Hello hello, popping into the tags !!  Hi, I’m Choromatsu and I’m looking for canonmates - I’ve already found my Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu, though !!  We’re looking for the other three - wherever they are - so if you wanna discuss mems, please hmu !!  I was gonna link to my memories page but then I remembered I accidentally deleted it.  If you can’t hmu for whatever reason there is,  feel free to like this post and I can start the conversation with u whenever !!  Ahh, have a good day, my brothers ~  I love youuuuu <3

curious little questions (put your answer in the tags!)
  • Aries: who was your first kiss?
  • Taurus: who's your bestfriend?
  • Gemini: do you get jealous?
  • Cancer: last time you told someone you loved them?
  • Leo: what's your funniest date story?
  • Virgo: what was your first date ever like?
  • Libra: describe your crush in three words
  • Scorpio: do you miss your ex?
  • Sagittarius: most romantic thing anyone could ever do for you?
  • Capricorn: who's your celebrity crush?
  • Aquarius: your biggest otp?
  • Pisces: what's your "ideal date"?