My two Mermaids for MerMay~ 

First one was the mermaid from Peter Pan and second one is Ursula. For Ursula, I’m currently reading “Poor Unfortunate Soul” and in the book, Ursula is Triton’s sister. So I thought, What if Ursula was a memaid before she turned into her sea witch form? 

I used Simply Gilded washi tapes for the tails. Daiso’s washi tapes were used in the Peter Pan one for the flowers :) 

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Aesthetic August

12. Mermaid!Stiles for @pale-silver-comb

The ocean has a voice, one that haunts me with its music every moment I’m awake. Even in my dreams it tugs on me, building the ache inside my bones until I can’t ignore who I am. My mother says the water is dangerous, that beyond the innocent whitecaps they’re waiting, but I never hear her over the call of the sea. ~ Tabi Card

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anonymous asked:

*Eventually, Fox comes across the equalists.* Uh, hey, I was sent to bring you this polish? *He presents the tub.*

*the memaids chatter among themselves* *they all nod at once until a gilled humanoid with a buzz cut and a triangle tail approaches you* Who sent you? We were expecting the being Kmart *they wait patiently for your response*