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Jicheol prompt

Where Jicheol is in an established relationship and Seungcheol is a hopeless fool when it comes to producer!Jihoon. He walks into Jihoon’s studio to give him the rap part for their new song and is greeted by the sight of the younger in all his producer-at-work glory. And instead of just giving him the rap part, Seungcheol starts to shove every random things that he owns into the younger’s lap despite Jihoon’s perplexed look.

“Here’s the rap part you asked for. Also here’s my credit card, my house’s key, my driving license, my yogurt coupons, my hand in marriage, my heart, my life. You can take them all too.”

hey im mallory and ive had way too many energy drinks and im also that white tumblr girl that everyone hates how are you hi