Landscape of Sonmarg, Kashmir, India

Sonmarg is a popular tourist destination in Kashmir. Vehicles driving from Srinagar to Ladakh usually take their first halt at Sonmarg. It is mainly popular for the Thajiwas glacier and the streams that the glacier melt creates. By the time we went in late summer, the glacier had almost melted. Streams were flowing in full force. 

Gujjars, the nomadic shepherds had set up their camps around this stream. Their colorful tents are seen here in the background. 

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Beaver Chief falls, Glacier National Park by WorldofArun on Flickr.


In the middle of the Alaskan Gulf a distinct difference in colour between two adjacent bodies of water has been noticed. The explanation would be that the fresh water of a melting glacier and the the saline water from the ocean have different densities and did not mix immediately.

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This is a moulin in the Jakobshavn Glacier of Greenland. The Jakobshavn Glacier is the fastest moving glacier on our planet with speeds of up to 30m/day.

In the summer, the increased temperatures cause melt water to form lakes and rivers on the surface of the ice. The water formed flows into deep vertical shafts in the ice called moulins. Scientists are unsure of where the water flowing into these moulins ends up, but it has been speculated that it may be falling to the base of the glacier. Water at the base of the glacier lubricates its motion and enhances its speed. It is believed that eventually the water drains into the the Arctic Sea. 


(Photo Source: Roger Braithwaite, University of Manchester. Courtesy NASA

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