melting make up

Imagine with me a scene in which Keith finds Lance staring at the stars sadly out of one of the castle windows because he misses home. When Keith sits down next to him Lance naturally makes some rude comment because he’s Lance and Keith responds a little hotheadedly and crosses his arms and pouts, because he’s Keith, but he stays sitting there. It’s silent for a moment and then, in a soft voice, Lance starts talking about how much he misses Earth’s constellations and Keith looks over at him and sees how much Lance is hurting, and then looks back at the stars and suggests that they make up their own constellations with the stars they have. He points one out and names it something cute probably and Lance is silent for a beat and then makes up his own. They go back and forth and make some sort of dumb competition out of it until they’re cracking up because they’re making these ridiculous shapes (try and tell me my blue son doesn’t point out a cluster of celestial objects to shape a dick or something, he is such a boy lol). Lance smiles at Keith after a long bout of laughter and thanks him and Keith smiles back at him and this just becomes something they do a lot after that.

Every time you stand behind me I wish you would kiss my neck,

Every time you sit beside me I wish you would take my hand,

Every time you look me in the eye I wish you would see how hard it is to hold myself together!

I’ve fallen as hard for you as anyone ever could,

And every thought of you makes my eyes light up,

Every look of you makes me melt,

Every touch of you starts a fire in my heart!

—  Alias

                                         "I’ve been to so many places around the world,
                                          but never been to a place as beautiful as this.”
                                         “I have. Everyday. Every morning I wake up
                                                                 and I look at you.”

I love casual, make up free Hillary in oversized comfy clothing because she looks so adorable, cuddly and at ease!

Screenshot from this video: where Bill and Hillary talk about their mothers.
If anyone remembers who posted the video first tag them because I can’t find the post :(


Salvador Dali “Imagination and Objects of the Future”, 1975-1976. Complete suite of 10 drypoint etchings, lithographs, and screenprints, 6 with collage, from the French edition of 250, edition 238/250, each signed and numbered in pencil in the lower margin, with accompanying title page, introductory texts in French by the artist and publisher, on BFK Rives paper, engravings printed by J.J. Rigal, Paris, lithographs printed by Desjobert, Paris, all published by Merrill Chase Publishing Associates, Chicago, contained in the original paper folders with text in French. Titles are as follows: “Spectacles with Holograms and Computers for Seeing Imagined Objects”, “Liquid Tornado Bath Tub”, “Liquid and Gaseous Television”, “Intra-Uterine Paradisiac Locomotion”, “Breathing Pneumatic Armchair”, “Cyclopean Make-Up”, “Melting Space Time”, “Anti-Umbrella with Atomized Liquid”, “Cybernetic Lobster Telephone”, and “Biological Garden”.


then & now

It’s Ross who starts it, which isn’t the least bit surprising both because it’s Ross and also because he’s always extra clingy whenever Dan and Arin have been out of town for a while. And the thing is, Dan would be willing to bet he doesn’t even mean to. It’s innocent enough. All he does is scoot his chair closer to Arin’s and rest his head on Arin’s shoulder. No one scolds him- they’ve gotten away with worse on camera before. The real surprise, at least to Dan, is when Arin not only welcomes the invasion of his space but also slides his hand over to rest on Ross’ thigh. He doesn’t even seem to notice that he’s done it, just goes on talking and gesturing wildly with his other hand, debating Brian over something that’s just happened in-game.

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