Yellowcard: The Final Show


I wrote this about a year ago but it’s one of my favorite things I’ve written and I would love to make a story out of it one day.

Waves crashed like mighty lions against the bleak cliff face. A sea gull caws a rough goodnight and the setting sun catches the ocean water on fire. The smell of salt water wafts towards you and you inhale deeply, then exhale fidgeting in excitement at what is to come. You peer nervously over the edge of the steep cliff. Your toes curl, digging into the soft still warm soil under your feet. You back away and then start running. Adrenaline pumps through your body as it prepares for what is coming. You leap over the edge and for a few moments you fly. Air rushes past you and a whoop of excitement builds inside you until it’s forcing its way from your lips. You hit the water and is absorbs you like a sponge. As your head breaks the surface you gasp at the shocking cold temperatures. You kick to shore not fancying dying of hypothermia. As you glide through the chilly silk you think of your friends waiting for you on the shore with warm fluffy towels and heated pick-up trucks. You smile. You’ve only been in the small town a few months but you’ve been treated better than you ever were in the city. As cold, tired feet hit the sand you hear a splash from somewhere on the water behind you and grin. You are met with pats on the back and the warm embrace of a fuzzy blanket. Everyone laughs as you shake the clinging water droplets from your hair like a wet dog. Pure joy radiates through you. You’ve finally found a place to call home.