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regional differences

“oh hey,” she said, “it’s a really touristy area, but since you’re gonna be passing through anyway, you might as well stop by pier 29, see the dragons. also, there’s a—”

“hold on,” i said. “i knew your city had mountains, but. dragons? uh, actual living dragons?”

“dude, it’s not a big deal. they’re there all the time. of course they’re majestic and everything, but they’re loud and cranky and mostly they lie around eating garbage. now and then the city council will talk about trying to make them roost somewhere else, but—”

“dragons,” i repeated. i knew it was making me sound like a rube, but it was a lot to take in. “you live in a city that has dragons.”

“no, it’s cool, we used to go see them when i was a little kid. it’s worth doing. but that whole area is mostly dragon-themed gift shops, and the commercialization is kind of a bummer. also, sometimes a dragon will melt somebody’s car and it’s a whole problem.”

"fairytale-style, giant scaly fire-breathing dragons.”

“honestly, i forget other cities don’t have them?” she said. "there’s a few other sites on the west coast where they gather. portland calls them wyverns, but that’s a portland thing.”

"chicago’s got, like, bunnies and songbirds,” i told her, “but otherwise it’s just your typical vermin. pigeons, rats, sphinxes—”

“sphinxes? what the hell.

“oh, yeah, they nest in the el tunnels. sometimes a fucking sphinx will flap down out of nowhere, bring the whole train to a halt until the front car answers a riddle.”

“that sounds exciting,” she said.

“it’s the worst. your train winds up being twenty minutes late, and you just have to hang out hoping somebody up there read their mythology. there’s supposed to be a program where the conductors get trained in riddling, but i don’t know. rahm emmanuel keeps saying it’s not a budget priority.”

“huh,” she said. “guess the grass is always greener and all that. but on some level, it’s nice to remember that even with all these big box stores, the country still has some variety left in it.”

“yeah, did you know that in rhode island they call water fountains ‘bubblers’?” i said.

“whoa, seriously?”

“i read it somewhere. crazy, right?”



You’ve been doing well, and you’re enduring. You will be going forward. Plus you have me.

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a woman came in wanting a refund for chocolate because it melted in her car. I live in texas

There is no refund for stupid, ma’am. -Abby

Absolutely Anything

Summary: Y/N Stark lost her leg in a car accident as a teen. Her boyfriend, Bucky Barnes, helps her dad design a new prosthetic. To celebrate, they head to the beach, where some of Y/N’s insecurities resurface. Bucky decides to help Y/N beat her self-doubt by facing some of his own fears.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Reader

Warnings: mentions of a car accident, insecurities, an insane amount of teeth-rotting fluff

Word count: 2063

A/N: Thank you so much for the prompt @fuckkoffcourtney !!! I hope I did it justice!

One Shot Masterlist

Bucky carefully guided you down the steps to your father’s lab with his hands covering your eyes. His heart was pounding in anticipation with each tap of your shoes on the metal staircase. When you both finally reached the bottom, Tony Stark was waiting bouncing with excitement.

“Okay, doll, open your eyes,” Bucky said, excitement filling his voice.

“Um, Bucky? You kinda need to take your hands off my face first,” you replied, cheekily.

“Oh, right!” Bucky fumbled. He removed his shaky hands and you found yourself staring at a metal leg.

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ENTJ Gothic
  • You laugh. Everyone else stops laughing. Someone’s hand shakes, and a wine glass shatters.
  • “I’m such a realistic person,” your Te assesses. Your Ni nods affirmatively, and goes back to making weird shit up.
  • You’ve been elected student council president. They won’t let you streamline the class period system or fire any of the teachers. You silently curse Kill la Kill for giving you unrealistic expectations.
  • “You’re so unfriendly and you hate parties. How are you an extrovert? You must be an INTJ,”  your friend says. She’s right; ENTJs are just INTJs on meth.
  • Why do all of your friends think that processing means hugs and validation? You just want advice. Your therapist won’t even give you advice without “listening empathetically” first. Why are your parents paying $80 an hour for this?
  • You’ve been elected student council president again. “Do I have to do this?” you mutter. You don’t remember running this year. “You’re an ENTJ; you want to, right?” the principal says. You don’t want to; you won’t able to make any real changes in policy. You’re just a symbol. The principal tells you it will look good on your college application and offers you a cookie.
  • You decide not to major in poly-sci.
  • You are officially an adult. You have been ready for this moment since preschool. Your friends say they still don’t feel like adults, which sounds terrifying and is probably the reason they are still dependent upon your friendship.
  • “Time management! Attention! Priorities!” you snarl for the fourth time this morning. Your coworkers spend the next hour brainstorming ways to get you fired.
  • “You’re an ENTJ? Can you help me make a five-year plan?” they ask. “Of course,” you reply. You give them control of your crumbing ponzi scheme, and they spend the next five years in jail.
  • Everything is closed on Sunday. Don’t they realize you have things to do before the week starts? You drive and drive and drive, looking for a city that never sleeps. The sky darkens; your car melts into the pavement. You are the city. You never sleep.
  • Someone thinks you’d be a power bottom. At least you aren’t a needy top like all five of your ENFJ friends. You delete three of them from your contacts while you’re thinking of it.
  • Your job involves expensive suits, firing people, creepy motivational posters on the walls of your office, and a formal title that your friends and family don’t understand. They ask what you do at work. “Extroverted thinking,” you tell them, and they nod politely and ask, “But what does your company make?” “Money,” you say. “But how do you earn the money?” “Introverted intuition,” you tell them. They nod again. It’s a very ambiguous function.
  • Your ISTJ coworker pipes in. “We trade stocks.” This is technically insider trading because Ni is psychic, but no one says anything.
  • You care about someone; this is not part of the plan. You race around doing errands in your black Camaro, swearing profusely at people who drive the speed limit.
  • It’s time to make some major life changes. Everything is boring and the days are starting to blur together. You engage your Se.
  • We don’t talk about what happens next.
  • The scientists have discovered a way to see inside your brain. They find out it’s just a game of Tetris. “Perhaps we can program the perfect leader somehow,” one of them says. You slide an I-block into place and exhale, contented. The brain scans turn blue.
  • You move to the coast, work in a little coffee shop and play your saxophone in a pub band by night. You date ISFPs who read you their poetry. No one is afraid of you anymore. You are peaceful and connected. Your therapist said this would make you happy.
  • You still cannot sleep.

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Have you guys ever had enough money to pour molten aluminum into the colony, or is too much of it inside your actual house? I would love to see what the molding looks like inside, and it would probably kill a fair few off.

Haha, we barely had enough money to pay for the extermination crew, we’re not about to throw money at how much aluminum we’d need. We’d probably have to melt down a car.

Maybe one year we can do it to one of the many, many ant hills we find.


omg. Just omg. i haven’t watched the most recent episode yet, but i’ve seen .gif sets and i’m so thrilled. I saw this, and I just…omg. here! quick little jotted story. no spell check. 8) it was just to wonderful an idea to pass up.

You wake up with crumbling worlds behind your eyelids. The red dust of Krypton caught in your eyelashes, the dry air clambering like tumbling stones in your lungs. You have no words in this language, or any other, to describe how exactly a planet sounds when it dies. The groan of shifting plates, and brittle atmospheres—how it shivers beneath your feet, how it whines and whimpers. Living in all the same ways as the people who will share its grave; left in the empty of space, forgotten, adrift. You carry an apology in your chest, a silent unspoken I’m sorry that has somehow stitched itself into your spine, into your heart; into the strongest parts of you, because whenever you wonder where you came from, why you’re here, you think of that apology. Of what you had promised a dying world.

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Angels Teaser

Prompt: I would like to request a George weasley and reader where the reader stays at the burrow and they have crushes on each other and some sort of cuddling happens. You can make up the rest.

A/N: This is ONLY A TEASER and it is the car ride to the Burrow!! It’s so cute so far, i had to share as i am about to answer some more anons. REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN!!!! 

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Oh, it’s raining.

The muted colors blurred against the back car window, melting together in a mosaic fashion. Seemingly so, the rain continued to pelt against the sleepy windshield as Mr. Weasley drove, no, flew rather, above the mountains and forests nearest to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He tapped his fingers against the old steering wheel, an unheard tune playing softly in the old wizard’s meddle. 

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Request- #19 with Dean 

#19 “You walked away. Not me.” 


summary- After 4 years Dean runs into the reader again, but something has changed

word count- 1500 

warnings- Angst if you look close, than fluff.

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“y/n; you froze when you heard his voice, it was a voice you hadn’t heard in  years. Slowly you turned around you knew exactly who was standing there before you laid eyes on him, and as soon as you did you instantly flashed back to that day.


"Dean I have to leave, I can’t stay here with you and Sam for any longer.” You say trying to hide the hurt in your voice. “What are you saying y/n you can’t just take off and leave after all these years.” He said his green orbs staring into your e/c ones. “Yes Dean can, and I have to. Trust me, this is for the best. Please tell Sam that I’ll miss him. And Dean-” you paused this was the hardest thing you’d ever done, leaving Dean like this with no explanation. “ you need to know this really is for the best.  No matter what happens, I will always love you.” You paused again thinking of  how much you loved-love him before saying something you’d never thought you would have to say. “Goodbye De.”  They were your final words to him as you closed the door to the bunker, and let the first of many tears fall.


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l0rnhub  asked:

Hey! ^^ Can I request the RFA+V+Saeran's reactions to reuniting w/ MC at the airport after being away for a month? Thank you~

A/N: Of course you can, I’d be honoured!! ^^ *get a grip 404, stop fangirling* I mean yeah, psh, you totally can. No big deal. Not at all *smOOTH* ~Admin 404

A/N: Listen,,, that’s a cute prompt but das not a surprise coming from u (also i got some very obvious inspiration from How I Met Your Mother for some of these…)~ Admin 626

Yoosung, Jumin, Saeyoung, and Saeran done by Admin 404!

Jaehee, Zen, and V done by Admin 626!


-Literally BOUNCING

-Up down up down up dOWN


-ARE THEY SAFE?!?!?!?!???!

-He has one of those teddy bears that holds a heart, and like, 7 star shaped balloons

-Do you need all this? No. Does he care? Also no.

-The moment he sees you, he squeals so loud, everyone around him is staring

-R U N S to you, pulling you into a hug

-Makes you drop your luggage and instantly feels bad, and offers to carry it for you

-He’ll hand you his gifts and pull you into another hug

-He doesn’t want to let go, you’ve been gone sO LONG

-Insists on holding your hand and cuddling you close for the rest of the day, he wants to make up for lost cuddle time!

-Begs you to tell him every story and every detail you have about your time away from him

-It doesn’t matter if you called him everyday and texted him as much as possible!!!


-Show him any and all pictures you’ve taken, he wants to see!!

-Is in awe of everything you saw and did

-”MC, can we take a trip together some time? I think it’ll be really fun!!”

-Totally not because he missed you

-He’ll make you dinner while you shower and unwind from the plane ride




-He’s gone on business trips quite a few times since you’ve been gone

-Business trips means places that aren’t home, and places that aren’t home mean different types of things to buy

-Different types of things to buy means aLL OF THE PRESENTS!

-All of the presents means; kidding I’m gonna just leave that there you’re WELCOME

-He’ll have Driver Kim pick you up from the airport, and will wait for you in the living room of your shared penthouse

-As soon as you open the door, you call for him with no response

-Although, Elizabeth the Third meets you at the door Thanks Elly at least you’re excited to see me

-You leave your luggage at the door so you can carry Elizabeth to the living room, where you see Jumin standing the the center of the room

-Or, should I say, the cenTER OF A MASSIVE PILE OF STUFF??

-”Welcome home, Kitten. I take that your trip went well? I missed you dearly. I picked you up a few things because I was thinking of you.”

-A FEW things??????

-”Jumin! You didn’t have to do that! Relaxing with you when I got back would have been enough for me!”


-Confused Jumin

-He just wanted you to know that he saw these things and thought of you but you didn’t even really want it???

-You just wanted to spend time with him??

-That can be arranged

-He has a few of his body guards move all of the things he bought for you into another room and sat on the couch, pulling you onto his lap

-Gently runs his hand through your hair as you tell him all the sights you saw, foods you tasted, how the whole experience felt

-He smiles because he’s glad you had such a great time, but…

-There’s no way you’re leaving him for a month ever again, he couldn’t get you off of his mind

-Accompanies you on trips from now on





-Of course, you always sent him selfies, called every day, and texted nonstop

-He totally didn’t hack into every CCTV he could just to see you, haha, what are you talking about

-The bed felt extremely lonely without you in it with him

-Actually refused to sleep in the bed without you after the first few days you were gone

-He even went out and bought a cake to celebrate your homecoming!!

-Picks you up at the airport in one of his babies

-Yes, he actually left the house to get you, he’s just that excited

-Leaves the cake in the car because he doesn’t want to drop it

-Like Yoosung, R U N S up to you as SOON as you get out of your gate

-Picks you up and spins you around before pulling you close enough to give you a proper hug

-He’ll kiss the top of your head before pulling away to look over you

-He may have every inch of you memorized, but you were gone for a month, he wants to take note if anything changed

-Grabs your hand and your luggage, tugging you to his baby in a haste to show you the cake he picked out!

-It was an ice cream cake

-It’s now melted in the car


-It goes faster when you help him clean, and he pouts the whole drive home

-You’re the one who has to drag him to bed and cuddle him close so he stops pouting

-He quickly gets over it and kisses every inch of your face, making you giggle

-He finally had a good night’s sleep that he hasn’t had in the month you were gone, he’s so content


-Why would you leave this boy for a month

-You left him….with Saeyoung…for a moNTH

-To say he’s salty is an UNDERSTATEMENT

-He’s got such conflicting feelings, because he really missed you, but he’s also annoyed that you left him with his brother

-Saeyoung kept trying to get him to do ridiculous “bonding” activities, so he would immediately call you and say he was too busy to participate

-Had you call him more often than you would text him, he felt calmer when he heard your voice

-Freaked out a lot of the time you were gone because he wasn’t there to keep you safe!!

-He’d pick you up at the airport, and if you’re lucky, he’ll give you a quick (but loving) hug

-You’re in public, he’s not about to make a fool of himself like his brother would

-He’ll bring you to his favourite ice cream place and let you order whatever you want, then take you home

-That’s enough crowds for me today, thanks MC

-He’ll quietly listen and watch as your face lights up in delight as you relive your trip through the stories and pictures you tell/show him

-Forgets that he was ever upset with you leaving, and smiles softly at the fire he can see in your eyes

-He can tell that you really enjoyed yourself, but a selfish part of him hopes that you missed him as much as he missed you

-After your stories and you’ve gotten a chance to shower, change, and just unwind overall, he’ll put on a movie and cuddle on the couch, pulling you to his chest

-A huge, fluffy blanket is literally ENGULFING the both of you

-Nice warm little burritos

-He’ll kiss the back of your head and whisper against your hair that he missed you, and you can feel your heart swelling in your chest and a pang of guilt when you hear the defeated tone of his voice


-Lays his cheek on the top of your head and closes his eyes, listening to the movie in the far background and tries to focus on the fact that you’re home, with him, safe

-Please don’t leave me alone with Saeyoung again, MC. He won’t survive

-”MC, next time you go somewhere, you have to take me. No, there’s no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” about it.”


- This unicorn boy cannot function without you

- All he does is lament in the group chat about how empty his soul is???

- Saeyoungkickshimoutofthegroupchatafewtimes


- zenhaveyouhaveheardoffacetime

- So when you first get off from the plane, you don’t see him anywhere and that’s a huge surprise???

- You sit down because you’re a little disappointed, you were really looking forward to see him after being away for so long!

- You’resodisappointedyouactuallytearup

- You hear an instrument playing but you think nothing of it

- But then more instruments join in???

- You look up and there’s a crowd of people instruments around you?!






- He doesn’t let go of you the entire way home!!!

- When ur home, he’s made your favorite dinner???

- And may I add, a candle lit dinner!

- He whisks you off for a cute bath together because you’re probably exhausted after all that travelling!

- Afterwards, you two cuddle on the couch and watch his movies

- “I want you to get as much of me as you can”

- okayzennyboyi’msureithasnothingtodowithyoulovingtowatchyourself

- newheadcanon:zenisanexhibitionist

- listen,,, u may think this night ends with some frickle frackle bUT U ARE WRONG MY FRIEND

- He just wants to cuddle with you in bed and shower you in kisses!!!



- usually she’s the one away on business trips, and of course she misses you on those trips but that can’t compare to now

- the house is so empty without your laughs???


- the RFA has to confiscate it from her because she started bringing it into work

- holy shit this girl misses you

- When this girl sees you get off that plane, she runs to you and embraces you as tightly as she can

- “Wow did you lose your composure while I was gone?”

- “Screw composure, I missed you MC”

- When you guys get home, lots and lots of cuddles!!!

- youregladthebodypillowisntthere

- there’s tons of your favorite baked goods

- she pulls out matching onesies (I think we know where this is going)

- shehassomelingerietoobutthatsforlater


- this girl cannot get enough of your face and the RFA group is sick of being sent dumb photos of the two of you!!! Theyhateyoucausetheyaintyou


- you two spend the rest of the night watching Zen and Disney movies but you’re not even actually watching them, you’re telling her all about your trip!

- She never wants you to stop talking, oh my god you’re beautiful


- Oh my gosh this poor precious bean has no idea what to do without you???

- Most of his days would revolve around you?

- You’re in college so he helped you out as much as he could because he wanted you to succeed and not have to worry about little things!!!

- Clothes? Always washed and folded when you got home

- Food? He always has something prepared for you when you get home

- You’re having a rough day? He’ll run a hot bath for you and give you a massage after (listenthisboyisacutehousespouseokayfIGHTME)

- When he goes out for photography shoots, you’d always be his model??

- this giraffe is your #1 supporter and can’t get enough of you

- While you’re gone, his project is making a collage of your best pictures!

- hasadifficulttimebecauseallyourpicturesareyourbestpictures

- when you get off that plane, V is calmly holding a super cute sign with your name that Zen he made!

- he doesn’t run up to you, he doesn’t make a big entrance, that’s not V’s style but when you reach him, he hugs you so tight you almost can’t breathe

- On the way home, he decides to take a detour to his art exhibit because he just wants to check out some new photographs that were put up(y’all know where this is going)

- when you go in, it’s all pictures of you (thisistotallynotliketheExtragumcommercial)



- “I wanted to sum up how I felt about you but I realized that’s impossible. I love you MC.”

emetoandotherthings  asked:

On a long car journey one of your OCs gets sick (like with a virus or food poisoning or something) and they can't stop so they have to keep going, but Alistair's been trying to fight against his car sickness the whole time, but the sound of the other person puking sets him off too?

Love this request, thank you for it, friend! I really tried my hardest, but I was in the throes of writer’s block while I wrote this, and I think it’s a little bit rubbish… I hope it’s okay for you.

Warning: graphic descriptions of vomit below.

“How’re you two holding up, Alistair, Jasper?” Julius asked gently, reaching over to pat his boyfriend’s knee and glancing in the rear view mirror at his friend.

Julius was driving, the seat right up close to the steering wheel so he could reach the pedals properly. Alistair was huddled on the passenger seat, his face white against his red hair, carsick and queasy as usual. He’d managed to fight enough to stop himself from actually vomiting so far - but he could feel beads of sweat gathering under his bangs and it was becoming much harder.

Toby, Isabelle and Jasper were crammed hip to hip in the cramped backseat, Isabelle in the middle, with Jasper leaning against her heavily. The blond was even paler than Alistair, his eyes ringed with dark circles, his hands over his tummy.

The poor boy had been hit with a violent stomach bug the evening before, and had spent the entire night stumbling out of bed to the bathroom, retching and heaving until his voice was hoarse and his legs so weak that Isabelle had to practically carry him to bed.

Alistair and Jasper didn’t look as if they were holding up well at all, but Alistair nodded silently, and Jasper mumbled something positive, trying to smile bravely. Julius made a sympathetic clucking noise.

“Tell me if either of you need a plastic bag, okay? I’ve got some here.”

Alistair winced. “Couldn’t we just stop off somewhere?” he asked, his voice quiet and strained. Julius squeezed his hand.

“We’ll get home quicker if we just push on. I know it’s not fun, Star, I’ll try to go faster,” he said gently. Toby sniggered at the pet name as Alistair scowled.

“Star? What’s that about?” Toby laughed, smirking. Julius smiled, his eyes softening with love.

“You know, Ali-star?”

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that in front of other people, Jules,” Alistair muttered, though his cheeks flushed a little, and Julius could tell he was secretly pleased.

Toby pretended to vomit loudly, making Alistair and Jasper wince, their faces draining whiter. Isabelle poked Toby with her sharp elbow reproachfully.

“Shut it, Toby. We should be trying to distract them.”

Jasper had closed his eyes, his face buried in Isabelle’s neck, trying to breathe deeply. He felt hot and uncomfortable in the backseat, and Isabelle had forced some toast down him in the morning that really wasn’t sitting well now. He pressed his lips together determinedly - Isabelle had been so worried, she’d even held the toast to his lips as if he was a little kid. He’d feel horribly guilty if he threw it up after she went to all that trouble.

It was unfortunate for Jasper that he wasn’t too good at hiding his feelings. Isabelle soon noticed him tensing with every wave of nausea, felt his breathing speed up, heard the loud gurgles of his upset stomach. She patted him comfortably and called out to Julius.

“I think we need a bag back here, Julius.”

Julius handed it back quickly, while Jasper shook his head, looking frantic. “N-no! I’ll be - hic - fine.”

His stomach suddenly gave an astonishingly loud gurgle, as if trying to discredit Jasper’s words. The blond frowned and looked down irritably.

“Shut up!” he hissed directly to his tummy. Isabelle smiled wryly and held the bag out in front of her boyfriend, her voice gentle.

“Come on, Jazzy, it doesn’t matter. We know you can’t help it, we’re all friends here. You’ll feel better afterwards.”

Jasper still shook his head stubbornly, though his chest kept hitching with queasy hiccups and his face was grey. He was determined to hold back as long as possible - it would be so humiliating, vomiting in front of everyone in this squashed car. Jasper had a surprising stubborn streak, and he fought determinedly.

Alistair stared out the window, his face tense and set too. He was just about keeping his breakfast now, but if Jasper started to throw up he was sure he’d lose control. It was impossible not to in such a small car, with everyone seeing and hearing and smelling. Alistair swallowed uneasily, praying that Jasper could hold on.

There was a tense silence for the next five minutes, until Jasper gave a hiccup that turned into a heave, leaving him scrabbling for the bag. Isabelle held it steady for him, whispering to him.

“Shhh, that’s it… It’s okay, Jaz, I’ve got you.”


Jasper tried his hardest to remain quiet, but the small amount of food in his tummy had him dry heaving loudly and painfully before he finally managed to bring something up. Alistair heard the mess splatter into the bottom of the bag and covered his own mouth. He heaved into his hand, tapping Julius frantically to get his boyfriend to hand him a bag too.

“Fucking hell…” Toby muttered, as Alistair put his head in the bag and retched roughly too. “Hand me a bag too, Julius, I’m starting to feel left out.”

Alistair held up a shaking hand, aiming a middle finger at Toby, and Isabelle nudged him again as she stroked a whimpering Jasper’s curls.  

“They can’t help being sick, smart ass,” she scolded, taking the soiled bag from Jasper and wiping his tears with the cuffs of her jacket.

Poor Jasper was white and shaking pitifully now, crying weakly in humiliation. When Alistair could pull his head out of the bag he slumped miserably against the window, his red hair making his skin look even more pale and peaky. Julius scrutinised them both with a sigh and pulled off the road to a service station.

“Okay, I give up, I’m stopping. Just hang in there, you two.”

Julius pulled into the car park, and Jasper and Alistair stumbled out gratefully, breathing in the fresh air. Isabelle sat down with Jasper on her lap beside the car, and Julius came round and embraced Alistair, trying to coax some water down him.

Toby stood watching the entangled couples awkwardly, the only one without his partner. He usually didn’t care about PDA, but there was something so fond, so tender, about the way Isabelle smoothed Jasper’s hair, the way Julius gently held a bottle to Alistair’s lips. They weren’t doing anything at all suggestive, but it was so intense that Toby still felt he should look away.

“Make Toby drive, Jules,” Alistair mumbled, his voice still weak and sickly. “Sit with me in the car.”

Julius melted completely, but Toby rolled his eyes. “Think, Alistair. Even if I drive you can’t sit with Julius, there are only three seats in the back,” he said firmly. Alistair’s face fell, and Julius held his hands tightly, his little face wretched.

“Maybe we can all squeeze into the back..?” he said. Julius was usually the most sensible person you could ever meet, never so much as exceeding the speed limit in the car - Toby was shocked that he’d even suggest sitting four people in three seats. Still, Julius was soft as butter where Alistair was concerned - Julius couldn’t say no to the red-head when he looked at him so pleadingly, still pale and miserable.

“What if we get pulled over?” Toby asked, not used to being the sensible one. Julius hugged Alistair close protectively.

“Then we’ll explain to the police officer that they aren’t feeling well,” he said, as if that would be acceptable. Toby sighed a little.

“‘My boyfriend feels sick’ isn’t a valid excuse, Julius. Most people aren’t as nice as you are.”

“Well…if I see any police I’ll duck down. You and Jaz don’t mind us sitting in the back do you, Iz?” Julius asked hopefully.

“Of course not! Even the two of you will take up less room than Toby, his legs are too long,” she teased, smirking, and Jasper nodded placidly. Toby threw up his hands in defeat.

“Fine, whatever. There’s only a couple of hours to go anyway. Just get in the back - and you two try to keep it down until we get home, alright?” he said, pointing at Alistair and Jasper. Alistair scowled as he climbed into the backseat, snuggling up to Julius.

“Fuck off, Toby! If I puke again I’m aiming for you.”

Toby just ignored him and set off, trying to drive carefully so as not to attract any unwanted attention. He wasn’t insured to drive Julius’s car, he suddenly realised - but it was too late to bring this up now, he just drove on and prayed they didn’t get stopped.

Oblivious to Toby’s worries, Alistair and Jasper were as content as they could be when they still felt sick, curled up to their partners. Both queasy boys eventually fell asleep, Alistair leaning heavily on Julius, Jasper with his curly head on Isabelle’s shoulder. Eventually Julius and Isabelle dozed off too, warm and comfortable in the big tangled pile of limbs and bodies. Toby glanced at them all in the rear view mirror, flicking through the radio stations.

“At least I can listen to the music I want for a change,” he muttered to himself.