melting wall

Grounding With Other Elements


  • Sit in a body of water, a natural one or a bath. Feel where the water touches your skin. Find the line at the surface, where it touches you. Go around your whole body. Feel weightless.
  • Drink a glass of water, slowly and steadily. Feel it travel down your throat and into the rest of your body. Finish the glass.
  • Listen to the rain, the waves, the babbling brook. Feel the sound. Let it vibrate through you until your vibrations match.


  • Feel the wind on your face. Let the spread-out pieces of you be picked up by the wind, and pushed back to you. Let the wind carry the unnecessary stresses away. 
  • Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Repeat.
  • Take a word, sound, or phrase. Repeat it or sing it, find that pitch and speed that feels right.


  • Feel the heat from a fire, let it warm your bones.
  • You are a candle flame. Sit or stand tall. Let the excess energy burn up and out the top of your head like smoke. Flicker as needed.
  • Turn off the lights, light a candle. Watch its light flicker on the walls. Melt into the room.

au where jimin is failing the class he joined because of some cute guy. yoongi, the coldest guy at university, is giving private lessons for $60 per hour, so jimin gives up and decides to contact him. 2/?

private party → 01™

genre: smut, fwb!au, slight fluff, brother’s best friend!au
word count: 5.9k

The only girl Jungkook wants is the one he can never have.

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The door to Jungkook’s home carelessly flew open and his lips were instantly pressed to yours. He swiftly closed the door behind you with his foot before pushing you against the wall. You melted into him as you coiled your arms around his neck, your lips finding his in a sweet, but intense kiss. His tongue tapped your lips for entrance and you let out a small moan of approval, causing him to grin as he broke the kiss, attacking every centimetre of exposed skin that he could find on your neck and jawline.

“God, dinner lasted forever,” you gasped breathlessly, letting your head fall back against the wall as he feathered kisses across your jawline, “And your little trick under the table almost got us caught.”

He pressed his erection into your lower stomach as he lowered his lips to your ear and his voice came out in a deep hiss. “I guess I just can’t resist you,” he spoke huskily, his tongue lightly brushing against your earlobe as he smirked and kissed your sweet spot behind your ear. 

Your breath hitched in your throat, your lips parting slightly as you breathed out a moan and melted into him and the wall behind you. If his body hadn’t been pressed against yours, you knew you would’ve slid down the wall. He barely did anything to you and you already felt utterly wrecked. Your legs felt like jello and your breathing was heavy. You couldn’t think of something funny or sarcastic to say, so you focused on calming your pounding heart.

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Exeunt pursued by man in bear suit.

I had two weird dreams last night, which I suppose were technically all part of the same dream, wherein I was visited by dead people. I mean they weren’t dead Dead in the dream, but my brain was self aware enough to be like, “you know these people don’t belong here in your house…they’re dead…also they’re Terry Pratchett and Robin Williams, this is a dream”. 

I first knew something was off kilter because when I walked into my kitchen, Terry Pratchett was sitting there drinking a mug of tea. The dragon under the stove was also a give away, but famous authors, even dead ones, are not often found in my kitchen (contrary to what you’ve heard about my baking). He was reading something, and to my absolute horror I realized it was one of my manuscripts. I started to stutter and sat down in front of him, and because I am British offered him a slice of cake to go with his tea, so I might slide my work out from under his fingers. Not to be distracted by the prospect of a Victoria Sponge however, Terry looked up at me and said 

“It’s a shame really, I was rather enjoying it until the words just stopped…why did you stop? Did you lose your words too?”

At which point I rocketed upright in bed and tried to rationalize why Terry Pratchett would be in my dream and giving me a mild telling off for not writing anything…and then because it was Terry and I miss him, had a bit of a cry and went back to sleep.

Which was when I “woke up” in my bed because I was being prodded in the side. Assuming it was my husband trying to wake me I rolled over and told him to go away, at which point the voice of Robin Williams bounced around the room at full volume as he yelled, “Rise and shine funny-girl, it’s time to climb the walls!”

Ah yes, thought I, I am still asleep and dreaming…or I am in a coma and someone is playing Robin Williams to try and wake me up…which was the point when I heard Terry Pratchett ask, “Is she up yet?”


“Tip her out the bed.”

So because Terry Pratchett told him to, Robin Williams tipped me out of my dream bed, and laughed at me when I swore.

“Ach aye, there’s your accent lassie, none of that Amerrrrrican inflection, eh? Just had to get you good and mad.” said Mr Williams, in his own Scottish imitation, hauling me upright and carrying me over his shoulder out the door while I squawked and flailed at the indignity of it all.

The next few images where a blur of motion and sound, but after that we were in a castle which I recognized to be one of my own ideas. My own characters stood stock still like cutout cardboard mannequins, frozen in time, the last action I had written them into. 

Terry was walking between them, pausing every now and then to peer at them through his spectacles like they were an exhibit in a wax museum and giving a little nod every so often, like he had just seen the eyelashes in the wax and was mildly impressed.

Robin at this point, had his arm around my shoulders and was giving me the grand tour of my own work, yelling out jokes about my characters and making me laugh at them.

“And here we have underdeveloped character number three! Half baked and still gooey at the center, it’s salmonella for everybody but at least it tastes good!”

When I looked round again, Terry was sitting at the foot of the dais to the empty throne, sheets of paper between his hands again as he read from the script.

“It says here “exeunt pursued by man in bear suit”…” he said.

“I thought it was funny…” I replied sheepishly…looking at the world which had sparkled mere moments before and watching the color seep away until it was turning grey and cold at the edges… “I thought…well it doesn’t matter. I scrapped it.”


“I don’t know.”

“Did you lose your words?”


“Then why aren’t you writing?”

“I don’t…”—by now the world was starting to fall apart and crumble to dust, falling upwards into the pitch black sky as though it was being pulled away by a black hole.

Robin came in front of me then, placing both giant hands on my shoulders and leaning in until we were butting heads.

“I know it’s hard,” he said, smiling right into my soul, “I know it’s hard when all you want to do it stop. And sometimes you have to, sometimes you can’t chase the demons out. But what you can do, and no one ever tells you this, funny-girl, what you can do…is make ‘em laugh. You can’t burn ‘em out, you can’t chase ‘em out, and you can’t leave without them because it’s your head, but you can make ‘em laugh. You can shake hands with the devil and make him laugh. The world is your clam chowder, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll still find the pearl. Does that make sense? No? Good, nothing makes sense, nothing in this whole existence we like to pretend is reality makes sense, nothing but doing your best and trying to make yourself happy, and if you can’t do that do it for others. You can, you know you can…otherwise your mother wouldn’t be so angry when you tell jokes and there wouldn’t be a man over there dressed in a bear suit waiting to follow us out.”

Laughing and crying, I looked over to where he had pointed, and there was indeed a man in a bear suit. He waved, and I waved back. 

By now the world had dissolved, the walls melting away until only the cut out people remained, illuminated by starlight where previously there had only been black. I turned round when I felt a hand on my shoulder and found Terry standing behind me, his eyes crinkling up under bushy eyebrows as he smiled, handing me back my manuscript.

“I have to go now,” he said, “we both do, because this isn’t real and you’re dreaming. But I’ll have that cake before I go.”

So the three of us turned together to walk out over the stars, pursued by a man in a bear suit.

I woke up sometime before four am, with a heavy ache in my throat, feeling rung out and completely exhausted, but ultimately feeling as though somehow everything is going to be okay. I’ve got walls to paint and chores to do, but later on I’m going to bake a cake and then I’m going to write. And I’m keeping the bear suit joke.

I Do Not Understand- Pennywise X reader

Hey there everyone! This is just a little snippet of a larger story idea that if you would like for me to continue, be sure to let me know! 


for those of you who do enjoy it, I hope you like this, and thank you for reading!


He liked to watch you. He would hide within the shadows of your closet and peek out through the empty spaces, carefully melting back into the walls around your room. Although the reason that kept him here was still unclear to him, he stayed and studied you, absolutely fascinated with how you went about your life.

You knew he was there, sometimes. You had caught him once or twice in the early summer, and every time he would spare you and flee without giving a word or explanation. But that was a while ago, you thought that maybe he had moved on and that hopefully he would leave you alone. Although, part of you wished that he would stay, after all of the days you had spent with him. You had known the creature for a long time now, though “know” wasn’t the world to use. You had no idea where he came from, what he really thought about you. All you knew was that he had watched you, in your room and at your school, and you remember the marks he had left many times on your skin. You remember all of the cloudy days he had spent by your side, just looking at you and enjoying the closeness. He knew the route you took to get home, what stop signs you passed and what oak trees you hid under to escape the heavy rains and he knew of your growing affection for him. You suspected it was because of this, that he left, and remained a mystery.

How much you didn’t know about him, was outnumbered by how much he did know about you.

As the months passed and summer came closer to its end, you saw less and less from the clown. You didn’t see any tall figures in the shadows, no more red balloons tied to thin tree branches, it was almost as if he had disappeared. Though this was not what it seemed.

In reality, the creature’s obsession with you only grew, he spent more time lurking in your room, watching you. He watched as you slept, dressed and ate. He watched you as you worked and talked on the phone with your friends. And what’s worse, he watched as you moaned and whimpered his name between the silky sheets of your bed.
Everyday the creature grew more more tempted to join you, relish in the earthly pleasure that was your touch. He remembered the very few time he had allowed himself to touch you, how wonderful it had been to hold so much power over you. Yet every time he was so close, he’d break away. Never again would be allow himself to partake in such a human thing, he hated himself for even thinking about it. He would try to imagine your body ripped open before him, blood blanketing the beautiful smell of your fear, but it was no use. The rush of the kill was was pale in comparison to the thought of your hands on his face, gentle touches followed by begs for more. The creature could no longer stand this torture.

One morning while you were preparing for the day ahead, he watched as you picked out a particularly interesting outfit. A short sleeved white blouse was tucked gently into an ankle long skirt, floral patterns decorated the pale pink fabric with layers of crinoline hidden underneath. You curled your hair and painted your lips with a color that caught the creature off guard, blood red. You skipped happily out of your bedroom door with a pair of cherry red shoes to match, your skirt twirling happily as you looked over yourself in the passing mirror. The monster watching from the shadows was astounded, completely overtaken with the red that decorated your body. It was a look that he had seen before, but never before had he appreciated it like this. Seeing you wear red was always a favorite for him, but never before had you worn it on your mouth, like he did.

Throughout the day he followed and watched you like usual, saw the interactions between you and your fellow humans. But this time was different, this time he felt strangely protective. He saw their looks of envy, saw how some of them would look at you behind your back, their eyes raking up and down your figure. The storm drain could barely contain his anger, his sharp teeth grinding against themselves as males and females alike would touch and compliment you. He could feel the jealousy within him, the want to make a claim to you boiling his very blood. The feeling of shame and regret that he had felt for so many months was gone, he only wanted you.

As you returned home that night, gently setting your bag on the floor before wandering into your room, the monster could no longer take it.

As you slowly opened the door to your closet, a long and slender arm shot forth from the dark, fingers clamping around your throat to silence a scream that started to form in the back of your mouth. You watched in horror as a pair of gleaming eyes stared back at you from the shadow, blue and murky like a fresh rain puddle. As you squirmed they flashed a golden yellow, sending a shiver up your spine.

“Why must you do this to me..little one”

The creature spoke and you whimpered, his arm dragging you closer to him. You could barely see him in the dark, but the smell of burnt sugar reassured your suspicion.


A muffled recognition of his name was all you could manage as he lifted you by the hold on your neck, walking forward and out into your room with you in hand. The light from your bedside lamp bathed him in gold and you observed the scowl on his face. Your hands flew up to grasp at the one that held you, tightly holding onto him as he leaned in and shouted

“Why must you tease me so!”

He shook you, your breath hitching as you croaked for breath. The clown was angry, but he didn’t seem to be angry with you. It almost seemed, as if he was frustrated with himself.

“Why? Why damn you!?”

His voice was deep, yet sharp, it made your head spin with how deep it cut you. You shook your head and managed a smile, softening your gaze.

“I- I missed you”

You said and he spat, tightening his hold and making you croak. He shook you again as she spoke, his eyes flaring into a deep gold.

“How dare you, you little pest!”

He exclaimed, confused by your smile and the way you spoke so calmly. The air was rancid with your fear, yet you smiled at him, why? Pennywise shook his head, turning and pressing you up against the wall. The force almost knocked the wind out of you as your small hands clasped tighter to the one around your neck.

“I was at peace! I would feed and then rest, content with devouring your kind! And then- You!”

He leaned in forcefully, pressing himself against you and burying his face into the crook of your neck. His eyes fluttered at the smell of your fear, your soft skin so warm, so fragile. He inhaled, growling and almost whimpering as you clutched to him. He shook again and this time, a hand came to rest against the small of his back.

“Penny, it’s okay”

You said, your voice shaking as he slowly relaxed his grip on your throat. He looked up at you, anger blaring in his eyes

“No. No! I can not eat, I can not rest! All I see, is you! You little monster!”

He roared and growled, saliva dripping from his lips as his pointed yellow teeth pressed against your skin. You winced but you did not let go, holding onto the fabric of his clothes and repeating

“Pennywise, it’s alright”

The clown shivered and felt himself melt under the smell of cherries, a new smell that he had only caught whiffs of when he saw you from far away. You felt his hands clasp your waist as he shook and pressed further into you

“I do not understand this..”

He whispered, and you smiled, resting your chin against the top of his head

“Neither do I”

You said back.


thanks so much for reading, if you’d like for me to continue this fic, be sure to let me know either in the comments, or in his inbox! If you have any head-cannons/ fic ideas, share those with me too and i might write about them! 

Thanks again! 

Part 2 -

she is a girl with changing seasons in her soul, yet she’ll still love you with all that she has.

she is a girl with stormy weather in her skin. thunder and lightning thighs, yet she’ll still love you with all that she has.

she is a girl with hurricanes in her mind, constantly swirling around her thoughts and emotions. yet she’ll still love you with all that she has.

she is a girl with ice cold eyes and a snow-capped heart. hard to melt those walls, yet she’ll still love you with all that she has.

she is a girl who can blossom. flowers grow from her fingertips but can easily be ripped out from the tornadoes in her thoughts. yet she’ll still love you with all that she has.

she is a girl with sunrises in her smile as she listens to you talk.
though deemed imperfect by the misanthropes in the universe, she is a morphing season herself.

though bright warm colors transform into cold, hooded shadows, her mind and heart will still give you love with all that her being has.

—  8.2.17 / love her for the nature in her soul

anonymous asked:

You're a super amazing writer, just FYI :) If you're still doing prompts, how about 39 for clexa?

Lexa stared down at the text message lighting up her screen in the dark, stared and stared until her vision began to blur. Her heart was stuck in her throat, had been now for going on twenty hours. She’d spent the entire day in bed, skipping her two Tuesday classes and sacrificing a shower in exchange for a snotty pillow, soft blanket, and Grey’s Anatomy reruns. Anyone who asked, though, was given a meticulously thought-out explanation of how she was out of town for the day, visiting the wildlife sanctuary three hours away for a research assignment. It wasn’t unbelievable. It wasn’t even a stretch. Lexa did such things occasionally for her conservation classes. But it was a lie.

At least she didn’t have to worry about a roommate. Being an RA could be a serious pain in the ass, but the single dorm it guaranteed her was a godsend. She had never liked having a roommate. She liked her space, needed her space. Her privacy.

She stared down at the words on her screen again, the last of a long string of text messages (forty-two, to be exact) sent between 10:32 the previous night and now.

I’m going to break into Vale. I swear to Moses, Lexa, I will do it.

Lexa rolled her eyes. Vale Hall was her dormitory, and Clarke didn’t have access. She didn’t even live on campus. She lived in an apartment across town. Lexa huffed a warm breath up toward her eyes. They had been cycling back and forth between too wet and too dry, and now, they were just tired. Her phone buzzed again, and she glanced back down.

I’ll steal Raven’s rock-climbing gear and scale the building.

With a sigh, Lexa flicked her thumb over the screen and scrolled up to read some of Clarke’s earlier messages again.

You know I hate the silent treatment.

Can we just talk about this? Please?

My stomach is in knots. I hate this. Please, talk to me.

It’s been like twelve hours. I didn’t sleep all night. I look like I just climbed out of a trash can. Talk to me.

Can I come over?

Ignoring me only makes me stronger, you know. I level up every time I see the little check mark saying you’ve read my messages but don’t respond. I’m going to hulk out if this goes on much longer.

I know you’re not really at the sanctuary. I can see your location on Snapchat.

Lexa had changed all her settings after that. No read receipts. No location access on her social media. It was a little extreme, but she just needed a day. This one day to be by herself, to feel her stupid feelings, and then to snap back to being herself. Strong. Steady. Secure. Stoic.

And absolutely, positively not in love with her best friend.

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private party | preview.

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fwb!au, slight fluff, brother’s best friend!au

The only girl Jungkook wants is the one he can never have.

The door to Jungkook’s home carelessly flew open and his lips were instantly pressed to yours. He swiftly closed the door behind you with his foot before pushing you against the wall. You melted into him as you coiled your arms around his neck, your lips finding his in a sweet, but intense kiss. His tongue tapped your lips for entrance and you let out a small moan of approval, causing him to grin as he broke the kiss, attacking every centimetre of exposed skin that he could find on your neck and jawline.

“God, dinner lasted forever,” you gasped breathlessly, letting your head fall back against the wall as he feathered kisses across your jawline, “And your little trick under the table almost got us caught.”

He pressed his erection into your lower stomach as he lowered his lips to your ear and his voice came out in a deep hiss. “I guess I just can’t resist you,” he spoke huskily, his tongue lightly brushing against your earlobe as he smirked and kissed your sweet spot behind your ear.

Your breath hitched in your throat, your lips parting slightly as you breathed out a moan and melted into him and the wall behind you. If his body hadn’t been pressed against yours, you knew you would’ve slid down the wall. He barely did anything to you and you already felt utterly wrecked. Your legs felt like jello and your breathing was heavy. You couldn’t think of something funny or sarcastic to say, so you focused on calming your pounding heart. 

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Un Cadeau dans la Poche

Nick Amaro 


“I’ve been waiting all night to get my hands on you. It’s not ending this quickly.”

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Not requested but suggested by @amaroforpresident in our first ever encounter on tumblr and wowie look how long it’s been

(2.0K words)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: NSFW (smut), cursing, vagina-owning reader, teasing, mention of going under cover

“You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted this,” Nick breathed against your neck. He hooked an arm around your waist and drew your body flush against his, nipping at your skin. He swallowed. “How badly I’ve wanted you.”

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They always make shower sex look so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous. (Logan Paul)

Author Notes:  So Logan Paul “pranks” you in his vlog, causing you guys to take a shower, which gets a little heated.  And I’m not just talking about the hot water ;) (sorry.. that was really lame…) I hope you enjoy! :) Xx

Warnings: Heated makeout session, mentions of nudity, slight mention of smut. One swear word.

Word Count: 888

Requested: No, I was just bored and started writing it.

Logan had been making eyes at you throughout this whole section of filming for his vlog.  You being his personal assistant and girlfriend you were always at his place either working or hanging out.  You two had scheduled a movie night, so after you got done working you decided to just stay and hangout until he was done vlogging.  You were currently scrolling through Instagram when you noticed that the apartment had gone quiet.  You look up an empty apartment.  Not thinking twice about it you go back to scrolling, only to be interrupted by a thick slimy substance sliding down your back. “Logan!” You shriek, jumping out of the chair, facing your snickering boyfriend.  Logan, looking at the camera, says, “Logang, I knew that homemade slime would come in handy!”  Turning to he says, “Gotcha babe!! Today’s content has been kind of anti climactic so I had to do something!”  You glare at him, earning a chuckle from Logan.  Turning back to the camera Logan begins the outro, “Alrighty, if you’re not already apart of the Logang like and subscribe, Logang, smash that like button!!  I’ll see you tomorrow, keep being a Maverick.  And as always, take it easy fam, PEACE!” and with that he’s shaking his head towards the camera.  After setting the camera down he walks over to you, standing at the kitchen sink, trying to desperately clean the green goo off of you.  “Babe, you might as well just take a shower, it’s all over your back,” Logan says, going in for a kiss, only to be pushed aside by you with a glare, making a path to the bathroom.  “You want some help with those hard to reach places?  I can definitely help you with that, if you know what I mean,” Logan replies, wiggling his eyebrows at you.  “Will it stop all the remarks?” Logan looks as if he is actually contemplating, “Maybe?”  You roll your eyes, and with a sigh reply, “oh my god, fine.”  You both make your way to the bathroom.  As Logan turns on the water you start undressing.  You barely notice Logan watching you as he slowly starts to undress, but when you do you turn around blushing.  Logan has seen you in the nude plenty of times, but he just makes you feel that giddy, school girl type of way.  Logan noticing your red cheeks, walks up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist, trying to not get the green slime all over him.  He kisses your cheek, “Y/N, you’re beautiful, you don’t have to hide from me.”  You turn around and kiss Logan sweetly on the lips, “thanks babe.  Now i’m ready for this shower, and you better be ready to clean this slime off of me.  You made the mess, you clean it.”

“That’s not the only thing i’m ready for,” Logan whispers in your ear, before stepping in the shower and turning around, holding out his hand, to help you in.  As soon as you step in the warm water hits your body and Logan starts cleaning the goo off you.  You can’t help but close your eyes, enjoying the feeling of Logan’s hands roaming your body.  As he gets closer to your shoulders and neck you can’t help but let out a soft moan as relaxation and pleasure course throughout your body .  Logan leans into your ear, whispering, “Is someone a little tense?” and with that he starts sucking at the sensitive spot behind your ear, causing you to moan a little louder.  Logan takes that as the green light, turning you around and passionately kissing your lips.  As your tongues battle for dominance Logan slams you against the wall of the shower, causing a shampoo bottle to fall, and land on Logan’s toe.  “Ow, Fuck!” Logan bursts out, looking down at the bottle.  You giggle, loosing the focus of dominance, Logan takes control.  His tongue in full control, you almost melt into the wall of the shower.  With you and Logan getting a lot more handsy, you decide to give Logan something special.  You and Logan switch places, him now pushed against the wall.  You break away and start trailing wet kisses down his jaw, onto his neck, stopping to leave your mark.  “Y/N, baby, at least make them easier to hide, for the vlog,” Logan says chuckling.  You start moving lower, looking up at Logan with a raised eyebrow.  Not breaking eye contact, you start trailing kisses lower and lower down his toned abdomen.  As you move to your knee you loose your foot, slipping.  You reach up and grab Logan’s shoulders, pulling him down with you.  You both land with a thud on the shower floor, Logan on top of you.  You both look each other in the eye, holding contact for seconds, only to be broken by the two of you bursting into fits of laughter.  Logan rolls off of you and tries to fit beside you on the small floor of the shower, and turns to you saying, “they always make shower sex look appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”  You start laughing again.  You turn to him and say, “then maybe we can finish this in the bedroom?”  Logan pecks your lips before pulling you both up off the floor, “I’m down!”

Hope you enjoyed!! Xx

Who knew how far we’d come
Who knew we would be making each other laugh again
After months of silence and tears and heartbreak.

I don’t know if I ever gave up on us at all.
You were my one, my sun in the darkest of nights
And I needed you more than I wanted to admit
So I let myself hurt until I was crying on the couch in the middle of the afternoon,
Talking to the ghost of the person you used to be.

Who knew I would still love you after all of that heartache
And who knew you would love me back in the end?

Suddenly, it was you who was hurting
And it was me who was turning a cold shoulder
Trying to protect myself from the ghost of you
Who tore my heart out.
But I still loved you unconditionally, so I let you warm my heart
And melt the walls I had tried to build around it.
Your sweet smell, your warm eyes,
And I fell right back into you.

Who knew I had made the right decision
And who knew we’d make it this far.

You wrap your arms around me before we go to sleep
And I slither out of your warm embrace just so you’ll reach out and grab me again
Take me back into you
Showing me the warmest of your love.
I smile to myself because
You are everything I have ever wanted.

But sometimes, deep down, I am still afraid
Because although things have changed since last year,
I still need you more than I care to admit
And I am afraid that one day, that may be the end of me.

—  I love you always, but please spare me the pain in doing so
Patrol Makeouts

The first time it happens, it’s soft and sweet and feather-light, almost too quick for Chat Noir to even process Ladybug has kissed him before she’s stepping back and swinging home. It takes him a solid ten minutes to even think about moving, and Adrien spends the next morning in a daze.

The second time it happens, Chat Noir catches her offguard in the middle of a patrol. They’re looking down at a crowd of tourists taking pictures of their statue, lit up in honor of the superhero duo’s anniversary of the first akuma they faced.

He waits for a smile to reach over and cup her cheek, turning her to look at him. He murmurs a happy anniversary into her lips before he kisses her, lingering long enough to feel the way every ounce of tension melts from her shoulders under his gentle touch.

She looks up at him with wide eyes and flushed cheeks, smiles, and dives in for a second kiss of her own.

He stops keeping track after the third time. They’re laughing and playing an impromptu game of tag across the rooftops of Paris when Ladybug tackles him to the ground and grins down at him. The laughter fades when he’s captivated by the starlight in her hair, and she bends closer to claim a kiss as her prize.

There’s nothing soft or quick about the way they explore each other’s lips and necks and shoulders, kissing along jawlines and murmuring each other’s names as they learn what the other likes. He loses track of time, measuring their moments in heartbeats and the soft gasps Ladybug makes when he kisses the hollow of her throat.

They always insist on doing a thorough sweep of the streets before they find a quiet corner somewhere and push their boundaries just a bit further than last time. His hands skim her hips as she hums an approving note into his lips and tangles her fingers in his hair. She adjusts their angle with a gentle tug, and he almost melts against the brick wall behind him. Two months ago, the idea of Ladybug kissing him was absolutely beyond belief, and now it’s become the highlight of their patrols.

He pulls her closer with a warm hand splayed across her back and breaks away from her lips to trail a line of kisses up the side of her neck. Her grip tightens in his hair, and she presses closer, whispering praise. He kisses up the shell of her ear, teeth grazing her earlobe, and the soft whimper that fills the night when he does sends a thrill down his spine. A year ago, he could never have imagined this. Now he couldn’t stop imagining this, aching to hear more of her quiet moans and the breathless way she says his name when he manages to overwhelm her with pleasure.

She tugs him off her neck and claims his lips in a fierce kiss that leaves his mind buzzing and his knees weak. He’d be lying if he didn’t admit he’d always suspected that Ladybug would be the one to lead even when it came to a more personal relationship between them. Still, every time she does, he’s always surprised by how much he likes it. He loves being surrounded by her on all sides, pressed into a hard wall, feeling her fingers drifting over his arm and shoulders and chest. He bites back a moan when he feels her fingers tugging at his bell and exposing more of his neck for her to lean down and kiss. A very small part of him worries about the marks her teeth might leave behind, but a much larger part of him is happy to let her have her way.

The next day, Adrien wears a scarf to class in the middle of France’s hottest spring to date.

21. Staying cool during a heatwave (from this list)

It was well past thirty degrees out before Ladybug and Chat Noir finally stopped for a break in their weekly patrol.

“So, can we get an akuma that, like, turns off the sun or something next?” Chat groaned where he was sprawled out on the shady, lukewarm concrete under the rooftop overhang they’d discovered together. “Just for a day. One day.”

“But then we’d have to fight in the dark,” Ladybug mumbled back, trying not to whine as she leaned (melted) against the wall by his feet. “I hate fighting in the dark.”

Her eyes felt dry when she blinked and her tongue felt cool when she licked her lips and it was really much too hot out to be doing anything that didn’t involve copious amounts of cold water, but she and Chat had a duty to the city, so patrol they would, regardless of the danger of heatstroke.

Chat sighed gustily and flopped a hand in her general direction. “Imagine I just said something really great about holding your hand. It’s too hot to think up lines.”

Ladybug laughed through her groan despite herself. “It’s too hot for holding hands, too.”

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Title: Roommates

Genre: smut

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Length: 2715 words

A/N: So sorry this took me so long to get out. TBH it’s been sitting in my WIP folder for months now.

“Shhh” you giggled as the guy you were sneaking into your apartment pushed you too harshly against the door, causing it to slam open. “My roommate’s asleep.”

He hummed into your neck as he continued leaving deep, sloppy kisses on your skin, his hands already reaching back to unhook your bra and failing. You giggled once more, the alcohol in your system relieving you of any inhibitions and let him fling your shirt off. You reached past him to throw the door close, too lost in his touch to register your noise level. You walked backwards into the room a few steps before he pulled you into him, kissing you hungrily as you quickly rid him of his shirt.

You pulled away from him and smiled as you saw his eyes rake over your exposed skin and giggled when you saw the way his tongue flicked over his lips. You flashed him a smile before turning around and letting your skirt fall to the ground. Your skin was hot where you felt his eyes on you as you walked towards your room, disappearing from view for a moment before he came after you. You felt him press against your back, his mouth returning to your neck as you let out a hoarse moan. Yoongi would definitely yell at you about this tomorrow, but for now all you could think about were the hands trailing down your body.

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trauma measures thick layers of dirt on the floors she’ll never scrub
she says it takes more energy to try than to sleep and we’ve already painted on permanent dark circles
we are so used to looking dead,
why go back now

trauma pours a cup of the strongest coffee and melts into the walls at the sound of footfalls

trauma wants to know why we have to remember and I ask her why she thinks we have the ability to forget

trauma cries in the shower and pretends the spicket is a waterfall and she is finally clean

trauma screams at loud movies and flinches when touched

trauma stops episodes mid watch ‘cause one flame can turn white hot wildfire and triggers can kill

trauma decorates her prison and celebrates isolation

trauma renames fear “safety” and says if she has to be a loaded gun she’ll do it right and make her mother proud

trauma cannot forget
trauma cannot forget
trauma cannot forget


I’m sure you all saw this coming. Thanks to the discord chat for giving me plenty of ideas! 

Akande Ogundimu. 

The name alone struck fear in your heart and had you looking over your shoulder. You never thought that you would come to be so terrified of the man you had once cared for so dearly, it made you resent the world that had warped him into the monster he was now. 

You first met him at one of his matches, enchanted by how elegant his movements seemed to you. And from the look in his eyes, you could tell that he was calculating every movement his opponent made and knew exactly how to knock them onto their asses. When he won and made his way out of the middle of the ring, you had been quick to saunter up to him to congratulate him on the victory. The big smirk on his face made your cheeks flush and you gladly accepted his invitation to a late dinner, the both of you laughing over whatever nonsense would flow out after a few drinks.

 Akande was warm and charming, never failing to bring a smile to your face. You adored the deep rumble of his voice when he’d wrap his arms around you and press his lips to the spot just under your ear, whispering to you that you were the best thing that had ever happened to him. If it were possible you would spend days staring into his golden eyes that shone with all the hope and joy in the world. It wasn’t long before he took you to meet his family. The two of you were practically glued at the hip when he wasn’t busy with his family's company. You attended every match and cheered louder than anyone could ever hope to. When things had started getting more dangerous he had decided to ask you to marry him, promising that once everything was over he would give you a wedding grander than anything you’d ever seen. 

You had never been happier. 

That was until the Omnics made it to your area and wreaked havoc on the city. Akande had thought the both of you would be safe but things got ugly and he lost his arm because you couldn’t get away fast enough. You never thought you could scream so much and you couldn’t speak for the next few days, all the crying you did didn’t help either. When they tore you away from his side to get his prosthetic into place you nearly had a breakdown, worried that if you took your eyes off of him he’d disappear. It was a relief when you were allowed to come back to him, but he was different. 

Akande didn’t have that same light in his eyes, not after he was told he couldn’t compete in matches. His prosthetic had been deemed an ‘unfair advantage’ and you could tell that not being able to compete was really wearing away at him. He didn’t smile as much and it hurt your heart. You didn’t know what to do about it and thought about sitting down with him and having a really big talk, something you knew he had been avoiding. That was until there was a very sudden change in Akande, his eyes were bright again but he started disappearing for long periods of time. 

He started becoming more possessive of you, not allowing you out on your own. If you tried to do it, he was suddenly right beside you; grabbing your wrist and dragging you away so he could remind you of what he asked about. You figured he was paranoid after what had happened with the Omnics and did your best to listen to his.. requests. After a while he began dictating the way you should dress, laying out clothes for you every morning and ignoring you when you wouldn’t wear what he picked out. It wasn’t until he got aggressive about your going against his wishes that you really started to worry about where he was running off to. When you would ask him about it, he’d either avoid the question or reassure you that he was doing something that would be good for everyone, especially you. 

And then he was gone. It wasn’t for another week that you heard that he had risen to take the place of Doomfist. When the news got to you, you did the only thing you could think of doing. Hide. 

It had been such a relief when you heard he had been taken down, put under maximum security because of everything he had done while working under Talon. You never felt so betrayed when you heard about all of the things he had been responsible for. It took some time before you could go out and face the world, you missed him so much but there was no way in hell you’d want to be with him now. And then, when you had finally gotten around to getting into a nice relationship because you wanted to move on from the heartache, Akande broke out of prison. 

You had been expecting him to come after you, never having officially broken off your engagement and knowing that he would hold onto you until he didn’t want you anymore. What you hadn’t expected was some dark figure to knock you unconscious. When you woke up you were laid out on top of a bed that was definitely not yours, it was way too big and felt a lot softer than the one you had at home. Fear gripped you tightly as you sat up, slowly because your head still hurt, and your eyes scanned around the room to try to have an idea about where you were. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes, while you were trying to pry open the small window, that the door flew open; the shock of it pulling a scream from your lips. And there, standing in the doorway like your nightmares come to life, was Akande Ogundimu.

“There you are, my darling. I’ve missed you,” he purred out, taking a few steps towards you as he continued, “I know this must’ve frightened you but I had to make sure you came quietly.” You couldn’t help the whimper that slipped out of you, pressing yourself as far back as you could. If it were possible you would have melted right into the wall. The fear must have been clear on your face because his face fell a little, gently chiding you as he reached out to hold your face in his hand. “Now, why do you look so upset? If you’re worried about that man I saw you with, not to worry. I’m sure I can set you straight in no time,” at his last word Akande slid his hand down and wrapped it around your throat, squeezing tight enough to cut off your air and bring tears to the corner of your eyes. 

“Now, why don’t you welcome me back properly.”