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anything funny/ slightly embarrassing that happened to the main 3 and their s/o?

Viktor once tried making s/o homemade chocolates for Valentines day, only to forget about them and have a melted mess in his car, since he left it running (hence having it warm enough for them to melt). He also fell on his face during practice, right in front of s/o, who was, at that time, still his crush.

Yuuri actually called himself a ‘sexy katsudon’ in front of s/o when he was explaining his idea behind the Eros choreography, only to realise an hour later what he said. On another occasion, he knocked s/o over while teaching them how to skate.

Yuri accidentally told s/o to ‘piss off’ when they called him to wish him luck in the upcoming competition (they weren’t able to attend), because he was convinced it was someone else, calling to nag him. He also got scratched across his face right after bragging about how good he is with cats.

Ted called me today

Just as i was getting ready to leave work ted called and asked me to stop by the store on the way home.  I told him i could not that my husband was home already.  He said just for a few minutes and then he said those magically words “You know how much you love my cock in your mouth”  I just  melted in the car, i love sucking that big uncut cock.  I Called husband and told him i have a few more haircuts to do and would be a little late.  I stopped by the store and ted had a few customers, he told me the thing I ordered was in the back room he didnt get a chance to open it yet.  I went into the back and a few minutes  later ted cam in the back his hand went right for my ass and he pulled me close and gave me a big kiss, then he said  i know  you don’t have much time so get your mouth on my cock.  I dropped down to my knees and opened his pants and few sucks and he was hard as a rock.  As i sucked his cock he held my head and i took him all the way.  he started fucking my mouth all the time telling me how great my mouth feels on his  cock.  Then he held my head still and fills my mouth with a lot of cum and just held it in until i swallowed it all then i licked his cock clean.  I got up and told him i had to go, he kissed my neck i left.

All the way home i was thinking how good that cock felt in my mouth.  When i got home I walk in the house and I gave hubby a big with and all the time i was thinking ted just came in my mouth and now i’m kissing my husband  it made me kiss him even longer

Coloring Outside The Lines Of Dependency

I wore my tattered leather jacket today
for the first time since I was in love
with you.
In one of the pockets
was a page from your coloring book
and, on the back,
was a tiny love note
from you to me
written in color pencil.
It reminded me of how
I thought the moon
from your cunt
and all the times
you called me a “more romantic Bukowski,”
as you held my head in your lap
after BDSM mornings.
Today, I watched the shapes in which you painted
melt into a car crash
resembling the schemas we left for each other.
I typed out a million texts to you
and deleted each one.
This world is more beautiful
when we are apart
even though the art we created
from each other’s pain
leapt from the canvass of our skin
on December nights
and sang outside your apartment window
a song that I will hear
every time the wind wisps
across my lonely bones.

Angels Teaser

Prompt: I would like to request a George weasley and reader where the reader stays at the burrow and they have crushes on each other and some sort of cuddling happens. You can make up the rest.

A/N: This is ONLY A TEASER and it is the car ride to the Burrow!! It’s so cute so far, i had to share as i am about to answer some more anons. REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN!!!! 

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Oh, it’s raining.

The muted colors blurred against the back car window, melting together in a mosaic fashion. Seemingly so, the rain continued to pelt against the sleepy windshield as Mr. Weasley drove, no, flew rather, above the mountains and forests nearest to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He tapped his fingers against the old steering wheel, an unheard tune playing softly in the old wizard’s meddle. 

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Summer Aesthetics

Shu: Seeing the same movie 5 times, sneaking out at night, sleeping with no blanket

Reiji: Summer resolutions, visiting relatives, remembering last years summer

Ayato: Eating watermelon, beach volleyball, riding bikes, beach parties

Laito: Skinny dipping, fireworks, tans and freckles, fast cars

Kanato: Melting ice cream, beach days, sunblock, sun bleached hair

Subaru: Bruises, sitting in front of a fan, contacting no one, binge watching tv series

Ruki: Road trips, getting sand in shoes, discovering a secret area, creating new memories

Kou: Writing notes in the sand, outdoor concerts, creating playlists

Yuma: Camping, staying out late, summer romance, visiting a greenhouse

Azusa: Collecting seashells, walking to secret hideout, sleeping in until noon

Evidence that Florida is actually Hell:
- My friend has to buy a lot of protective material to stop the dashboard in his car from melting. So far nothing has worked.
- My car magnet melted and glued itself to my car
- Even the tiniest bugs here can try to kill you
- Sometimes the earth just swallows people
- Our cryptids are very scary but everyone is incredibly non-chalant about them. Like “Oh yeah the gator man ate my boat.”
- That guy who dresses like Peter Pan and bit me exists.
- Half the Pokestops around here seem to be those markers on the side of the road to remind you to drive safe because someone died there

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Name: Kajal (aw hell)
A four letter word: kite
A boy’s name: Kyle
An occupation: knitter? uh. Knight! That’s a legit 21st century occupation, folks.
Something you can wear: …a knit sweater. Oh! Knickers.
Food: Kale
Something you find in a bathroom: Kiwi shampoo. I don’t know. Kumquats. 
A place: Kingston
A reason for being late: kissing. lots of kissing
Something you shout: Kill me now
A movie title: King Kong
Something you drink: Kiwi juice. Kale smoothie. Kulfi that has melted. 
A type of car: Kia? Does that count?
Title of a song: King of Anything, Sara Bareilles 

That’s hard.

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There was a spaghetti sauce jar full of snow in the freezer of my last apartment

I don’t remember when I collected it, but it must have been a special day, or I wouldn’t have collected it at all. And all snows are special here, as they dwindle. It was recollected on the day that I cleaned out the freezer and distributed mostly empty liquor bottles to friends, making peace with the chicken breasts I would never cook. In the car, it melted to so little.

Tonight there is a full moon. With sodalite and three chosen tarot cards in my pocket, I drove down to the pond in the park near my new house, which is not my house at all but a way station. There was a coyote sneaking off toward the golf course when I pulled into the parking lot. There was a suitable tree, beside a street light because it is nighttime and I am a strange woman in a strange place, and one can never be too safe. The water smelled of garlic when I took the lid off the jar. I poured the melted snow into the pond. The moon is painfully white, and the air is cold.

I have finished waiting.