[eng] 20170223 - ZTAO on Sun Pu’s Super Famous Club

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If you may, Huang Zitao (fluff+smut) Please and Thank You!!! ⭐️

Now that was quite a view for Zitao to see when he first arrived at home.

She was trying an amazing tight, red dress. She kept turning around and around, posing in all kinds of positions. Zitao was more than intrigued already, standing in the door and watching her little wiggle, but she didn’t seem too excited about it.

“Don’t stare like that, you scared me” she complained, hugging him close to her chest as soon as he walked up to her.

“Sorry, but… you look so… oh my God”.

“I bought it today”.

“I thought it must be new. You’re so beautiful!”

“I don’t know, baby, I… I don’t really like how it fits”.

Zitao had a playful idea that would get rid of her bad mood within seconds.

“You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Ever” he whispered as he reached for the zipper on the back of her dress.

“Tao, what are you…”

She gasped when she felt his slick hands roam over her sides, gently taking off her dress. She was soon left in her underwear, one of Zitao’s personal favorites, the black lace one. He got on his knees, his warm breath down there sending electric shocks throughout her entire body. She let out a louder moan when he dragged her panties down using his teeth and kissed her thighs, caressing each with smooth touches and slight bites. His tongue sure worked miracles all over her wetness, licking and sucking with every chance he had.

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  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: Do you think Kris, Luhan, and Tao talk to each other and are still friends even though they aren't part of Exo anymore? Are they still friends with the other members? When was the last time they saw each other in person? Just because they aren't in the group anymore doesn't mean they still can't talk to the other nine. Or do they choose not to? Do they listen to Exo songs and support them that way? Does Exo listen to their solo projects? There's so much I want to know.