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MELT MOUNTAIN’S new vinyl record ‘’SUPERFETISH’’ is finaly here!!!

Check out their amazing music and email if you want to purchase a copy!

All illustrations inside,outside and on the disc were created by me :)

I’m gonna make a record pressing company that will melt down vinyl anime waifu figures and press future funk albums on it. 

Sleazy dudes would eat this shit up

Making a custom Kaidan Alenko Pop! Vinyl (Or a Custom Shepard!)

Here is the process I went through to make my own Kaidan Alenko Pop! Vinyl. Feel free to use this to make your own - I really encourage you to give it a go because it was lots of fun! :) You can use the same process to make a Shepard too - you just need to choose a different head (remember that the hair cannot go past the shoulders) and paint the armour however you choose!

You will need:

- paintbrushes (one fine tip brush for detailing & other sized for applying paint. You need GOOD paintbrushes. A cheap alternative is to buy a set of makeup brushes - it’s what I use! My exception if the fine tip brush that I use for detailing. I always use a model making paintbrush.)
- Commander Shepard pop! vinyl
- Another pop! vinyl that has a ‘Kaidan-like’ head (I use Castiel)
- Good quality acrylic paints
- Craft glue
- Boiling water & container to hold vinyls
- matte finishing/varnish spray
- Qtips
- Nail Polish Remover (with acetone)


1. I start off with two base pop! vinyls - a Commander Shepard (for Kaidan’s body) and a Supernatural Cas ‘Steve’ pop vinyl for the head.

2. I boiled both pop! vinyls and separated the heads from the bodies. I put these guys into a tall skinny container and poured boiling water on them, and kept them submerged for around 2 minutes. While it was still hot I was easily able to separate the head from the bodies. (I also took off the arm with the omni-tool, but you don’t have to!).

3. I planned out the colours for Kaidan’s armour and then started painting. I did his black under armour first. And then did his blue metallic armour. I selected some panels to paint with a lighter blue metallic paint (his knee guards, buckle and spine guard & lights). All paint was applied using a dry brushing technique and was applied in 4-5 thin coats. I waited for each coat to dry before I applied the next coat and it took most of a day.
Please note that I used a very good quality acrylic paint for his armour and a medium priced one for his under armour. You can do this with cheaper acrylics too but it may take more thin coats to get perfect.

4. I painted on Kaidan’s white stripes freehand as I was out of painters tape. I did the white lines (2 coats of a good acrylic) and then touched up the blue around it to straighten the lines. This took a long tine and I worked in small sections to get the lines perfectly straight. I applied the lines to his legs, arms and chest.

5. I then drew on Kaidan’s eyebrows in led pencil, and then painted them on using a good quality acrylic in 4 coats.

6. I used a Q-tip with nail polish remover to straighten his eyebrows - please note that the polish remover *will* melt the vinyl - so use it sparingly and only in one direction. Work fast and do not press too hard or you’ll grind your paint into the vinyl.

7. I sealed my paint job with a spray on matte varnish

8. I attached the head to the body - the head I chose was not a perfect fit and I had to use scissors to cut the inner vinyl seal a little bit to get it on. I also had to warm up the head using boiling water so the vinyl would stretch. I used a small amount of craft glue - but not much.

And ta da! I was done!

The same process can be used to create a femShep, except I usually plan a femShep out on the computer first so I can design her armour:

Have fun! I’d love to see pictures of any Sheps you make! :)

"Jonan" - A Conan & Jack Fanfic.

It was a cold, windy evening in the town of Detroit, Michigan. We find ourselves in the dark bedroom of a tall redheaded man, who goes simply by the name of, “Conan.“ Conan was lying in his bed, trying to sleep. But it was of no use. He was awake with the night, tossing and turning. His mind was clouded with thoughts. Thoughts of a man simply named, "Jack." 

Conan spent a lot of time with Jack. They were great friends. Many weekends they enjoyed together. One-hundred cups of coffee. Five-hundred phone calls. A thousand songs from his vinyl collection shared together. But no matter how close they were, Conan could never tell Jack that he wanted to be more than "just friends.” His heart skipped a beat every time he saw the suave, darkly dressed man. He could listen to him speak for eternity and never get bored. But alas, he was afraid he might ruin everything if he told Jack of his true feelings. 

He thinks back on today. They were in his parked car on top of a hill, watching the sunset. He looked over at Jack, how gorgeous he was in the fading yellow light. Conan was entranced by the man’s beauty, so much so that he began to reach over to put his arm around him, maybe even steal a kiss. But Jack turned to face him, and Conan panicked, and played it off as reaching for the gear shift. Jack looking at him funny, but then striking up a conversation about the blues and how taxidermy buffalo’s give him boners. 

The memory fades and we are back in the dark room. Conan turned over on his pillow, and shed a tear. “I wish you knew how much I love you, Jack…” He says to himself and closes his eyes. But then he feels someone touch him. Conan turns over and looks. It’s Jack. Conan is shocked, Conan is happy. Jack has a smirk on his face and crawls onto the bed up to Conan, and whispers in his ear: “This is my turntable now.” Jack says as he crashes his lips to Conan’s. Conan is in ecstasy, finally being united with his love. Jack pulls out his 7” and slides it into Conan’s “sleeve.” His sleeve is too small, and the paper is tearing, but he does it anyway, for Jack.

Jack let’s out a mighty roar as his warm melted vinyl fills Conan’s mold. It is at this time that Stephen Colbert walks in. Jack looks him straight in the eye and says, “It’s all tangible now.“ 

Stephen slowly closes the door, but cracks it to look at Jack. "Are you still looking at me?” Jack questions. Stephen shuts it completely, and is gone.

Jack stares into Conan’s eyes for a brief moment. He always knew of Conan’s feelings, and has now shown his own. Jack suddenly begins to levitate toward the ceiling, then floats out the window into the night. Conan is lying on his back with a smile on his face. He sighs, closing his eyes and whispers to himself,“Jack is Lov3, Jack, is Lif3.”

Photoshoot: Reupholstery

While I love most of the Monster High furniture sets designs, I don’t always love the colours. I’ve been meaning to redo my Coffin Bean furniture since I bought it, but was at something of a loss to how to mask off everything I wanted to leave black.

…I’d have done this months ago if I’d taken the time to look and realize that pretty much the whole set comes apart. Easily. ^^; A few days later, voila:

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