Lush (for Nut)

One of my first memories is looking into the vastness of space and wondering who She was and how She got there. I still greet Her every night, twenty-two years later.

I’ve always whispered epithets into the starry night,

Swirling my every thought and whimsy into a bouquet of humanity,

Raw at times, painful even. But She always has listened.

“Shine a spotlight into my mind so that I may know You are here, a honeyed starlight twisting through my neurons, a connection unbroken. But I’ve always known You were here, haven’t I?”

I gave Her many names – my imaginary friend, the universe, God – and none of them fit.

Until now.

She enfolds my existence, my protector-

She is the water that cascades from my showerhead – catching the right light, like liquefied starlight,

She is the sycamores brushing their sprigs along the cheek of the early morning sunshine,

She is the radiance that has illuminated the great pyramids for thousands of years - the Pharaohs bow before Her.

And She is why reality is not a flat dimensional plane - She is encrypted through the fibers of every living thing - we are all made from Her, we are all made from stardust, She lives in all of us and we are all Her children.

She is the grid that connects religion and science, the bridge between this world and the next - the ultimate singularity.

She is lush.

She is the universe.

She is Nut, Mistress of All.

(And I will never forsake Her.)