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I never actually your real age till like a week ago. I actually though you were like 15-16? That's just how I imagined the person behind the screen. Someone fun. Not super Skinny but not fat. Light brown hair. Semi long but not short sorta in between. Shy at first but is just a bundle of energy ready to explode. Just someone who you can pore out your life problems to and comfort you. Just a really great friend. That's what I think. A bit to exact?

Lol you kinda got most of it right 👏👏👏👏 my hair is a dark shade of brown and I’m actually 20 :) I know I sound a bit too cheerful on tumblr lol but this is the only place where I feel comfortable enough to share my honest feels about stanning BTS 😂😂😂 No one will ever witness my melt downs over jungkook irl unfortunately :“) #did I really just say unfortunately lmaooooooo #IT’S A GOOD THING THAT NO ONE SEES THIS SIDE OF ME IRL 😂😂😂 #I know that some ppl tend to think that adults are boring and only do taxes everyday, but this assumption is definitely wrong, adults can be enthusiastic and crazy just like everyone else :”) #or maybe I sound too immature to be 20 😹 #anyways, I just want to enjoy life as much as I can ^^

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Jicheol prompt

Where Jicheol is in an established relationship and Seungcheol is a hopeless fool when it comes to producer!Jihoon. He walks into Jihoon’s studio to give him the rap part for their new song and is greeted by the sight of the younger in all his producer-at-work glory. And instead of just giving him the rap part, Seungcheol starts to shove every random things that he owns into the younger’s lap despite Jihoon’s perplexed look.

“Here’s the rap part you asked for. Also here’s my credit card, my house’s key, my driving license, my yogurt coupons, my hand in marriage, my heart, my life. You can take them all too.”

hey im mallory and ive had way too many energy drinks and im also that white tumblr girl that everyone hates how are you hi