melting flowers

Best day ever; Jungkook Drabble

Writer: Gae
Genre: Fluff
Word count: definitely below 1k

“Are you already ready?” A drowsy voice calls out as you’re straightening your blush pink sweater in front of the mirror opposite the bed. His head barely over the more than comfortable covers, hair a mess from his awful habit of moving around in his sleep. You turn around to be greeted with a lovely smile, brighter than that of the sun, its rays peeking through the windows, as a lovely soft spring settles around your area. The snow was slowly melting, there were flowers blooming, couples walking around the streets of Hayang, in colors of lovely pastel.

It was surely the 14 of February.

“Kook, you forgot didn’t you?” You say with a soft chuckle, taking slow steps to the bed, only to settle next to his warm shirtless body. The wonderful heat hitting your exposed thighs as his hands slowly trail patches of fire along its path.

“How can I forget the one thing my Jagi asked for?” He says sheepishly, fingers now looking for your own hands, to snuggle his hands next to yours. Intertwining them, as if they were just made for each other, fitting together with unbelievable perfection. You could only giggle at his sweet words and loving gestures, a turn from his usual teasing demeanor. A change from his meme-like ways.

It was new to say the least, but it didn’t really feel right. You missed his little boop on your nose telling you about how much he “hates” you. Or the little sparkle in his eyes when he’s talking about that one girl from that one anime he watches. Or the smile he has when he’s teasing you about your smile, all the while his thumb traces your luscious lips.

It was these little differences that made you stand out from the other couples.

It was these little quirks of his that made you fall deeper in love with him.

These sweet gestures were amazing, a prince treating you like a princess.

You place your hand over his heaving chest, slowly rubbing circles over his skin, emitting a hum from his delicious lips.

“It wouldn’t hurt to just laze around all day would it?” He said pulling you on top of him by your wrist, your body falling forward, crashing against his chest. His light tan, the audible breaths and the familiar scent of his longing cologne, takes over your senses.

“Are we just going to say in?” You ask snugging a little closer, breaking the silence that had engulfed the two of you.

“Maybe we should go to a cafe?” His voice was soft as it resonated through out the room.

“But why a cafe?”

“Isn’t that what you want?”

Tilting your head, you look into his eyes as your fingers reach forward to brush the hair out of his eyes.

“I don’t want to be like the other couples.” You say with a cute pout, earning a soft laugh from him.

“Would you like to do what we did last night then?” There was a wide smirk on his face, as his eyes practically challenged you, but his voice gave away the joke, to which you could only slap his arm that you had been holding on to.

“Fine then, just stay like this.” With a shrug of his shoulders, his eyes fluttered close, a deep sigh escaping his lips.

“But you said you wanted to spend time with me.”

“I don’t care what we do y/n. I just want you in my arms, and what better way than being under the warm covers.” He smiles, a bright one at that, the very smile you fell in love with.

“You’re stupid.”

“I know I am, I’m dating you instead of Kermit. Look at the amount of risks I take.”

“You’re really annoying you know.” You say with a small smile.

“Why don’t you tell me more while I gawk at your beauty.”

“You’re really stupid.” His words alone had you blushing like crazy, as you try to hide your flushed state in his embrace, all you hear is Jungkooks soft chuckle, and you already know. Today’s going to be the best day of your life.

EoS Witch Prophecy Theory:

I could be wrong. It’s just a theory and at any point, please correct me if anything I’ve said is wrong. I had an epithany last night and figured it might be of some significance. Here goes ,line by line mostly :

“Blood to blood and soul to soul,                                                                           Together this was done and only together can it be undone.                                        Be the bridge, be the light.                                                                                     When iron melts, when flowers spring from fields of blood,                                   Let the land be witness and return home.”

The first line is fairly certain and Aelin confirms it- Manon’s parents were trying to break the curse by birthing her. From this, we learn Manon is of great significance to the witches. This we already know from her heritage- Ironteeth and Crochan. So the undoing of the curse is already set in motion and has been for the past 116 years since Manon’s birth.

This second line is interesting. Presumably Rhiannon was talking about the war which she refers to as “this”. If she was, she was talking about how the war was declared as a result of both Ironteeth and Crochan doing. So both types of witches are at fault.  Only together can this be undone? Crochan and Ironteeth working together. EoS leaves us with Manon going to unite the Crochans for a war against the darkness, Erawan, where the Ironteeth are ,who will probably join Manon.

I don’t know about the third line. Presumably this is in reference to the war against the darkness? Erawan vs Aelin. “Be the light” could mean Ironteeth and Crochan working together to help Aelin. This would make sense as Manon is currently fighting for Aelin and is gathering a witch army to fight against him.The line also sounds like its talking to someone- again Manon? “Be the bridge”. Perhaps between Ironteeth or Crochan or maybe delving deeper to between Fae and Valg.

Now this line is the most intriguing by far. Lets talk about the second bit first. As Manon has said nothing grows on the field where the first “civil war” of the witches was fought as a result of the bloodshed. Perhaps this line talks about how the blood spilt by the witches in unity will bring them home. Now for the first part, “when iron melts”. This was discussed in a. theory posted by @propshophannah originally I believe.If not I’m sorry and will change that. As we know Manon is half Crochan half Ironteeth. Perhaps in order to win the war she willl have to somehow sacrifice her Ironteeth and claws. Or maybe, “melt” means Aelin has something to do with it? Im not sure. If anyone wants to discuss this, feel free.

The last line is pretty self-explanatory. Return home to the wastes. “Let the land be witness” could also mean that a battle will be fought there but I think there is a deeper, darker meaning behind this. Maybe its where the Lock will be forged? I don’t know.

If anyone wants to talk about this, just send a message. 

I can’t wait to have my own apartment because imma be the most bougie bitch with my face beat, always clothed in satin robes in the comfort of my space, finger nails painted a beautiful muva earth brown and my toes painted a pretty angel pink. Succulents, aloe vera, and philodendrons all through my home, imma be sitting in my tub with strawberries and chardonnay, waiting for my bath bomb and bath oil to melt into my flower petal bath. Candle warmer and “Church” with BJ the Kid and Chance gon have me feeling some type of way. I swear to y'all, I will be loving me, myself, and I, and living. LIVING.

A man dumps the body of a girl in a ditch. The body rotts melts into slime. Flowers pop up where the body lies, seeds fly out of the flowers and a bee sucks the flowers and makes honey. Then the family of the girl buys the honey from the store. And the family eats the girl.
—  The Tracey Fragments (2007).