melts into an incoherent puddle

IwaOi Headcanon: Star Child

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Star child

(at the beach, Aoba Jousai Team in the background)

Oikawa was lying lazily on his stomach, sprawled on his teal beach towel; his toes curled in the hot sand while he focused on taking pretty selfies, trying different expressions and making his signature peace-sign.

Next to him, Iwaizumi tried to ignore his repeated questions about how he looked, spreading the sun cream on every inch of his skin. He had previously helped that dumbass of his boyfriend, still remembering the infamous sunburn of the previous year. He was not going to put up with another whiny, teary-eyed, lobster Oikawa.

It was sudden.

Iwaizumi’s eyes fell for a second on Oikawa’s back and he saw it.

He blinked and shook his head, because it was impossible. They had been friends since birth and boyfriends for a year now, it was impossible he was noticing that only know.

Oikawa snapped another selfie, winking at the camera.

Iwaizumi took a deep breath, closed his eyes.

“I’m hallucinating…” he mumbled to himself.

He stole another glance.

Uh, still there.

Scrunching his nose, he counted them, mouthing the numbers slowly.

One, two, three, four, five, six…seven.

Yup, seven. All there.

It was freaking incredible.

Iwaizumi debated internally what to do. If he told Oikawa, he was sure the boy was going to go crazy and blabber about it for the next years. However, the devil in his mind suggested, he was also going to be honestly happy, delighted and grateful as he rarely was. And Iwaizumi really didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Oh damn, he had become soft, hadn’t he?

With a sigh, he rummaged in their shared bag until he found the childish pen, with the head of a rabbit on top, Oikawa used for his crossword (“It’s not relaxing if you don’t do a crossword at the beach, Iwa-chan!)

His lips curved in a smile.

Without warning, he shifted and pinned Oikawa to the ground by the shoulders, straddling him.

“Iwa-chan!” the other squealed surprised, trying to break free, but his boyfriend wasn’t that easy to escape from.

“Stay put…” Iwaizumi shushed him absentmindedly, as he uncapped the pend with his teeth and used the other hand to keep Oikawa’s head down.

“I swear to God, Iwaizumi Hajime, that if you’re drawing dicks on my back as Mattsun did yesterday I-”

“Shut up Tooru!” Iwaizumi growled, frowning as he tried to keep his hand steady while drawing on the milky skin of his lover. Shit, Oikawa was right: he really sucked at drawing.

At the sound of his name, the brunet shut his mouth closed and stilled, a faint blush coloring his cheeks.

Iwaizumi connected the dots carefully, one by one. All seven. He gave a proud look to his work and stretched a hand.

“The phone.”

Oikawa whined, both out of curiosity and worry, but gave his phone to Iwaizumi. He heard the camera clicking, then finally Iwaizumi got off his back and slid by his side, propped on the elbow.

“Iwa-chan can I have an explanation now?” the brunet pouted, pursing his lip in a thin line and lifting the chin in the usual, offended but demanding expression. Yet, Iwaizumi only shrugged and gave him back the phone with an amused, satisfied grin on his sun-kissed face.

Oikawa snatched it away and hurriedly opened the folder with the photos, opening the most recent file. For a second, he remained speechless as he got magnetized by the sight Iwaizumi’s candid selfie, the chapped lips curled in a soft smile and the warm green eyes reflecting the sunrays as he looked into the camera.

Then, he noticed it.

On the skin of his own back between the shoulder blades, connecting seven small moles in a trembling line of ink, stood out the Big Dipper.

Iwaizumi had found a constellation on him.

Oikawa inhaled deeply, eyes blown wide as he covered his mouth. He slowly turned to look at Iwaizumi, as to ask confirmation.

His boyfriend let out a small, embarrassed chuckle and ruffled his chestnut locks.

“You’re really a star child, Tooru,” he mused softly.

“HAJIMEEEE!” Oikawa erupted in a shrilling call and threw himself over Iwaizumi, tackling him to the ground against the warm sand and hiding the face in the crook of his neck. “I can’t believe it!”

“I know, how did we miss it all this years?” Iwaizumi laughed, securely wrapping an arm around his waist. Yup, he has done the right choice telling him.

“I’m blessed by the stars!” he chirped excitedly and then perked up to look at Iwaizumi, “What if it’s a sign the aliens are coming for me?”

“I hope so,” Iwaizumi deadpanned.

Oikawa puffed out his cheeks, “Iwa-chan! You’ve to say, ‘I’ll protect you!’ Do I have to tell you everything?” He complained poking his chest.

Iwaizumi rolled his eyes.

“I’ll protect you.” He repeated monotonously.

The brunet glared, frowning, and wiggled out of his hold as to stand up and leave.

“You’re such a bru-”

Iwaizumi grabbed his chin and pulled Oikawa a breath away from his face, eyes locking him down to his place.

“If the aliens come, I’ll protect you, Star Child.” His low, gruff, warm voice made Tooru’s blood boil and his face colored with different shades of red. Iwaizumi gave him a firm, hot kiss before he could say anything, stealing his breath away. Making him feel like he was the only one there, the only star in the sky.

When they parted, Oikawa flopped against Hajime’s chest in a melting puddle of incoherent, strangled sounds.


Iwaizumi chuckled and stroked his hair, satisfaction written all over his face.


That afternoon, Matsukawa and Hanamaki had to kick them away before they could “traumatize their younglings with all that inappropriate, excessive PDA.”

Officials Issue Health Warning Against Onew

Onew’s GQ preview photo for the publication’s October issue, caused an outbreak of Onew-ache worldwide. Officials immediately posted an advisory against staring at the image. But the fandom, specially the MVPs, are ignoring the PSA.

When asked about the situation; GQ’s representative stated that they had intentionally altered said image into black and white in an attempt to contain the potent charm of Onew’s smile. However, despite the precaution, there were claims of fans going blind, melting into puddles and screaming incoherently. Some increasing the torture, by re-coloring said photo.

SHINee’s comeback, which is the only known cure for Onew-ache, is being delayed for another 2 weeks as Onew recovers from an injury. Fans aren’t bothered by the schedule change. Occupying themselves with Jonghyun’s Blue Night, Key’s Drinking Solo, Minho’s upcoming movie, Taemin’s Sayonara Hitori and posting get well soon messages for Onew.

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McCree, Hanzo and Genji reacting to their s/o, who they haven't confessed their feelings to yet, spotting them while they busy training or working and just cracking into a beaming smile and wave? S/O's smile could put put the sun to shame.

I hope I got the prompt right ;w;

(It’s a little too long, but, tbh, I REEEAALLY got into this one >w< afufufufufu~)

Also, I’m sorry if the Genji one is a bit shorter, I feel like his situation would be best explained with fewer words :3


McCowboy’s heart just skips a beat, quickly making its take on the situation present. He’d swallow and wave back, probably dropping his revolver in the process.

If his crush starts giggling, he’d feel a familiar pang in his chest. He wouldn’t dare confess to such a sunbeam in the fear of dulling it.

After the thought runs through his head, his eyes would slowly lose their spark. His whole posture would sink ever-so-slightly. As if he’s withering.

If his crush notices and voices a concern, he’d begrudgingly lift his gaze towards them. Their eyes would be concerned, beady and moist, reflecting the sunlight like round stones.

Guilt would be eating at him like corrosion. Chewing on his lower lip, he’d make a simple request. A hug.

Though they don’t understand, they’d accept.
Resting in the fragile embrace, in that moment, McCree wouldn’t let himself be concerned with any consequences.


His teeth would probably clench, his posture straightening, as if to withstand the power of their smile, that seems to penetrate him so easily.

He’d nod back at them, trying to appear as in control of himself as possible, though on the inside, he’s probably melting into a puddle of incoherent gibberish.

If his crush leaves, he’d give himself a pat on the back, for getting through this trial of wills with flying colours.

If his crush, unfortunately makes their way to him, he’d really start panicking. He’d stand straighter, make his shoulders squarer, his head held high. (Though, to be honest, his crush would know all too well what’s going on~ >w>)

They’d probably tease him for looking so predatorial, as if they were a threat. They’d be hitting the nail repeatedly, cracking his facade little by little. After succeeding in reducing him to a blabbering mess they’d leave.

Hopefully, that’d trigger Tiddyman’s wounded pride and he’d act upon that, finally making the first move~


Genji would be well aware of his feelings and would try avoiding disappointment to the best of his abilities.
Though he knows he won’t be able to run for too long. He knows how his mind works.

He’d stop his training and greet them politely.
He wouldn’t want to indulge in his heart’s flutters, though the sweet temptation would definitely play against him. In that moment, he feels human again, and that confuses him.

He’d do his best to stay neutral, though he won’t refrain from a few flattering words.
He’s not ready yet. And he’d rather wait and understand, rather than rush in and regret it later.

Hook and Emma + Massage

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It happens purely by accident first. He’s shuffling about the war room - shoulders sagged, body tense - and she can’t help but notice the deep circles under his eyes. She tracks his slow movement around the room and frowns, watching as his fingers massage lightly at the base of his neck.

She isn’t sure what they are. They’ve both been avoiding the conversation since they got back to the Enchanted Forest – choosing instead to immerse themselves in the wide variety of calamities that demanded their attention.  How do you feel about Hook? Oh look, the Wicked Witch of the West decided to set an entire village on fire. What do you want from him? Delightful, a massive fleet of flying monkeys just ripped the sail from the Jolly Roger.

He had not been pleased.

Still, she felt his gaze on her whenever she entered a room – a warm sort of buzzing settling in her stomach when his blue eyes found her. They joked with one another – smiled and engaged in casual touching. There was a fleeting moment in the heat of the battle after she had been flung rather unceremoniously into his arms by a wayward tornado that their lips had almost brushed, his fingers grasping her face, his eyes so wide and afraid – but other than that – nothing.

She sighs as he tilts his head to the side with a wince, closing her book and sliding her legs off the table in front of her. She makes her decision easily enough, tired of watching him gripe and grumble about the room.

“Come here.” She mutters.

He looks at her in surprise, hand freezing against his neck. “What?”

She rolls her eyes and stands, gesturing to her empty chair. He takes a wary step forward and – jesus, it’s not like she’s going to jump him. Her mind makes a decidedly unhelpful comment at that and she blushes lightly. He notices, of course.


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a list of petnames Snow and I call each other:

I call him

  • asshole
  • jerk
  • monster
  • egghead
  • goob
  • loser
  • lame-o
  • punk
  • darling
  • honey
  • dear
  • baby ghanoush (we once went to a middle eastern restaurant and ordered baba ghanoush but he accidentally pronounced it “baby ghanoush” and our server laughed so hard it made Snow blush and then the server went into the kitchen to loudly make fun of him omg)

He calls me

  • punk
  • tits
  • titty fuck (this was after I pointed out that tits is not romantic and he should call me something cute, like cupcake. i should have known better)
  • darling
  • love (he calls me this one when i’m feeling down and he’s trying to comfort me. ex: “i believe in you, love”)
  • baby
  • dear
  • a lame (he says “you’re such a lame” all the time, I don’t understand)