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#broducechallenge - produce 101 season 2: trainee development (PART 3)

PART 1 , PART 2 , [ PART 3 ]

the most beautiful thing that happened in this show is the immense growth of the trainees :’) i couldn’t be any more proud

to be continued! more trainees will be posted!


taeyong’s birthday countdown / D-6

↳  abc’ of taeyong ; A for Affectionate

af·fec·tion·ate /ə’fekSH(ə)nət/

(adj.) readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness; having great affection or love; warmly attached; warmhearted 

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Ravus banter with Cor!

Hm… I like the thought of this. cc: *thumbs up*

If Cor and Ravus Were Party Members… (Banter)

Ignis: “It is indeed a pleasure to have you with us once again, Commander.”
Ravus: “Thank-”
Cor: “-You, Ignis.”
Noctis: “…Wow, that was scary. Don’t do that ever again, you two.”

Ravus: “Cor Leonis, the Immortal Shogun, correct?”
Cor: “As much as I dislike that name, yes.”
Ravus: “I suppose that would mean that a Loqi Tummelt and yourself were familiar? Did he ever ask you for the autograph that he desired?”
Cor: “No. He was too busy trying to kill me.”
Ravus: “That certainly sounds like General Tummelt, for certain…”

Cor: “There’s too many of MTs here. If we get overwhelmed, take Prince Noctis and run.”
Ravus: “You speak as if you had an authority over me. I intend to stay and fight as well.”
Cor: *scoffs* “You’ve got guts, Fleuret. I don’t know whether or not it’s admirable or stupid of you.”

Ignis: “Ravus, have you been collecting flowers again? Noct’s allergies have been acting up again.”
Ravus: “You assume as if I have time to collect such trivial things.”
Cor: “Were they cherry blossoms by chance…?”
Ignis: “Yes. Why do you ask?”
Cor: “…No reason. They probably belong to Ravus.”
Ravus: “…I feel as though I am being set up.”

Ravus: “Did you shout ‘Lion Roar’ during our last battle, Leonis? When you struck down that Iron Giant?”
Cor: “No. You were probably hearing things.”

Gladiolus: “So Cor’s the Commander of the Crownsguard, and Ravus is the Commander of the Nifs, right?”
Cor: “Last time I checked, yeah.”
Prompto: “Hey! That’s something you guys can bond over, right?”
Ravus: “Perhaps, though I commanded far more men than Cor ever has.”
Cor: “At least I have men to command still.”

Cor: “Hey, Ravus. You wouldn’t happen to have a mint on you, would you?”
Ravus: “Are you assuming that I would have something like that on my person? Do you find that amusing?”
Cor: “I’m not assuming. I just saw you steal half of the candies at the last restaurant we went to, so I figured you’d still have some.”
Ravus: “…Touche.” *hands Cor a mint*

Gladiolus: “Yeah! Got some behemoth meat, so we’re gonna have some badass ramen tonight!”
Cor: “Even after spending weeks during the trials and eating ramen, you still want to eat more?”
Ravus: “And to think I am the one with a horrendous diet…”

Cor: “The trick is to having a sharp blade, but to channel your momentum into your strikes. You needn’t apply such brute force when you can make a clean slash without swinging so recklessly.”
Ravus: “I see. So you favor a quicker incapacitation rather than a drawn-out duel. I suppose that is fair. If only Amicitia knew to apply such knowledge to his own combat.”
Cor: “Yes, if only…”
Gladiolus: “I’m standing right here, you know…”

Cor: “Never seen someone that excited about eating cake.”
Ravus: “I could state the same for you, for your obsession with french toast is uncanny.”
Cor: “True. The Crow’s Nest has the best there is. You should try it sometime.”
Ignis: “Hmph… It isn’t anything that extravagant…”

ok so i jus read the lulu quote abut the ~hiatus~ and ik i missed the e-discourse but…. i wana ask y’all somethin…. like ik most of us were sad abut the hiatus when it 1st happened but… do y’all honestly want them 2 get bacc together? like i understand missing 1d 4 their group dynamic but music wise???? y’all want more 1d albs??????? cause 2 me , i love that they gave us 5 solid group albs (that we can always go bacc 2 lissen to) then branched out 2 give us their individual albs like it’s honestly the best of all worlds???? idgi why wuld y’all settle 4 each boy 2 get 1 liners throughout 12 tracks when y’all can have an alb of jus ur fav…. jus THEIR voice and THEIR lyrics alone??? and instead of gettin 1 alb a yr , y’all have 4/5 albs 2 look forward 2 like i honestly don’t see the end of 1d bein a bad thing tbh

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Hi! I'm looking for two fics in particular. One is a Merlin AU where Remus is Merlin. The other is a memory loss fic where Lily takes care of James and he asks her about her husband. (The second one is vague, I know.) Thanks for helping us all out!!

This is the first one:

Title: The Mighty Will Fall 
Author: petals-to-fish
Rating: T
Genre(s): Family, Romance
Chapters: 25 [WIP]
Word Count: 189,214
Summary: Remus Lupin is a wizard, James Potter a prince, Sirius Black a drunk, Peter Pettigrew a stable boy, and Lily Evans a servant girl. Somehow, the five of them will change Camelot as we know it. The question is, will they mend the divides that were left after the Great Purge, or aggravate the fault lines even further? ROYAL AU

and this seems like what you’re talking about for the memory loss one:

Title: The Blockout
Author: glassycry
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 17,515
Summary: I open my eyes for the first time and look around. The room I’m in is blurry. Extremely so. Where am I? Who are these people? What is this room? Why can’t I see properly? Am I in danger? How did I get here? 

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just bc you ship members together and they're friends doesn't mean jb wasn't really fucking homophobic during celebrity bromance. he literally did say he might beat youngjae up for saying he wanted to take him in a couples café. said it's bad for two boys to come here. was making it whole uncomfortable. that's the truth. just saying.

idk why i’m gonna answer this, but, a lot of koreans let really clear that Jaebum didn’t say with that intention, and that is common to use that phrase with friends there, such common thing that Youngjae just laughed. But then you are gonna rely in a translation? Cause really everyone knows that languages can have multiple translations. Koreans weren’t even bothered, and no, not bc some of them are homophobic, cause that is just generalize a whole society, but bc it didn’t mean that.