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1D team / simon jones / evils behind the members of this band: push disgusting and awful narratives trying to push fans away 

fans: go to red carpets and events only because there is a remote possibility of -99% 1D can show up and they want to see them cause they love each member and they miss the so much and the more the time goes by the more they love them 


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some langst for u: lance gets captured by the galra, but he still has his helmet on and the intercom still works. he can hear his team debating about whether or not they should rescue him, with hunk, pidge, and coran all basically saying they'll go in themselves in the whole team doesn't. that's when he hears it, keith's voice buzzing over the intercom. "it's too dangerous," he says. "we can't risk the whole team just for one member." while the team starts arguing again, lance secretly agrees.

thank u for this soul-crushing beauty riles

The biggest highlight of the week was seeing Tom Cavanagh reprise the role of Harry. Not that his H.R. hasn’t been a hoot, but there’s no substitute for the cranky, overbearing Wells of Earth-2. As it turned out, the best scene of the episode didn’t involve gorillas at all, but rather Harry reuniting with his doppelganger and trying to wrap his head around the fact that this goofy, brainless dork has become an indispensable member of Team Flash. Nowhere has Cavanagh’s versatility been on better display. Is it too much to ask for an all-Wells spinoff?
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Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 8)

Hey y’all! Sorry for the wait! Chapter 9 is on the way! Thanks again for all the support! Also I have decided that this story will be 10 chapters! So expect chapter 9 soon and then it’s on to the final chapter! 

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!

Lance has admitted all of his secrets and he’s feeling better by the day. But the things he said begins to bother certain members of the team.

Chapter 8: Well, Fuck Yeah.

The team held onto Lance while he cried for a long time and when he finally got a hold of himself he was rather sad that they let go. Shiro had a hand on Lance’s back, gentle and firm and Lance was grateful.

“Hey buddy, how are you feeling?” Shiro asked, sounding a little concerned.

Lance knew his eyes were red, he could feel them getting hot and puffy. He rubbed away his tears with the back of his hand before nodding.

“Yeah I’m feeling better.” Lance said, “We should probably head back.” He said, taking a last look at the colorful scenery. Everyone followed suit taking a long look too, beginning to understand why Lance would come here to think, it was calm and peaceful.

Lance got up, legs a little shaky and the rest of the team followed. Lance climbed into the Blue lion while the rest climbed into the Black lion, giving Lance the time to process everything that had just happened. He just admitted to a lot of stuff and he felt bad about it. They had enough problems as it is and here is Lance, freaking out, running away and admitting every dark secret. He shook his head, he needed to stop thinking like this. They were a team and he was a part of that team and what affects one affects all. He shouldn’t feel bad for having an emotional break down, even if it was embarrassing to admit. It wasn’t his fault.

Lance sat in front of the control panel, letting it all sink in a little bit before closing his eyes and leaning back, allowing Blue to enter his mind. He saw through her eyes again, watching as the rest of the team climbed into the Black lion. His team. Their team. He knew that now.

He still couldn’t believe that they had apologized to him. But to be honest he couldn’t believe a lot of things right now. It would take some getting used to. Blue ascended into the light yellow sky, glancing back at the green ocean before floating among the stars. The Black lion following right behind. This time as Lance floated he looked at the dark beauty around him and space finally began to feel like home.

When the lions landed in their hangars, Blue had to enter with Black in Black’s hangar because well, they broke theirs a little while ago. So when Blue landed in the hangar, Lance took a little time to come back to himself and just sit and breathe. When he did finally emerge from Blue, climbing down the ramp, Allura and Coran were waiting for him with the rest of the team behind them.

As soon as Lance’s feet hit the hangar floor, Allura barreled into him her arms flinging around his neck in one of the tightest hugs he’s ever had (and he was best friends with Hunk). Lance hesitated, was he even allowed to hug her back? She’s like a space princess. But eventually he did, gently placing his arms around her back.

“Lance, I’m so sorry I’ve been so hard on you. I’m sorry I didn’t realize what was happening sooner. I failed you as your leader, however I’m going to do my best to be better.” She paused, “You are a part of this team. We would not be the same without you and I mean that.” She said.

Lance took a moment to bury his face in her beautiful hair, it reminded him of his oldest sister, before letting her go only to be attacked by Coran who gave him an equally crushing hug. What was up with these Alteans and their death hugs? Lance squeezed back, hard.

“You silly boy, I’m so sorry. I’m supposed to keep you healthy and make sure everything is going fine. But I failed to notice anything amiss. Remember you are the blue paladin of Voltron, someone who helped defeat Zarkon and has saved the universe more times than we can count. You are so so important my boy, please remember that.” Coran said, backing up but still holding onto Lance’s shoulders, squeezing them before letting go.

Lance could only nod, not sure if he could open his mouth and not burst into tears again. Coran clapped him on the back and they all began to exit the hangar. But Lance was stopped by a gentle hand on his shoulder that belonged to Shiro. The rest of the team gave a curious look before continuing out of the hangar leaving Lance and Shiro alone with their lions.

Lance looked at Shiro with curiosity and slight nervousness. But Shiro looked kind of nervous himself so it made Lance feel better.

“Hey Lance, I just wanted to say that um… about what you said… you can always come talk to me. If you want to. I don’t usually sleep much either so if you ever need company…” Shiro trailed off scratching his neck, “I hope you know that you can come to me, anytime. Really. My door is always open.” Shiro said.

Lance blinked, a little surprised but he nodded.

“Yeah… uh thanks Shiro.” Lance said.

“Also, one more thing.” Shiro said before taking a deep breath and straightening his shoulders, “I wanted to apologize. I know I haven’t been the best leader to you or even a good friend and I should have. Pidge and Hunk made me realize that.” Said Shiro.

What? No, Shiro you’re-“ Lance began.

“Let me finish.” Shiro said, raising a hand to stop Lance from talking.

Lance shut his mouth.

“I know that I have been kind of ignoring everyone on the team, except for Keith. I’ve been paying a lot of extra attention to him and I realize that now. It might be because I’ve known him for so long, however that’s not an excuse.” Shiro took a breath, “I realized that when you were gone, I didn’t know much about you or Hunk for that matter. So when you were sleeping the day after you got out of the healing pod, I asked Hunk about you… and I realized I hadn’t even tried to get to know you this entire time despite everything we’ve been through and how long we’ve been together as a team.”

Shiro set his shoulders, looking determined.

“But I’m going to do better, I’m going to be better so that you and everyone on the team can trust me and tell when things are going on. I’m going to try really hard.” Shiro took a breath, “But I need this to be a two way street, and when you’re ready I hope you’ll come talk to me, instead of hiding things like before. Can we do that Lance?” Shiro asked sincerely.

Lance took a minute to process everything Shiro had just said. But he nodded.

Shiro smiled, “Good.” And he was about to turn to leave when Lance started to talk.

“Shiro wait, now it’s time you listen to me for a minute. Shiro, you’re a great leader. I know that. And um… don’t ever think otherwise okay? I really look up to you and I know you’re doing your best. Can you sometimes be a little narrow sighted? Yeah, sure but hey we’re all human here right?” Lance said with a smile, “That includes Keith, by the way.” Lance said cracking his first Galra joke before moving on, “So don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re honestly not much older than me and look at what you’re trying to do. Protect the universe, that’s like crazy stressful. So just cut yourself some slack okay?” Lance said, smiling at Shiro.

Shiro let the words wash over him. How was Lance so good at this? Every time something happened to him he just seemed to bounce right back and make the other party feel better. He understood everyone and what they were saying. He was just… so good with people. Understanding them, listening to them and giving advice, reminding Shiro that he too was just a person. It was funny how much Lance understood others yet had no idea when it came to himself. Shiro smiled.

“Yeah, you’re right. Thanks Lance.” Shiro said.

The two paladins smiled at each other before walking out of the hangar together. Lance feeling better by the second.

Everything returned to the way it was, except this time everyone paid more attention to Lance. Or Lance felt that way. But really they were just acknowledging him more than they had previously. It was something that Lance was slowly getting used to. He cracked more jokes because he’d actually get a laugh or two before they moved on to serious subject matter. Lance spent more time with everyone and when he saw his hallucinations he didn’t bother to hide it, not that he fully acknowledged it either. Lance was sure if he just started to talk to empty space that would kind of freak everyone out even if they knew what was up now.

Lance rejoined missions and he loved it. At first he was a bit nervous not having flown Blue in battle in a while or the fact that he hadn’t formed Voltron in a while either. But when he and Blue flew together his worries disappeared and they fought the Galra and anyone else just as they had before. And Voltron was even easier to form when they were together, if a little overwhelming. Not only were Lance and Blue together but they were also together with everyone else. Lance could feel how powerful the lion bonds were and it was kind of crazy. Another thing Lance was going to have to get used to.

After a couple of days Allura came with a suggestion.

“I think we’re going to visiting the planet Kann with the Noo and Goo.” Allura said to the team who were gathered around the dining room table for dinner.

“They requested that Lance make an appearance there once he was recovered, since we are near the planet and have yet to find a distress beacons I think now is a good time.” Allura said.

“Really?” Lance asked, eyes lit with excitement.

Allura smiled, “Really.” She said.

Lance laughed and gave a shout of excitement.

Keith spoke up, “When we went to go ask for allies to come and get you they agreed right away when they knew you were in trouble. They said you helped them make negotiations smoother.” Keith stated, “I was wondering when exactly you did that… I can’t remember you sneaking off to talk to them last time we were there.” Keith admitted.

Lance blinked, a little embarrassed.

“Oh yeah… I did it when everyone was sleeping.” Lance admitted.

“The Noo and Goo don’t need to sleep as much because their days are longer and the nights are pretty short. So when I figured that out, I don’t know, I just had this crazy idea that I could help somehow.” Lance scratched his neck thinking back, “I guess when we were down on the planet and Allura was trying to negotiate with them to join together and join the Voltron alliance she kept making it about the bigger picture. Which is great and works for a lot of people but I thought that maybe they were more concerned about how it could benefit them right now. So I went down to the planet while you guys were sleeping and asked each party what they were most concerned about at the moment, like what needed fixing right now.” Lance smiled.

“It turns out they were pretty concerned about the same thing. It’s just that they had different ways of going about it. So the next night I went down again and I told each party about the other. They were pretty stubborn but by the end of it they were willing to meet. So they did, we didn’t get very far but I think it was enough to show them that they weren’t so different from each other after all. Then the next day they sign the negotiation agreement!” Lance said beaming.

“I didn’t tell you guys because, most of the time my ideas get shot down because they’re not the greatest or most thought out. And I thought that I should just do it myself, that way if it went wrong you guys could just blame it on me. But I just had to try and so I did.” Lance finished.

Allura blinked, “Lance you are so observant.” She stated like it was a fact.

What? No-“ Lance began.

“No really, you are. I think I need you to help me negotiate more often. I hadn’t even realized that that strategy might work. Usually I just try the same thing every time maybe with a little variation but of course, you’re right. Every planet and people we come across is different! And so they need different treatment and approaches! Honestly you’re brilliant Lance!” Allura said with absolute sincerity.

Lance was a little floored, the Princess never complimented him that way before. So he just sheepishly smiled.

“Thanks Princess.” He said quietly, a light blush on his cheeks.

And so it was decided they were going to Kann within the next two days and Lance was so excited to see them again. Although they had been hard to talk to at first, he actually became quite good friends with the Noo and Goo on the planet. The sleep deprivation was totally worth it.

They did land on Kann two days later and the size and intensity of the crowd was almost too much for Keith to handle, but luckily he didn’t have to deal with them. They were here for Lance, not anyone else on the team. So Keith watched as the crowd grew bigger as they descended toward the planet’s jungle surface. Bright feathered faces and shiny bright scales made a cascade of every color of the rainbow as fish and bird humanoid aliens waited for Lance to climb out of the blue lion.

The rest of the team descended from their lions with Lance emerging a bit afterwards, whether it be because he needed a little time to himself before being attacked or for dramatic flair, Keith wasn’t able to tell. However Lance did eventually descend the ramp from his lion and the sound was so loud that Keith was convinced that he blew an ear drum. The aliens shrieked and yelled as their beloved paladin came to them, some not waiting until he made it to the ground to greet him. Instead they climbed up the ramp, grabbing him by the hand before Lance was completely swallowed by the crowd still shouting from glee. Keith smiled to himself, Shiro stepping up behind him to watch, the rest of the team following suit.

“They really do love him.” Shiro stated with satisfaction and wonder.

“Yeah.” Keith agreed.

Keith felt a slight pain in his heart as he watched though. What was it? Jealously? Maybe. He wondered how Lance became friends, or more like a hero to an entire planet in the three days he was here. He was amazed by his ability to befriend people and wondered why Lance had ever let him step foot in the Black lion when Lance was clearly… better. He was just better and he didn’t even know it.

Keith still thought about what Lance had said to them on the beach.

So I worked hard really hard. Really hard. I got to the top of the cargo pilot class and when I was upgraded to fighter class I thought my hard work had paid off. But I only got in because Keith dropped.

And believe me they really liked to remind me of that. Every time I fucked up they would remind me that I was just a replacement for the best pilot of our generation.

In the Garrison I was already competing against you Keith, even if you weren’t there… I honestly hated you. I don’t anymore but I was jealous and mad and I didn’t even know you. I’m sorry about that.

Keith knew that Lance wasn’t blaming him now, but the thought that he had really bothered him. Lance honestly didn’t like him, at least in the beginning. Although Keith always thought he was just a big goofy flirt that annoyed him, but he never hated Lance. But Lance admitted that at some point he had hated him but that he had changed his mind. But why? Keith never made any attempt to fix the problem so why did Lance consider him his friend, if that’s what they even are now. Keith thought they were but he wasn’t so sure. If he could actually get Lance out of that crowd anytime soon, he’d ask.

Keith got his opportunity during the banquet that the Noo and Goo held for their blue paladin to celebrate his full recovery and to thank him for his hard work. The start of the party was spectacular with drinks and food lining every flat surface. Lance was surrounded for what seemed like forever but towards the end of the festivities Keith noticed Lance was nowhere in sight. Keith went looking around. The party was taking place in a castle made from the vegetation of the jungle around them as well a glowing crystal which was like a clear version of the Balamerian crystals they’ve seen. It was really beautiful. The Goo claimed that their underwater castle was better, however they agreed that a party on land was more suited for the human paladins.

Keith exited the main hall, looking for someplace that Lance would go. It took Keith a minute to think about it but eventually he concluded that Lance probably wanted some fresh air, and he was right.

Keith found Lance on a balcony overlooking the water, quite a way from the rest of the party. Lance was bent over the railing, head resting on his hands, staring out at the scenery. Even Keith admitted that it looked pretty peaceful.

“Couldn’t handle the attention?” Keith asked with a smirk.

Lance didn’t even flinch.

“Yeah, something like that.” Lance said straightening but still looking at the scenery.

Keith joined him in the staring, letting the breeze go through his hair.

“Are you… okay?” Keith asked.

Lance turned to look at him slightly before looking at the landscape.

“Yeah I just needed a minute. They mean well but everyone is kind of a handful, reminds me of my own house back home.” Lance said, laughing.

Keith nodded liked he understood, he didn’t really although since living with everyone on the Voltron team he was getting better.

They stared in silence for a while before Lance began to turn away, Keith knew it was now or never so he gently grabbed Lance’s arm, surprising him.

“Hey, wait. Can I ask you something?” Keith asked, suddenly nervous.

Lance blinked but nodded.

“Yeah, sure.” Lance said. Keith dropped his arm and Lance rejoined Keith, watching him.

“I um… I was thinking about everything you’ve said and um….” Keith scratched his neck, this was very hard, “I was wondering… are we friends?” Keith asked sincerely, he was slightly embarrassed by the question. He didn’t think you normally asked this sort of thing but he had to know.

Lance looked a little shocked by the question too but he nodded.

“Yeah, I think we are!” Lance said with certainty.

Keith relaxed, well that was good to know.

“Why do you ask?” Lance asked him, looking concerned.

“Well, all the stuff you said at the beach I felt like you were blaming me. Which I think part of the stuff is my fault but then I know you’re not but… I felt like you were. Then I realized I didn’t do anything to try and change your mind. So I thought we were friends before, but friends don’t just fight with their friends and I realized that’s all I did with you. Fight. Shiro’s my friend and I don’t fight with him so I guess I was wondering because… when did you decide to be friends with me?” Keith asked, he knew he was babbling that the words were falling out and probably didn’t make a lot of sense but he couldn’t stop himself.

Lance blinked and then looked at the scenery again, thinking hard before turning back to Keith.

“First of all, I’m sorry I made you feel that way. You shouldn’t feel bad because of what I thought of you when we first met. Yes at first I hated you, but I admired you too. I wanted to be you, cool, talent but you know, without the mullet.” Lance smiled, receiving a punch from Keith, “God, be gentle with me!” Lance laughed.

He continued.

“In terms of when I stopped I think it honestly was the goo fight when the Princess locked us in handcuffs, and I realized I didn’t hate you. I didn’t necessarily like you, but I didn’t hate you. Since then I think it’s gotten better. But I think I became your friend while Shiro was missing.” Lance admitted.

They were silent for a little bit. For Keith spoke.

“When he went missing, I thought for sure you would try to convince me not to pilot the black lion. Given the recent times you accused me of being reckless, which is true. But why did you turn so suddenly? You were the first one to tell me to lead Voltron.” Keith said.

“Well before Shiro went missing I knew he would want you to pilot the black lion when he was gone.” Lance said.

Keith looked shocked.

“What? It’s not like you two are actually good at keeping secrets.” Lance stated with a laugh, “Anyway when he really did go missing I just pushed everything aside because it was go time. I figured if you did try to run off and do something stupid I’d be able to keep you in line. I knew you were best suited for the job. Sure you’re a bit of a hot head but you’re the best pilot and I sure you’ll be a good leader with some practice. You’ve already become better with people and evaluating situations so you’re improving no worries.” Lance said with a smile.

“But I’m not the best! You are!” Keith practically shouted, Lance looking at him surprised.

“You’re selfless, able to make friends with an entire planet in three days, you can adapt to situations quickly, you understand everyone around you and their motivations, and you can fly you’re lion through your bond! You’re… amazing Lance. You just can’t see it.” Keith said.

There was a stunned silence between the two of them. Then Lance spoke.

“But I can’t make the tough decisions. You can.” Lance said taking a breath, “No matter what you say, I don’t have the guts to be a good leader. Maybe all those things you said are true, but in the end I can’t make the call. What’s a good leader if he’s only willing to sacrifice himself?” Lance asked.

Keith’s memories flashed across his mind. Lance’s face as he pushed Keith and Pidge over the console board, eyes hard and smile sad.

“That’s why you’re second-in-command and not me. You’re willing to make those calls, I’m not. I’m too attached to everyone and everything. I can’t do it. But that’s okay with me. That’s why you and Shiro are the leaders. Not me.” Lance finished.

Keith nodded, understanding.

“I haven’t thanked you.” Keith said.

Lance blinked, “For what?” he asked.

“You were the first one to not make a big deal of me being Galra. You kept me in line when Shiro was missing and you’ve saved my ass as many if not more times that I’ve save yours. Thanks, Lance.” Keith said with a genuine smile.

There was a pause before Lance’s smile broke across his face.

“Yeah no problem, man.” Lance said.

They looked at the scenery one more time before rejoining the party.



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  • listen @ hockey fans who just tell me to keep having hope, no i refuse, i won't. because as a bruins fan my team is literally made of only the biggest drama queens in the whole league. every game has to be a fucking recreation of the miracle on ice. so i have no faith in them. no hope. nothing. because whenever someone has faith in them every single member of that team just lies down on the ice and refuses to move so.
PP3 Announcement

As we were thinking on ideas for the next party we wanted to make sure that we kept it fun and enjoyable for everyone …with this in mind PP3 will be a 7 on 7 truth or dare battle of the sexes where only one team can be the winner (the fellas lol) the prize hasn’t been decided yet so if you have a good prize in mind let us know..more details on the party to come later :))) ..also if you know for a fact you want to be a member of one of the 7 player teams let us know early so we can get you in early ..thanks and be blessed :)

Consider this scenario: Jemma didn’t actually die in FZZT, but rather they faked her death for her parents and family members. Hydra takes over same timeline - except nobody sides against Ward because the team (who’s Minus Agent Coulson because after T.A.H.I.T.I., he never went back) were all Hydra themselves. Therefore, Daisy (possibly Skye still?) and Ward are still together and Fitz’s mad inventions has left him rich and intensely popular in a Stark-esque version of Hydra. His companion, the one he’s helping out of the vehicle, is Hydra!Jemma.

Real!Jemma gets shoved in the world but does not replace Hydra!Jemma because Hydra!Jemma was a placeholder for the real thing. Until they could map out Real!Jemma, AIDA took what was in Fitz’s head and created a Hydra!Jemma placeholder.

Real!Jemma finds Fitz in Hell (its a work in progress name, but its what I’m working with right now): it’s not hard. Their parents have long been killed by Hydra. It’s only the two of them (Hydra!Jemma and Fitz) left. The plot in Sheffield has always been empty. After all, how was it possible to find a body in the middle of an ocean? 

Real!Jemma finds Fitz’s location, and shows up at his door. Except, his door is guarded by a gate and a guard named Patty who greets her, “Mrs. Fitz - welcome home. I didn’t realize you’d gone out,” and buzzes her in without another question.

Slipping inside is even easier. The front lobby all greets her, someone even offers to help her up to her room - its the first time she’s noticed that she’s wearing something different than she usually does, a little more posh than Real!Jemma is used to. She takes up the bellman’s offer and that leaves her outside the room, no key. Luckily, a stuttered response of how “silly I must have been, I left in a bit of a rush, had a bit of a craving,” is enough for the bellman.

When she enters, the room is high class, cluttered in corners with machines and schematics and she stops for a second to just look around, turning the corner to try and sense if Fitz is close. Everyone’s always said their brains are psychically linked, she just needs that to be true - despite the scientific improbability - just once. 

She doesn’t hear footsteps behind her as she turns down a long hallway with half opened doors, but hears a voice - her voice? - exclaiming, “you shouldn’t be here,” before turning around and meeting the muzzle of a gun (not an ICER). 

On the other end is Hydra!Jemma.

If NCT U is your favorite unit, that’s fine. If you don’t follow the other units, that’s fine. If you bash the other units because you think U is the best, that’s NOT fine. NCT is based around units, but they are all still one team and members from U are in those other units whose sound and M/Vs you are bashing. NCT U isn’t the only unit and never has been which means they aren’t gonna be the only ones promoting or the main unit. Please don’t bash other units. NCT is all one family.

you can’t say you’re a fan of a kpop group after talking shit about a member supposedly taking all the spotlight. they are a team, therefore you should love them as a team. you can’t say you like them as a whole when you also send hate to a member as a defence for your favourite.

Following my Pokemon adventures, this are the new members of my team:

Opal, named after @oparu. It had to be a dragon for her and it had to be the best dragon. Dragonite is one of my all time faves, plus it’s a cute dragon, so it’s just like @oparu: cute, awesome and a dragon.

And Willow, named after @willow-hermione. Two powerful witches in one url, I had to take that into account when looking for a Pokemon to name after such an amazing person. Braixen was a no-brainer for me, it’s a fox, known as a clever animal and Braixen have a stick they used for communication and attacks, so it’s sort of like a wand. There’s an evolution, but I don’t like it that much to be honest, Braixen is a far more accurate pick for me.

OH and I made Casey evolve @kc749, look:

anonymous asked:

If they got married, how does Ingo feel now that he's basically related to all of Team Aqua (and some of Team Magma)

They are very loud would probably be his first thought. Some of the Team Magma members are less so, but the whole group is quite excitable as a whole. They love Matt and love Ingo for making him so happy. 

Ingo actually finds it really sweet.


Ok . I said this in a more polite manner a few days previous but now clearly some people need it explained to them in more depth. I have said from the beginning that I respect your views if you don’t believe in Bethyl or Beth being alive but that doesn’t give you the right to continue to hate on us. You keep complaining about us invading our tags yet some of you are directly tagging Team Delusional members just to try and make your point known. You have your opinions we have ours. Are you that bored that you have nothing better to do than personally attack HUMAN BEINGS. Just because you are behind a screen doesn’t mean that your comments can’t come back at bite you in the ass. I am sick and tired of people posting crap and trying to tear TD down. You aren’t going to succeed and what exactly are you accomplishing - no please tell me what are you accomplishing?
I am a firm TD member and this little ‘rivalry’ of opinions has gone to far - on both ends I admit. So I suggest you allow us to spread our theories with those who listen and wish to know and if you don’t agree IGNORE IT.
And I promise that I myself won’t hate on you if you disagree with these views.
Let’s put an end to the petty hate please
We are all human and we can all be hurt. ♥️

So, I am 110% here for Dad!Kane. I am 110% NOT HERE for Octavia hate.

@shefollowedfires pointed out that Kane should’ve driven harder at the point of “I can’t have my people going rogue” and I absolutely agree. I think it’s right for Dad!Kane to berate Octavia for essentially being a wildcard. It’s hard to strategize when one of your team members keeps on going rogue, and it’s hard to convey leadership or strength when you literally have no idea what someone is going to do next. I’m less convinced that the choices Octavia made with regards to Grounder politics were outright bad ones. Like, what was Kane’s plan if that Ambassador ended up challenging Roan for the throne? What is the answer, or at least Kane’s answer, to Octavia’s question of, “would you have rather I killed Indra’s daughter?” 

Like, definitely Octavia needed a talking to, but I think the emphasis should’ve been on her “going rogue” rather the morality of her decision making.