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Jesy & y/n {dirty imagine} {requested}

   ”are you crazy?!” i screech following my best friend into my room. “what?” she smiles closing the door behind me. ” my parents are right down stairs!” i say reaching for the door knob. “c’mon y/n please.” she says batting her eye lashes and giving me a pouting face. “jesy what if someone comes in?” “then we lock the door.” she smarty says tapping the door knob. “what if they hear us?”  ”then you have to be quiet.” she smiles grabbing me from my waist pulling me towards her. “please.” she whispers kissing me lightly before she trails down my neck going to my chest. “fine.” i mumble, her grip tightens pushing me against the wall. “damn jes.” i laugh. we done this type of thing before i mean we had to shes my girlfriend, we experimented when we were 15 and after that we couldnt keep our hands off each other. our parents know nothing about this and i wanna keep it that way for now at least. “y/n turn around.” she mutters fumbling with the buttons on my blouse. i slip off my jean shorts, facing the wall. she kneels down feeling me from my ankles to my ass, letting her hand travel in between cupping my pussy. i shiver feeling the chills run all over my body as she plays with my undies. “your so pretty baby.” she whispers hooking her finger around the him of my undies pulling them half way down my ass. i place my hands against the wall trying hard to be patient as she does her teasing. i feel my undies start getting wet aching for her touch.  ”jesy.” i moan out looking back to her. “yes ?” she smiles standing up letting her middle finger fall to my ass tracing down my body until she gets to my core. “finger me make me cum.” i whimper, her finger slips into my pussy easily moving around finding my g-spot. “such a slut.” she mutters pulling out her finger only to ram two other back into me causing me to cry out. i spread my legs more making her go deeper into me. she kneels down again kissing my ass, and slapping it a few times just enough until you could see a flush of pink on my right cheek. her fingers pump faster, slapping against my wetness. “shit shit that feels so good.” i moan out not really giving a fuck if iam heard downstairs.  ”jesy ughh fuck please keep going oh yes baby !!!!” i moan rubbing my clit. “ill make you feel even better baby.” she says grabbing my trash can flipping it upside down and sliding it besides me. “put your foot here.” she says. and oh my god she was right i let out a light pitched scream as her whole fingers slip into me. “your such a dirty whore you like having your pussy fingered?” she hisses. i moan softly feeling my high building. “huh?” she hisses again slapping my ass harder than before. “yes fuck i love it when you finger my pussy fuckk!!” i moan. jesy starts kissing my ass spreading my ass cheek with her free hand and licking my little hole. this overwhelming amount of pleasure rockets my high. my legs start shaking and the little knot in my stomach grows. i am clearly a moaning mess as i hit my high. she licks to my pussy sticking her tongue inside me licking up all my cum. “jesy hang on please.” i tell her as i still shake from the amazing high as she rubs my clit. “but this is the best part.” she says taking her left hand and rubbing my pussy lips slowly. “jesy fuck.” i softly moan. then she spreads them licking and sucking hard. “mmmm shit jes.” i whimper grabbing her head guiding her. her nose is rubbing against my clit , her tongue deep inside me moving like mad. “oh baby holy shitt!!!” i whimper loudly. she puts her hand under my thigh lifting it from the can and over her shoulder. she hums shaking her head from side to side. “yes ugh fuck!!” i moan grinding my pussy on her face. “your gunna make me cum again ahhh.” she keeps going gripping my hips pushing me more down onto her amazing tongue. “fucking shit yes jes just like that ahhhhh yesss!” i scream hitting my climax for a second time in ten minutes.  she licks her lips looking her up to me. “you taste so good.” she smiles standing up finally. i push her against the wall kissing her roughly. her hands travel down to my ass slipping my undies off completely. i smile pulling up her shirt and trying to undo her belt. “having trouble huh?” she laughs helping me take off her jeans. “these tiny black undies are so sexy jes makes me wanna do dirty things to you.” i say kissing her sliding my tongue into her mouth, playing with the fabric. “mmm please do.” she whispers taking my hand and placing it on her pussy. “your such a dirty girl jes.” i say, taking her hand, leading her to my bed. she lays down stretching out as i straddle her. “take it off.” i say tugging on her shirt. “yes of course.” she smiles throwing her shirt to the other side of the bed.  i kiss down her neck, biting lightly as i pass her collarbone. “mmm.” she hums running her fingers through my hair. i pull down her undies kissing her hips biting down on her skin then sucking leaving a dark red mark. i lick her clit quickly making her whimper softly grabbing onto the sheets in her fists. i reach under my bed grabbing my little shopping bag with my new special toys. “what did you buy?” jesy asks looking at me clueless. “just some new things.” i smile reaching for the vibrator. “spread your legs baby.” i whisper flickering on the toy on its medium setting. she smirks doing as told making little whimpering noises making me laugh. i push the tip of the toy on her clit. “yes baby.” she moans. i play with her breasts in my hands making her nipples harden as she gets more wet. “put it in my pussy.” she moans moving around. “no not yet.” i whisper giving her pussy one long lick. “pleasee.” she begs. jesy starts breathing heavier, arching her back. i know shes coming close so i push the speed on the toy its highest setting. “shittt oh shittt!!” she moans holding her legs up in the air. when she just at the edge i slide the toy into her dripping pussy ramming it in and sucking on her clit making her scream out. “yes y/n !!! fuck ahhhhhh!!” she shouts rocking her hips through her her climax. i pull it out watching her juices leak out from her. “oh baby your soaking .” i smile leaning down licking her. i suck her pussy lips tasting her cum. “holy shit y/n” she breaths out spreading her legs. “mmmm i love this pussy.” i say into her pussy making her shiver. i look up to her, her eyes are closed running her hands through her curls, lips slightly parted holding back her moans. i pull away laying down on the bed next to her. “what? y/n?” she says looking at me. “yes?” i smile looking at her. “i made you cum twice!” she says. “and?” “so get her head back between my legs!” she says mad but smiling. “i owe you a cum.” i smile kissing her. “fine.” she says pouting. “so now your parents know your lesbian.”  she smiles. “told you it would be easy to tell them.” she adds.  i laugh letting her take control for round 2. 

♥FINALLYYYY  a jesy imagine haha hope you liked it tell me if it was horrible or alright !! thanks for reading ! xx♥



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