meltingcore asked:

Ultra late reply but replying to your comment on my artist confession: yes, you do have a point there. About wanting some people to look at my work. That is true because I'm writing a comic to spread awareness for the mental illness I have. So I DO want people to look at it. And learn from it. And hopefully help others like me. I think the main reason I made that confession is because I'm tired of people focusing ONLY on the amount of watchers they have haha. But yes, you do make a good point.

I thought you might have been exaggerating the lateness because I had to go look, but wow you weren’t, were you?  (It’s fine, it wasn’t too hard to find since it had your name on it at least.)

I understand the frustration, but there is a difference between wanting numbers for the sake of having numbers and wanting people to listen to you/look at your work. Not everyone who fusses about numbers falls into the former category, they’re just upset they don’t have an audience. Some people are entitled brats about it, but wanting attention is not bad in and of itself.

meltingcore asked:

If you guys don't have any fun, you'll get depressed. :c Doesn't Kraang Prime have fun?

The Council is aware of you, one known as meltingcore. You are one of the loyal interns of Kraang and this pleases the Council as that loyalty must extend to the Council as well.

Even so, this impertinence displeases us. Only certain Kraang are allowed to ask of the ways and actions of our glorious leader, Kraang Prime, and even fewer Kraang are allowed to gaze upon Kraang Prime.

Additionally, the one known as meltingcore is mistaken: the Council has ordered that will be no fun…for the interns and all who view the blog of Kraang. The Council of Kraang is allowed to engage in the experience known as fun, if it be the will of Kraang Prime.

Furthermore, Kraang Prime derives enjoyment in the suffering of those that are lesser than Kraang Prime, so for the enjoyment of Kraang Prime, the one known as meltingcore shall be thrown into the Pit of Despair for the duration of time that is no longer nor shorter than a week.

None shall look upon the one known as meltingcore, and if the one known as meltingcore continues to send messages to the Council, they may be ignored.

-The Council of Kraang

meltingcore asked:

Okay, I'll tell you my plan for capturing the turtles. But first can I have one of those laser guns? Pretty please?

To the intern of Kraang known as meltingcore, Kraang wishes to remind the intern of Kraang that the intern of Kraang is knowlegable of the thing known as the rules, and that all requests for the things in the possession of Kraang involve a form.

In this case, the intern of Kraang must fill out form VDO-899X2, in triplicate, and then give them to the Intern of the Council of Kraang, so that they may shred the papers. Then the intern of Kraang must take the shreddings and form them into a shape that is pleasing to the Council of Kraang, and then must wait the units of time known as months for the response of the Council of Kraang, for the Council of Kraang is quite busy. Then if the intern of Kraang receives a favorable response from the Council of Kraang, the intern must give the Council’s response paper to Kraang and only then will Kraang be able to give the item that the intern of Kraang has requested to the intern of Kraang.

As Kraang has said in the amount of times that are greater than one, Kraang cannot go against the will and wishes of the Council of Kraang. Kraang hears things that the interns of Kraang do not hear, and they keep Kraang up at night. The things that Kraang hears must not be named, and thus Kraang shall not name them.

-Kraang the Younger

meltingcore asked:

I had a dream you guys knocked me out and I don't even know why.

Kraang extends greetings to the intern of Kraang known as meltingcore, and requests that said intern fill out Packet 418-5-112 and write in complete detail the exact details of the dream.

Additionally, have another delicious frozen treat and be on your way.

-Kraang the Younger

meltingcore asked:

Hey Kraang and Kraang, I could think of some plans to capture and/or defeat the Turtles. (Evil plans and traps are kinda my thing.) Let me know if you want to hear what I come up with. (PS: The Kraang are why I originally started watching TMNT.)

Kraang is intrigued by the plan of the one known as meltingcore, loyal intern of Kraang. Kraang orders that the intern of Kraang submit this plan to Kraang so that Kraang may see if it pleases Kraang.

To all interns, capturing the ones known as the Turtles is of a priority of the greatest importance, after the completion of the repairs of the Technodrome. All interns of Kraang that are found to be possessing of the negative characteristic known as laziness will have their appendages replaced with robotic parts, in order to increase production.