Frenemies//Part 5

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Spencer sat on the small couch unable to take his eyes off of you. Just last night you we’re sleeping in his arms, your head resting on his chest. Remembering the small details was the only thing was keeping him sane at the moment.

After the shock of finding you on the floor in a puddle of your own blood. After the breakdown, in the hospital in front of everyone in the team came the guilt of not being there to protect you. But the only thing he could feel was regret, regret for not admitting his feelings for you sooner.

How many more nights like the one before could there have been? Would he even get the chance to have another? The doctor explained to everyone just how lucky you we’re, how the three bullets could made far more damage than they had done.

Now was the tough part; waiting for you to wake up. Spencer closed his eyes for just a couple of seconds, finding some kind peace in the darkness of his own thoughts. It wasn’t long before he heard you scream, “NO, STOP!”

Spencer rushed to your side, “Y/N! Hey it’s okay, it’s Spencer.”

You slowly opened your eyes, blinking quickly trying to make sense of the blurry figure in front of you, “Hey you” Spencer said as tears filled his eyes.

“Spence” your voice was barely a whisper, “Spencer what happened?”

“Stephen Meyers was in the kitchen, he shot you, twice in your leg. Morgan, Morgan got there before me and Hotch”

“I’m sorry, I should’ve seen him, I should’ve been more careful”

“No, no don’t please don’t blame your self, Y/N. You’re going to be okay and that’s all that matters”

Spencer leaned down to kiss your forehead, “Woah, take it easy love birds!”, Morgan said as he walked in holding two styrofoam boxes.

“You know it’s gonna be while before y'all can even get it on that cast is going to make it difficult”

“Well I’m going to take a wild guess and say Morgan knows more than he should” you said slightly embarrassed.

“Oh it is not just Morgan honey”,you heard JJ say, “Or just me it’s everyone including Garcia, she’s expecting some answers”

“Either way I won the bet” Emily said playfully punching Morgan.

“What bet?” you said confused.

“We all bet on how long it would take for you guys to finally make up, well more like make out. It was just a matter of time” Morgan couldn’t help with laugh.

“Or a matter of an ‘accidental’ hotel reservation with one bed” Emily said winking at you and Spencer.



Ma io non voglio dimenticare.
Io voglio ricordarmi tutto di te:
Il tuo profumo sulla mia maglietta nera,
la sensazione che offrivano le tue mani sulla schiena,
le tue dita che sfioravano sempre il mio ginocchio quando mi eri seduto accanto,
come ridevi quando i tuoi occhi incontravano i miei,
il tuo sguardo fiero come se fossi la prima cosa bella della tua vita, pure se io bella non mi sarei definita mai.
La nostra canzone, ma come la cantavi tu, e la tua voce che doveva perennemente cantarmi qualcosa.
Il modo in cui facevi una battuta per cui ridevi prima tu che io, ed io non ridevo perché facesse ridere ma perché faceva sorridere te.
Le scenate di gelosia, il divano troppo piccolo per farci entrare un amore così grande, e i nostri pensieri affollatissimi che in due diventano leggeri come i sogni che ci rendevano parte di un futuro da vivere insieme.

Pensavo che in questo mondo ci fosse un posto per noi.
Con te pensavo che al destino dovevo essere piaciuta proprio tanto per mettermi sulla tua stessa strada, per farmi vivere il tuo stesso tempo.

E adesso che tutto è finito così, io trovo solo la forza di volerti ancora bene, tanto da sperare che in uno dei tanti microscopici punti dell'universo tu trovi qualcuno che possa renderti felice,
Tanto da sperare che un giorno mi rincontrerai e riuscirai a guardarmi negli occhi, a ricordare quello che c'è stato come una cosa bella.
Avrei voluto avere un po’ di tempo in più, un'altra occasione, una speranza.

Ma va bene così,

Io mi ricorderò di te perché non sei stato importante.
Tu sei stato tutto ciò che sono in grado di dare.