melts into an incoherent puddle

Officials Issue Health Warning Against Onew

Onew’s GQ preview photo for the publication’s October issue, caused an outbreak of Onew-ache worldwide. Officials immediately posted an advisory against staring at the image. But the fandom, specially the MVPs, are ignoring the PSA.

When asked about the situation; GQ’s representative stated that they had intentionally altered said image into black and white in an attempt to contain the potent charm of Onew’s smile. However, despite the precaution, there were claims of fans going blind, melting into puddles and screaming incoherently. Some increasing the torture, by re-coloring said photo.

SHINee’s comeback, which is the only known cure for Onew-ache, is being delayed for another 2 weeks as Onew recovers from an injury. Fans aren’t bothered by the schedule change. Occupying themselves with Jonghyun’s Blue Night, Key’s Drinking Solo, Minho’s upcoming movie, Taemin’s Sayonara Hitori and posting get well soon messages for Onew.