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Snowball Fight

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It was quiet. And cold. Really cold.

Astrid wrapped her arms around herself as she walked out of her hut on the edge, which was now covered in snow. Astrid groaned and she could see her breath in front of her. 

The girl and her dragon made their way to the clubhouse, where she found Fishlegs and Hiccup gathered around the fire. She joined them in regaining feeling in her frozen body while Stormfly joined Toothless and Meatlug towards the back of the clubhouse. 

“Good morning,” Hiccup was the first to speak and his voice was still shaky from the cold.

“Not sure if there is anything good about this morning,” Astrid replied quietly.

“Guys!” the door to the clubhouse suddenly swung open and let in a gush of cold air. “It snowed!” Snotlout said, stating the obvious. 

“I was right, nothing about this morning is good,” Astrid rolled her eyes.

“Yes, Snotlout, we know,” Hiccup said, annoyed. 

All of a sudden the doors burst open again and in came two huge snowballs, one hitting Snotlout in his stomach and the other hitting Astrid on the back of her head.  

There were two giggles to follow and then Astrid whipped her head around, glaring daggers at the door and towards the two she knew who were guilty of making the back of her head wet and cold. 

“Snowball fight!” Snotlout, not even upset, yelled and ran out into the cold winter air.

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somniumaddiction  asked:

so we know ghiaccio is fantastic at ice skating but can he also beat the rest of la squadra at snowball fights?

Of course I can because my White Album can easily melt any snowball that comes in my direction! But the other members can be pretty formidable in their own ways like

Except for Prosciutto. He doesn’t stand a goddamn chance.

Zelink 50 sentences (One-sentence fic)

1. Different (OoT/MM)

It seems to Link pretty much like he’ll always be an outsider, wherever he goes, only Zelda accepts him as an equal.

2. Hair (FSA)

While running from Vaati’s crumbling tower, her bow came undone; they lost valuable time with the four Links fighting for who got to tie it again.

3. Cheat (TP)

A fishing-rod?!” the princess repeated, incredulity in every line of her face “You are trying to say- that you defeated the King of Evil, the legendary Gerudo Thief, the scourge of Hyrule…with a fishing-rod?!”

4. Nickname (ALBW)

Zelda had often heard people in town call him a ‘Sleepy-head’, but didn’t know how right they were until the morning after their wedding, when only the promise of a hot breakfast had managed to get Link out of bed before noon.

5.  Lips (OoT/MM)

Tatl, tactfull as always, asked if he’d considered the possibility that Zelda were giving him indirect kisses via ocarina.

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Come join me in Silmarillion fandom! We’ve got loads of Elves who have complicated and batshit relationships and dynamics with each other! So many badass Elves, so many tragic Elves, and maybe even some occasionally happy Elves, and all of it is so engrossing, join the Silm fandom, there are many, many joyful things here.

A Host of Memories by ncfan, celeborn/galadriel & celebrian + all the other elves, 2.8k
   Celeborn, history, and Celebrían.
Fire Ascending by French Pony, finwe & feanor & indis + nerdanel, 5.9k
   One day in his early adolescence, Fëanor learns two things about his family that will change his outlook on life forever.
all the flesh inherits by havisham, maedhros & maglor & gil-galad, ~1k
   Gil-galad meets some of his kin.
Lover Boy by Makalaure, feanor/nerdanel, 1.1k
   A young Fëanor struggles with his feelings.
This Taste of Shadow - “I have filled this void with things unreal” by Mira_Jade, celegorm/luthien + background celegorm/aredhel & beren/luthien, elements of dub-con, 3.9k (for this chapter)
   It was a memory that came to haunt him more than he would care to admit during the time Lúthien Thingoliel was in his keeping.
This Taste of Shadow - “the songs enchantments sing” by Mira_Jade, thingol/melian, ~1k (for this chapter)
   She was a daughter of time’s beginning, and he but a sapling to the great oak tree of her days.
This Taste of Shadow - “thrown before fists” by Mira_Jade, finarfin & fingolfin, 3k (for this chapter)
   Dutifully, he let his brother examine his split lip, and where there had been sadness on Indis’ face, something hard settled on Nolofinwë’s brow in response to what he saw. His ocean-soul picked up a ripple, as waves rumbling in warning of a storm.
This Taste of Shadow - “sunrise, sunset” by Mira_Jade, beren/luthien, 1.8k (for this chapter)
   It struck her then, just how painfully mortal her husband was … how mortal she was.
This Taste of Shadow - “from step to step” by Mira_Jade, maedhros & elros, 1.8k (for this chapter)
   If anything could be said about Eärendil’s son, it was that he was surprisingly resilient for a child.
This Taste of Shadow - “measured by many branches” by Mira_Jade, glorfindel & everyone, 8.9k
   Prompt: Ice, Ski, Sled, Avalanche, Melt, Frost, Snowball, Snowman, Snowfall, Tradition, Holiday, Free-write

full details + recs under the cut! 

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Arthur Recap Season 7 Episode 9 Part 2 The Return of the Snowball

You want to know how really crazy the time warp is in Arthur-land?

D.W.’s Snow Mystery, which has the first appearance of the snowball, took place in season one. This follow up episode is in season seven.

In a “Star Wars” reference the episode opens up with rolling titles. Arthur narrates our tale for the day: there is unrest in the Read household. D.W is still bitching about the snowball despite the fact that it’s been seven years or however they keep time in this time warp. As Arthur discusses plans to defeat D.W.’s dark side, D.W. interrupts the narration insists that Arthur did take her snowball and she demands narrating privileges. Jane tells Arthur to let D.W. do some of the talking and then he informs her that it’s about the snowball.

“Oh no. That again?” asks Jane.

Damn. If your mom is tired of your four-year-old bullshit, guess what? It’s four-year-old bullshit, D.W.

I wonder why this episode title is in reference to the third Star Wars film when it’s the only follow up to the snowball episodes. I guess “The Snowball Strikes Back” didn’t have as a good of a ring to it.

Wait a minute, yes it does! Why didn’t they pick that title?

It’s Jane’s birthday and the Read family is celebrating with cake and dinner. From the kitchen, D.W. shrieks excitedly and runs into the room to tell everyone that her snowball is back! “And right on the six month, two week anniversary since it went missing!” she adds.

Jesus. D.W. has been thinking about this snowball for six months and two weeks? This is when Jane and David probably should have sat down and looked a list of child therapists but everyone’s in a good mood after cake so they just cheer D.W. on and cogratulate her.

But no seriously, they should have been trying to see if Supernanny is still doing house calls. D.W. spends all evening sitting at the kitchen table and staring at the snowball. D.W. even makes Jane close the fridge super slowly as to not damage the poor, fragile snowball.

And then she reminds Jane to also put the peas back in the freezer.

That night, D.W. has a dream about the snowball. She dreams that she, dressed in fancy ball gown, enters the snowball’s ice palace and waltzes with him as onlookers made of ice watch on.

That’s…that’s one imagination, I’ll tell you that.

Snowball asks how he got back into the freezer and D.W. shrugs that she doesn’t know. Snowball could have just let this slide and then he and D.W. could have done The Hustle in that kick ass ice castle but no, he has to trigger the conspiracy theorist in her.

“If someone took me once, what’s to stop them from taking me again?” he asks ominously.

“What do you mean?” gasps D.W. Suddenly, a giant Arthur enters the scene and scoops up Snowball, laughing maniacally.

D.W. wakes up and goes down to the kitchen to make sure the snowball is still there.

It is. 

But D.W. is awake and so is her crazy!

She puts the snowball in a container and locks it with a bike chain. Still not satisfied, she sends the night in the kitchen with the freezer open to catch any possible thieves.

In the morning, Jane is not pleased that D.W. spent all night making a mess and is not impressed with the “If it was stolen before, what’s to stop someone from stealing it again?” defense. This is her expression when D.W. makes it:

Arthur pipes up to tell D.W. that her snowball thief theory is stupid. Of course this makes him Suspect No. 1 to her. When Arthur goes into the kitchen to clear his plate D.W. follows him and tries to reopen her snowball container to be sure he didn’t take it.

Jane walks into the kitchen in time to see D.W. about to stab her container open with a fork. Jane immediately stops her and scolds D.W. for playing with sharp objects. I have a feeling that if PBS didn’t have a “If your character is wielding a sharp object, make sure to include a PSA how you need Adult Supervision to do so”, Jane would have walked right by without batting an eye. 

The Reads are pretty neglectful sometimes.

Anyway, she helps D.W. unravel all the tape, chains, and gadgets around the container and D.W. is horrified to see that the snowball is smaller.

Jane lets D.W. keep the snowball in an ice cooler in her room for the night.

“Aren’t you going to punish Arthur? He obviously took the outer part of the snowball!” asks D.W.

Oh, look at that Jane: an opportunity to lay down the law with your kid and put an end to this snowball obsession. Instead, Jane reminds D.W. that the snowball melted because she fussed with it so much. Well, it’s better than nothing so I’ll take it.

That night, D.W. dreams about Snowball, whose ice palace is now melting. He suggests that to find the original snowball thief, D.W. should look for the person who put him back in the freezer.

Come on, Snowball!  Can’t you see that by encouraging D.W., you’re really only hurting yourself?

D.W. decides to launch an investigation. Since she possess the subtlety of, well, a four-year-old, D.W. decides to recruit outside help when her interrogation of Arthur lands her in time out. She tricks Brain into coming over and pays him to answer two questions: Could a snowball hide in a freezer for six months without getting “smooshed”? If not, then where did this snowball come from?

Just as Brain makes a connection between the ice cream from his family’s shop and the snowball, Arthur enters and asks what’s going on. D.W. tries to shoo Arthur away but Arthur points out to Brain that he has been duped by a four year old girl. Brain and Arthur then leave Casa de Read to roam Elwood City like a free range chickens. D.W. can only helplessly yell from the doorway of the house about how Arthur sabotaged her on purpose.

The snowball has finally melted and D.W. actually cries as she pours the melted water in a jar. Arthur appears in her doorway and admits that the snowball was a fake. He explains that when he went to the ice cream parlor to pick up the ice cream for Jane’s birthday, he noticed the new snow cone machine and decided to pick up a plain one and sneak it into the freezer so D.W. would think her snowball returned.

“Clearly, I did not think that plan through,” adds Arthur. 

D.W. demands to know that if Arthur didn’t take her snowball, then who did?  Arthur loses his temper at her. “Why can’t you just let it go?” he begs.

“I can’t just let it go! It was a crime!” yells D.W.

It’s a missing snowball, not the Lindbergh baby. Jeez.

As Arthur storms off, D.W. realizes that maybe she has been obsessed with this snowball for too long. She thanks Arthur for trying to cheer her up and pours out the melted ice out her window. She sees Emily on her way to the pool and D.W. calls out that she wants to come along too.

In the sky, three aliens observe the scene. The dad alien scolds his children for stealing the snowball and causing all of this trouble. The kid aliens shrug off the scolding and argue over who got to eat more snow as they head off into the galaxy.

Thus concludes “Return of the Snowball”.

Keep an eye out for the sequel “D.W.’s Obsessiveness Awakens”.

Grade: A+ (Everything was on point. Voice acting, animation, plot, pacing. I guess it was a good thing we waited seven seasons for this follow up to D.W.’s Snow Mystery because this was gold.)

Rating: 100% intense. Snowballs are intense.

ADVENT - 03/12




Four snowballs impacted, just as Q managed a strangled “clear” that would never be heard, by virtue of him hitting the floor with his glasses liberally coated in snow; Q could hear sniggering from all around him, and truly did mean his threats. Q would ruin their lives.

Bond leaned over, grabbing Q’s hand to help him up, dodging a snowball that would have caught his shoulder. “You’re really not made for this sort of thing, are you?” he laughed.

Q reached into his pocket. “I’m going to get you all for this,” he hissed.

Bond went white.


With a truly vicious grin, Q chucked a pen off into the distance, cackling wildly; a minor explosion later, and the ground for a good few metres around was snow-free (and also pen free, technically speaking) with easy sightlines.

Q strode into the empty space like a vengeful demon, pulling a small device from his pocket. “Try me now, you bastards,” he called out combatively, demonstrating the laser pointer; he pointed it into the nearby bank of snow, carving out the words fuck you, while those who had been throwing snowballs hid in absolute terror.

Bond was refusing to move. 

“James. Psst, James.”

Alec was sneaking along the snow towards him, just out of sight of Q’s shrieking danger. “Yes?”

“Get behind him. We need that laser pointer gone. Eve’s volunteered to be the diversion.”

Bond shook his head with vague disbelief. “Only Eve,” he muttered. “The woman’s not afraid of anything, is she?!”

“Not even a little bit,” Alec agreed.


Eve appeared to take that as her cue; Q let out a small yelp as snowball flew at him, and managed to blitz it with the laser in a move of absolute extraordinary aim.

Alec gaped. “I know,” Bond supplemented lightly. “Better shot than both of us put together.”

“We’re fucked.”

“I know,” Bond agreed. “But, since we’re here…”

Q twisted around to where R was hiding, directly opposite from Bond and Alec. “Now?” Alec suggested.

“We need more of a diversion.”

As though on cue, several people – Q-branch minions, 001, 009, Tanner – seemed to all have the bright idea of chucking snowballs at their psychotic Quartermaster. Q was then happily taken up shooting them out of the sky whilst swearing a blue streak that made even Bond wince.

Go,” Alec hissed.

“You’re kidding me, the man has a laser!”

“… you’re scared of a laser?”

“The man is melting snowballs out of the air, of course I’m scared of a laser,” Bond snapped back. “Why don’t you go, if you’re so keen on the idea?!”

Alec didn’t reply.

Q, meanwhile, stood watching around him. “ANY MORE?!” he shrieked. “OR ARE WE FUCKING DONE FOR THE DAY?!”

Bond and Alec looked at the snowballs in their hands. “He’s going to lynch us, isn’t he?” Alec asked conversationally.

“Yes,” Bond agreed, and lobbed it with all the power at his disposal, waving goodbye to any chance of sex for a good few weeks as it slammed into the back of Q’s head.

anonymous asked:

Leo being at camp during winter and just melts every snowball that comes his way while he's working on something cuz Leo doesn't have time for it

  • Piper and Jason get right into the snowball fight and try to gang up on Leo. After being peppered by snowballs for less than two minutes he cracks it and starts vaporising them before they can hit him.
  • Piper calls him a party pooper and Jason says he’s cheating, but he doesn’t care.
  • He tries to get them back later, when he’s finished what he was working on, but the snowballs keep melting in his hands. So Leo ends up just collecting a bucket of lukewarm water and precariously positioning it above the door to Jason’s cabin while they’re both inside.
  • Jason cops most of the drenching, but Piper gets enough to warrant a change of clothes.
  • They get him back by filling his entire bed with snow (a monumental effort) that melts into a pile of slush as soon as he lies on it.


Day 2: Snowball fight ft. Mabel and Pacifica no mercy route

i feel like bill would challenge mabel and pacifica because hes super competitive, but then end up being a liability because he keeps arguing with dipper and getting angry (resulting in melted snowballs) 

meanwhile mabel and pacifica use teamwork to take them down 

anonymous asked:

Imagine the Winter Soldier loving the winter. He likes it when it snows, going sledding, etc.

“Steve, think fast!” Bucky yelled before chucking a snowball at the back of Steve’s head.  His friend was sitting on the sofa in their living room and was too easy of a target to avoid.

“Ow!  Buck!”

“I said ‘think fast’.  That means duck.”

“If you mean duck, then yell duck,” Steve said, running his hand over the cold wet spot on the back of his head.  "Was that a snowball?“

“Sure was!” Bucky said cheerfully, another snowball at the ready in his gloved hand. “First snow of the year, Steve!  Snowball fights and snow angels and fucking sledding.  Let’s go!”

“C'mon, Buck,” Steve began.  "I can’t right now.  I got a ton of paperwork I gotta submit to Fury by 9am.“  He held up a file folder with a note paperclipped to the front:

Either you finish these by 9am tomorrow or I finish you.  -Fury

A picture of a skull and crossbones was drawn next to Fury’s name.

"Make Clint do it,” Bucky offered.

“His file is even bigger than mine.”

Bucky rolled his eyes and sighed, then glanced at the snowball melting a mess into his hand before looking back at Steve.

Steve eyed the other snowball with suspicion, then made a mental note where his shield was as he looked back up at Bucky.

Bucky finally broke the silence before Steve could move for the shield leaning on the side of the sofa.  "If I hit you with this snowball before you can grab your shield and block it, you have to come outside and make a snow angel with me.“

"What happens if I win?”

“You won’t, so why consider it?” Bucky said with a smirk.

Those were fighting words.

When I win,” Steve began, a twinkle in his eye, “you have to help me finish this paperwork.”

Bucky groaned, but nodded.  "Deal.“

"Count of three?” Steve said, locking eyes with Bucky.

Bucky nodded again, his eyes on Steve.  "Count of three.“

"One, two–”

Before Steve could get to three, Bucky let the snowball fly just as Steve rolled, grabbed the shield and heard the satisfying sound of ice hitting vibranium.

“That’s bullshit!  You cheated!”

“So did you!  You never wait for three,” Steve said almost fondly.

Bucky sighed and made to take off his gloves, annoyed at the fact that instead of rolling around in the snow with Steve, he’d be spending his afternoon helping him fill out boring mission reports.

“What are you doing?” Steve asked as he stood up, laying his shield on the sofa.

“You won, so I gotta help you with Fury’s crap.”

“I didn’t say you had to help me now,” Steve said with a grin, heading to the hall closet to grab his winter gear.  "Besides, I haven’t made a snow angel since we were kids.  I have a feeling it’ll look a lot bigger than it used to.“

Bucky responded with a bright smile.  "Then, sledding?”

“Definitely sledding.”

friendly reminder: when I make something for you, I want it to be used. I want the stitches snagged on handles and knobs. I want the mittens soaked with melted snow from a snowball fight. I want the heels worn and holey. I want whatever it is to be used until it’s falling apart. 

the whole point of my making is to provide beauty and use. please don’t put away because “it’s too pretty to use” or because you “want to keep it safe”. I will make more if you use what I give 

Gruvia Fluff Fest - Day 3: Snow

Okay so this was the one that started it all. I saw this prompt and all I could think of is what if Juvia had never experienced any weather other than the rain? What if she’d never seen snow? This is set between the Edolas arc and Tenrou arc.

I’d also like to dedicate this to shingekinodenim because she’s a giant sweet heart who lets me spam her with ideas and headcanons. And because she’s been having a bit of a rough month. 

Gray couldn’t fathom what exactly held his partner’s fascination. Sure he was used to Juvia’s head being in the clouds, but she never actually fixated on them before. Since they’d gotten off the train in the northern town of Spruce Valley the girl had been mesmerized by the sky. It was definitely new for her, usually she was so busy clinging to him that it seemed like she couldn’t possibly notice anything else. Now it seemed like no matter how hard the girl tried she couldn’t keep her eyes on him. And if Gray was honest with himself, it annoyed him.

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Home This Christmas
Justin Bieber ft. The Band Perry
Home This Christmas

December 24th

Christmas crept into the city like a creeping Christmas thing: dragging garland, ribbon, and sleigh bells, oozing eggnog, reeking of pine, and threatening festive doom like a cold sore under the mistletoe. 

The wind whooshed slightly through the small hut window, making the bells jingle and making you look up, furrowing your eyebrows. You put the plate on the table, ready for him to come back. 

You came over to the small wooden window, looking out. You watched the big, lazy flakes of crystal white snow fall down rapidly; creating an even thicker barricade then there already was. Then, looking to the side at the silent clock ticking in the corner of the room. He was late. Really late.

You bit your lip nervously and started playing with a lock of your blonde hair, pulling on it uncomfortably and having the curl spring back into place. It was never like him to be late. Especially on Christmas Eve.

But he was Luke Hemmings. And there was nothing you could do against that.

You smiled lightly as you imagined the hundreds of crazy fan girls running after him, worshipping him and yelling how much they love him or how exceptionally good his looks are; even at 21. Perhaps, that was why he was late. Fans. 

There was a loud knock and you quickly looked up, running over and making yourself ready to jump at him and plant his face with kisses. You opened the door and smiled lightly, ”Merry Christmas!” You frowned as you saw Michael, Ashton and Calum grinning at the door.

“You just can’t be more excited that we’re here, can you?” Calum joked. You rolled your eyes, ”Come on in, guys.” You invited and opened the door more. “What’s up?” Michael exclaimed as he sprawled across the couch. “Not much, Mikey. Did Luke tell you guys anything about him being late today?” You asked, tucking in a strand of hair behind your ear.

Michael shook his head as Calum walked around the room, observing everything. Ashton walked over to the Christmas tree and put the presents under it. “Didn’t hear much from him. Though we’d give you guys a visit like every Christmas.” He stated.

They heard a loud smash and looked to the side where Calum stood troubled over a broken vase. He looked up and gave them a hopeful grin, ”It was already broken…..?” He trailed off. You rolled your eyes and chuckled lightly. Same old Calum.

“Dude! One year! One year is all I ask for you not to break something!” Ashton exclaimed. Calum shrugged,” It’s just so pretty….” He mumbled and continued looking around the room. “Don’t touch anything.” Ashton warned. Calum rolled his eyes, ”Whatever Ash.” He joked.

Ashton rolled his eyes and sat down next to you on the couch. “Don’t worry. He probably was just spotted and had to meet a few fans. No biggie. Same usual.” He comforted while he wrapped his arm around you in a friendly way.

You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair.

You walked back to the other end of the room, seeing the big bunch of Mistletoe hanging above and all the memories coming back to you. About the tradition. Your tradition.

Luke!” You exclaimed while faking a shocked face as the icy snowball was melting and coming down from your neck under your shirt. Luke chuckled and gave you a teasing smirk, sticking his tongue out. “It’s Christmas, babe! Enjoy it!” He exclaimed while spinning around in the snow like a lunatic; which he was. According to you anyway.

We’re in The Alps, Hemmings! I can always enjoy the snow here!” You joked back as you formed the snowball behind your back. He raised an eyebrow and cocked his head, ”I know that face, honey. What are you planning?” He asked. You smirked and made a run for him, holding up the snowball, ready to throw.

He squeaked and started running away, the snow flying backwards as his heavy shoes made a movement in the thick snow. “I’m gonna get you, Luke! You can’t run forever!” You exclaimed while you kept running, yet already getting tired. “Not the hair, baby! Not the hair!” He yelled back and kept running.

 You giggled as you ran into the town square, seeing the shops’ lights shining up the whole town and looking prettier then anything you ever saw. 

Luke finally stopped and took a breath while you caught up and broke the snowball right above his head.”Baby! I said not the hair!” He whined and made a pout while some of the snow melted and a drop ran down his smooth cheek. You giggled and ruffled his hair, getting the snow out of it.

He looked up and then back at you, grinning. ”So, gonna give me that kiss or what?” He asked. You raised an eyebrow and followed his gaze up where mistletoe hung loosely as you stood on a shop porch. “Hm, do you deserve it? What will I get for it?” You teased and smirked while tapping your chin with your finger.

He rolled his eyes and made a thinking face. “You will get the feeling of kissing me under the mistletoe each Christmas Eve until the rest of our lives.” He stated. You scowled and looked down. ”Luke, you can’t promise something like this. We’re only 18. You don’t know where our future lays with you being in such a successful band.” You stated.

He smiled lightly and gently touched your cheek, leaning in closer. “My future will be nothing without you.” He whispered as he leaned down and gently pressed his lips onto yours.

“Get in there, Hemmings!” You giggled and pulled away as you saw the rest of the band in the distance, cheering and acting like the goofs they were. 

You was starting to get worried. He would have at least called. 

 “So wait….Whenever two people are under the mistletoe they have to kiss?” Michael spoke up as he grabbed a bit of the mistletoe into his hands. “Yes, Michael.” Ashton rolled his eyes. Michael smirked devilishly and ran over to Calum, waving the bit of mistletoe above them. “Kiss me Hood!” He exclaimed.

Calum looked at him in pure horror and got up, backing away. “Kiss me like you mean it!” Michael added and puckered his lips. “Dude! You can’t cheat on Luke! What about Muke?!” Calum countered while he dodged Michael behind the couch.

Michael shrugged, ”Muke is old news. It’s time for Caichael! Or Malum, whichever you prefer babe.” He winked and leaped onto Calum. “Ew, man! I got a girlfriend!” Calum yelled and reached out for you in a dramatic manner, ”Help me, y/n. Help!” He whisper-yelled. You giggled lightly.

 You muted the TV where the news was playing for the past 5 minutes and blocked out all the bad thoughts that entered your head. You couldn’t just wait to see his black BMW pull up in the driveway.

 You could remember he was always obsessed with that BMW. You would expect Luke Hemmings to be into Ferrari’s or Range Rover’s, but no. He had it for 2 years and he was going to keep it for much longer. The memory of him driving them to a date 2 years ago, when he just go it.

 “Looking good, Hemmings.” You smiled while he intertwined your hands and led you forward. “Thanks baby. You’re looking gorgeous as always.” He grinned as you stopped and he quickly kissed your cheek. Even if you were 19, you were still the immature kids that would love to get into trouble.

He opened the door to a black car for you while you stopped and raised an eyebrow,” What happened to the range rover?” You asked. He shrugged,” Got tired of it.” He stated. “You cocky little rock star. What really happened?” You asked and crossed your arms over your chest. He huffed and looked at you, ”I crashed it.” He stated as you burst out laughing.

Hey! Don’t be mean to my baby like that!” He exclaimed. You stopped and raised an eyebrow. He chuckled and smiled nervously, ”Sorry baby.”

You heard another crash and looked up at the guys who were wrestling behind the couch, ”Sorry!” They exclaimed at the same time. You shook your head and sighed, ”Guys! Before you break the entire flat!”

You walked across the room and picked up your phone, hesitating to call as you didn’t want to be too pushy. You wanted him to have his space, especially if he was with his fans. They meant the world to him and you knew it.

But you couldn’t get rid of the bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You walked over back to the window. Staring out and hoping to see the black BMW pull up into the driveway. But it wasn’t there.

A strange feeling made you turn towards the TV and furrow your eyebrows at the news person talking. You slowly walked up and turned the sound back on.”-Nobody knows what actually happened but we take you to the scene where our reporter Rebecca is. Rebecca, are you there?” The screens swapped as a woman dressed in a warm, cosy outfit showed up.

Michael and Calum stopped whatever the hell they were doing and looked up, staring at the TV intensely. Calum pushed Michael off and sat down next to you, Michael coming over and sitting on the other side of Ashton.

 “We are live at the scene where the bridge collapsed. We know no reason but the hunch is that with the small crack and the temperature getting colder. It was no surprise that it would break anyway.” You looked closer behind the woman, where a part of the bridge was visible. You knew this bridge. It was close to your house.

You blanked out as the woman came closer to the edge, looking down into the deep ditch under the broken bridge.

 But you ignored everything the woman said, the only thing stuck in your mind was the black BMW laying at the bottom of the pit of doom.

 You felt both of the boys’ arms wrap around you comfortingly as you felt a silent tear make a way down your face.

You tried to make yourself believe that it was a different car. Perhaps a different person driving it. Perhaps they survived.

 But as the screen switched back, you were still in too big of a shock. Your heart was racing and a few sweat drops swivelled down your forehead as your palms started getting sweaty. The men talked, but you could only hear 4 words that stung like a knife in your heart.

 “There were no survivors.”