There is a school that sits below a melting glacier training a global warming army (Photos)

The lifeblood of Peru is evaporating before its people’s eyes. More than 77 million people get their drinking waterand irrigation from the rivers fed by glacier runoff from the snow capped mountains of the Cordillera Blanca.

Very few people realize that Peru is home to 70% of the world’s tropical glaciers. What even less realize is that

40% of the Cordillera Blanca has disappeared since 1970.

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In the middle of the Alaskan Gulf a distinct difference in colour between two adjacent bodies of water has been noticed. The explanation would be that the fresh water of a melting glacier and the the saline water from the ocean have different densities and did not mix immediately.

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Your Earth Transforms by Meike Nixdorf

“We live on the earth´s crust, an expansive habitat we share with every human on earth, made of a combination of solid rocks. This rock formation seems safe and stable, yet it is sensitive, effected by constant movement and change. As global temperatures increase, glaciers are melting, leading not only to rising sea levels. While the glaciers melt and become lighter, the crust rebounds as the weight of the ice decreases, providing the potential for future earthquakes, landslides and eruptions. What we see today could no longer be the same tomorrow.”

You would never have
The mountains
Shaved down

Or the foamy waves of
The ocean
Smoothed out

You wouldn’t
Cut down
The autumn trees

Or curse them when
Their Spring flowers leave

You wouldn’t flood
The dry desert sands

Or melt
The great white glaciers
As they stand

No, you wouldn’t ask
The world
To be
Less round

Or the
Craters in the moon
To be
Less profound

Of course,
Their beauty
Is clear for
All to bear

And still al Musawwer,
The Fashioner of Forms,
Does swear

To have created
In the
Best of stature

And yet,
My love,
You are never pleased
With what
The mirror captures.

—  I wish you could see that you’re the real masterpiece

Sapphire Mystique, by whuang

After much talk and planning I finally made my way up north to visit the ice caves of Mendenhall Glacier. Frequently dubbed one of the must-see places before you die, the radiant blues of the glacial ice is a spectacle to see. Unfortunately due to warm temperatures across Alaska for the past year, many including the most famous of the ice caves have melted away as the glacier continues to recede. Not to be deterred, we continued looking for newly formed caves. Eventually, we came upon this amazingly blue one that reminded me of sapphires. Inside, it was an icy blue heaven with scalloped ice, dripping water, and frigid temperatures.