehyun, Doyoung and Taeil.

3) So how many members have debuted?

The answer is 6. We have seen six of them performing and promoting.
And they are: Doyoung, Jaehyun, Taeil, Taeyong, Ten, Mark.
Here’s a picture of them from left to right we see: Taeil, Mark, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Ten and Doyoung.

4) What is NCT life in Bangkong?

It is a show with NCT members being dorks. But we now notice a new member.
Johnny which has not debuted yet in any unit. In this NCT show in Bangkong we can see these members playing a huge role and having the most screen time: Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Johnny, Jaehyun.
Other members also take part but we see them just a few minutes or split seconds.

5) What is NCT life in Seoul?

It is a show in Seoul and the members who take part are: Doyoung, Yuta, Winwin, Kun, Taeyong, Jaehyun.

6) Where can I watch NCT life in Seoul and Bangkong?

On V Live app both of them and with English subs.

7) How can I get to know them more and decide who will be my bias?

Watch both of these shows and you will understand who is your bias.
Warning: They’re all amazing.

8) How many songs do they have?

As much as we know they have two songs.
The 7th sense and Without U.

9) What about this “Switch” song?

It is a song of when they had not debut yet. It has an MV but we have no HD of it around YouTube or Dailymotion. SM might show it to us later.

10) I cannot understand this entire NCT thing. Can you explain in simple words?

Let’s suppose your name is Susan and you go to the 1st High school of Paris.
Your main class is the class A where you have lessons of all kind.
Your English class though is the class B and you go there to have your lesson.
Now you Susan have a best friend named Michael. Michael hates English so he picked to learn German so he goes to class C.
Class A, B and C.
NCT works like that.
NCT’s members go here and there when they are needed or it is believed by their boss they fit in that unit or the other. Doyoung is in 7th Sense but because of some reason he was chosen in Without U too.

11) I’m still confused. Who speaks English and who doesn’t?

Jaehyun lived 4 years in America so he can speak English fluently.
Ten also speaks English.
Mark the maknae speaks English.
Johnny the giant also speaks English.

12) What about Taeyong’s past? I heard he is a bad guy.

Taeyong has somehow the fame of the bad boy who did a few frauds and spoke with bad words. 

Now, as we can see… He has moved on and seeks for forgiveness. He really has changed and he deserves better treatment.

13) Can you tell me a few facts about the members?

Doyoung: He is the orange haired dude with an angelic voice. He is underrated and not loved by many international fans. He has a gummy sweet smile and delicate hands. You can see him MCing along with Jaehyun on ‘Show Champion’ with his glorious black hair.
He has big eyes, he speaks a lot and he seems to be very smart.

Jaehyun: What can I say? He is the second youngest in NCT’s first unit and he has a very nice voice.
He has a mole on the back of his neck.
His smile is extremely cute and he does a lot of aegyo too during NCT life in Bangkong. He is also a little bit of mature and dorky. You can also see him MCing on ‘Show Champion’. He lived 4 years in America so he’s cool.

Taeyong: He is honestly unreal. He has an amazing face really. He has big eyes and we call him 'Silver Fox’ sometimes.
He raps like a God and spits fire in his tracks. He has a solo song called 'Open The Door’.
He is silent at first but then he becomes a beast in a nice way. He is mature and really handsome. You can also see him featuring Red Velvet’s song.
He is a dancing machine alongside Ten.

Ten: He is from Thailand and his smile will melt your heart. He is extremely funny, dorky, smiley and talkative.
His hairstyle is a failure but with the bandana it looks better and his pre-debut photos do him justice.
He dances so well and raps incredibly good, he also sings very well. His real name *Taps mic* is: Leechaiyapornkul Chittaphon.
Let’s hope I spelt it correctly…
He has moles under his neck hidden. Look closely! He also plays the guitar.

Mark: He is the maknae of the group and our long ass rider. He is honestly so good at rapping and he can become great, I feel it. He has mushroom hair but… It will change eventually someday.
He is really mature for his age and very adorable. He speaks English and out of all of them I would say he is indeed the most mature. Anyway, he is our baby.

Taeil: This is a bit hard. Taeil is very shy and silent. He seems to have a lot to say but he just doesn’t talk much. He is awkward and cool at the same time. His voice is gorgeous and emotional. He cried during NCT life in Bangkong. So I guess he is very sensitive and caring. He is the eldest of the group and he is very nice from what I can tell. He also plays the guitar.

Yuta: He has not debuted yet. We call him 'Healing Smile Yuta’ because his smile is really cute and huge and it can somehow heal you from any sadness. He is from Japan and he seems like such a sweet person. He dances well and from what I can tell he seems to be a vocalist but I am not sure.
He is truly so cute.

Hansol: He has not debuted yet. He is a giant but a very adorable one. I personally call him 'Mouse’ because his teeth are extremely cute. His aegyo is rare but gold. You can see him in NCT life in Bangkong. He is a silent pie and very shy I suppose.

Johnny: He has not debuted yet. He is a born star. He is a fashion icon. He is so tall and he is a rookie for so many years. He deserves to debut very soon and he is so funny. Nobody can espcape his jokes and his cute smile. I am sure he will capture your soul forever. You can also see him in NCT life in Bangkong.

Kun: He has not debuted yet. His smile reminds me of SHINee’s Onew. He has a fantastic voice and you can see him during NCT life in Seoul. He is so cute and dorky. He is sweet and very funny as well. Sadly, he cannot speak Korean well yet because he is Chinese but he tries his best to communicate with the other members.

Winwin: He has not debuted yet. He is Chinese and he is somehow close friends with Kun. His smile is really cute and he dances so well. You can see him during NCT life in Seoul.
He was also on NCT’s Without U MV in a few scenes.
He is so handsome and silent. That is because he cannot speak Korean yet that good.

~ That’s it guys. Here now you have some basic and detailed information about NCT and some of the members. I hope you liked it and if I missed something, please tell me!
Note: (These pictures don’t belong to me in any way, credits to the owners.)