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2PM Members Visit Taecyeon At His Military Training Completion Ceremony

2PM Members Visit Taecyeon At His Military Training Completion Ceremony

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Taecyeon has completed his basic military training!

On October 18, the news was shared through 2PM’s official Twitter.

One of the photos shows Nichkhun, Wooyoung, and Chansung attending the ceremony to support Taecyeon. The caption reveals that Jun.K and Junho were unable to attend due to schedules, but Taecyeon greeted them through video calls.

Another photo is a solo shot of Taecyeon in…

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😂😂😂 Daesung & Taecyeon reenacting the situp scene from Secret Garden 😂


“It was an actual house built around the 1930-40s. However, since it was an old house, the structure wasn’t right for me. It was difficult to film because of the height of the ceiling and also the lack of leg room. There was a scene when I had to walk out the door. But I happened to bang my head so hard that I alarmed everyone.” - Taecyeon, 2PM