Fate and Destiny

All I want in my life is to be with you

When that time came, I want to hold you tight

Hold you as moment cannot slip away

Freeze the time if I can

Coz every second is valuable

Today I am nothing

Today I must strive harder just to be qualified

That’s the reality of life

The person around you will judge everything

But I’ll try harder until they say “he’s nice and fit for you”

I am dreaming that someday fate will be kind

Hoping that destiny will help me to find you somewhere

Until the day I met you

The moment you came in my life i felt the feeling

Feelings that told me the person i been waiting for

I wanna grow old with you as the song says

I wanna see your face wrinkled as we laugh at each other

Reminiscing the sweet past

To see you smile every day until the day I die

And to cherish time with you

There are billions of people in this world

But only one of them you’ll share your life with

Until fate and destiny introduced you to me

You gave colors to my black and white life

You’d turn my world into meaningful

And promised to stay with you… “Forever”

- melvin021