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2PM Reaction: Their baby calling them “Appa” for the first time

A/N: Requested by @mymisstina. ~Glowe :)

Jun.K: “Did you hear that? He/She said Appa!” *Proceeds to run about in excitement, telling everybody*

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Nichkhun: “Hey look, that’s my little baby! See how smart He/She is?” *Sudden sense of fatherly pride*

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Taecyeon: *Dramatically fake cries whilst teasing you* “Look at my little munchkin, I knew He/She loved me more than Mama!”

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Wooyoung: *Would be way to excited to form words*

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Junho: “Hey, did you hear something? Oh my gosh, He/She said Appa!” *Scoops baby into his arms in disbelief*

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Chansung: “Say it again! Come on, little one, you can do it!” *Excitedly bounces baby in his arms*

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