melvin scott

I’m hoping CU gets a sequel, hopefully centered around Melvin since hes the bigger part of the next four books but at the same time, the first set up a shit situation for George and Harold.

Since Krupp has memory loss from being CU(as the change back and forth), Krupp has no idea that PP and Melvin caused this and if George and Harold were to even attempt to call out Melvin, Krupp would NEVER believe them. He’d think they’re trying to frame the good golden star boy just to tattle on him for something. Melvin would also probably play a huge victim card of “they never included me in things and I felt left out uwuwuwuw” which makes it worse against them.

basically, Melvin can get off scott free despite being just as guilty as the professor is and frankly thats funny yet sucks for our good heros with a tie and bad haircut.

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