170630 Tao talking about Luhan 

translation of some of the parts:

1. 0:10
Tao: Lu-ge, are you watching me? I know you miss me a lot.
2. 0:29
MC: Beside talking about music, what do both of you usually talk about?
Tao: We will talk about our personal things. 
3. 0:43 
MC: Who usually pays the bill when both of you are out for dinner?
Tao: We don’t care about this. Sometimes he does, sometimes I do.
4. 1:34 
MC: Luhan is endorsing for King of Glory this year. If you and Luhan go against each other in the game, who do you think will play better?
Tao: When the game first released, I played few rounds with him and he killed me. Even so, since I’m a regular user of the game, if he wants to beat me, *inserts Tao shaking his head*
MC: Will you purposely lose to him?
Tao: Of course I would do that! Lu-ge is my brother, how can I not lose to him on purpose? Once the game starts, I would go ‘eh? what is this? I died!’ *inserts Tao’s laughter*
MC: Luhan may be thinking ‘You’re not on my level yet’
Tao: Yes, he probably think like this *inserts Tao’s laughter again* Okay, we are just joking, Lu-ge.

The signs as iconic exo moments in 2017

Aries: Luhan wishing Tao on his birthday
Taurus: Jongins complicated dance thing in Power
Gemini: Six by Kris Wu
Cancer: where is Baekhyuns dog
Leo: Tao running around with a taohun sticker on his suitcase
Virgo: Baekhyun exposing exo
Libra: Jongdae talking about Yixing after trying to repress xingdae for two years
Scorpio: Lay and Luhan becoming besties
Sagittarius: Xiumin as Suhos bffl
Capricorn: Lay naming his second album Sheep
Aquarius: Kyungsoo in the power MV
Pisces: Ka-Ching by exo-cbx

  • *while monitoring growl music video*
  • zitao: wait wait wait pause it!
  • junmyeon: what's wrong?
  • zitao: i good here
  • sehun: dude.
  • zitao: look at me
  • sehun:
  • junmyeon:
  • zitao:
  • sehun: wait you do damn 10/10 would smash
  • zitao: ayyyyyyyy