Exo React To You Winning A Gold Medal In The Olympics

Speaking of which, is it bad I don’t watch the summer Olympics? I only watch the gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics events but I love the winter Olympics so much more. Who’s with me? ;)

Xiumin: *hypes you up maybe too much*

Luhan: *proud luhan* You see her? With the gold medal? Yeah, that’s my girlfriend.

Kris: How do you bend your body that way? How did you even do that?

Suho: *talks about it for the next two years* I just can’t forget how you-

Lay: *so emotional even before you won*

Baekhyun: *he runs to you when you’re done* Y/N!!!


Chanyeol: *fanboy* Go Y/N! Go Y/N! Go Y/N!

Kyungsoo: I knew you could do it!

Tao: *is so happy he chokes??/ your #1 hypeman*

Kai: you actually… what *shocked*

Sehun: *treats you like the president for at least a month to tease you (but is proud)* Oh my god, it’s Y/N

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160827 LOTJ Ep12 (Last Ep) - Tao singing Forever Love by 王力宏 #huangzitao #zitao #tao

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I think that sm promoted Tao under the wushu kungfu panda persona for so long that some people actually forget or don’t realize that he joined the company because he wanted to make music and right now he is still making music and I just think that no one have ever properly acknowledged just how invested in music Zitao is.

four for you Huang Zitao. you go Huang Zitao.