melting diamond

Miyuki's gentle 'kora kora'

Remember how I told you guys to listen to this part of DnA ep. 11, just before the flower speech, to hear Miyuki’s voice full of endearment towards Eijun?


your speakers will not do it any justice, i s2g

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btw did u kno it is possible to melt diamonds??? dang shame tho is that it requires BIG equipments an sadly we aint got any footage of it being done an thats TERRIBLE cus i need it..

@orochislayer replied to your postPrince cuts diamond with diamond. Bard crushes it…

for the seer/mage thing, maybe a seer would know everything ABOUT the diamond (melting point, density, purity etc.) and a mage would know everything you can actually DO with it

well not really

the reason why Seer is basically “Knows all potentially knowable knowledge” and Mage is “Knows the Unknowable Knowledge” is because that is how Active and Passive are used in the context of Comprehension/ Knowledge/ Understanding 

again, Active meaning you can force your aspect to do your function in a way that wouldnt naturally happen for that aspect. 

Knowledge, naturally, can be learned, be understood, be discovered within certain limits. Our universe has 3 physical dimensions and 1 Time dimension that everyone in it can perceive and perceive with.

No matter how technology advance or what tools we come up with, we’re not going to be able to percieve and observe what a 4th physical dimension is gonna actually look like in its natural state, we can only ever get ideas of what it’s “3D shadow” might look like

for example this

is the fourth dimensional equivalent of this:

It’s a cube, that is not changing, but merely spinning, but drawn and rendered on a plane lower than what it is

A 3d Cube is 3 dimensional, just like the bottom gif, but the bottom gif itself is a 2d drawing, its not a cube, it is a literal shadow of a cube that only had edges and not faces as if you shone a light on it and this is what youd see on the flat 2d surface of the ground

the top gif is a 3d render of a 4rth dimensional cube merely spinning, just like the bottom one, but the 3d render isnt actually it, that’s what its shadow would look like if casted onto a 3d realm

its almost impossible to wrap your head around the concept, much less imagine what the real actual object must look like from every angle

so that’s the difference

A Seer can potentially learn what we can learn, they can understand the concept of the “3d shadow” of the 4th dimsenional object

A Mage can see the fourth dimensional object and know everything about it in its natural realm, literally knowledge that is 100% impossible and unknowable

that is them being Active in their knowledge, that is them breaking the rules of comprehension, they are, in a sense, forcing their aspect to give up knowledge that it wouldn’t naturally, in this universe, give up

Rose melted Pink Diamond into Lion.


Lion is totally different than any corrupted gem we see (and we’re told Rose never made any progress on fixing the corrupted gems and the only option was bubbling them. If Lion was a half-fixed corrupted gem, that’d have been cause for celebration), does not have any visible gem, is something Rose felt she had to keep completely secret from the rest of the CG, even Pearl.  (Furthermore, the gems don’t have any bad reaction to Lion - there’s nothing obviously upsetting about him, they just have no clue what he is. That suggests Rose kept him a secret because she didn’t want to answer that question.)

Lion’s mane glows like a gem, the glow isn’t restricted to just one area (so it isn’t glowing through the fur) plus we see the portal is on the fur itself. We’ve never seen any sign Pearl can shove stuff through the back of her head. Lion’s gem is his mane fluff itself.

Lion and Steven are the only gem-connected characters who get male pronouns. Corrupted gem monsters still get talked about as having the standard gem gender of female. So far, everybody we know who came about by normal gem reproduction methods is female, while Steven is male after being made out of another gem.

Bismuth confirms that gems don’t have to be just your standard rocks. Bismuth’s location also strongly suggests Lion’s been around since at least mid-war.

(Also I’ve seen speculation the diamonds literally sing whatever blast they sent at Earth, and Lion is the only gem we’ve seen with real sonic powers.)

Diamonds are carbon, and burn up. Carbon fibers are made by vaporizing carbon. Carbon fibers are just a different form of crystallized carbon. It’s even possible to make diamond nanothreads.

From Keeping It Together:

Garnet/Ruby: So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion!
Garnet/Sapphire: We couldn’t have known they would do this…
Garnet/Ruby: This is where they’ve been. All the ones we couldn’t find. They’ve been here the whole time!
Garnet/Sapphire: Rose couldn’t have known.
Garnet/Ruby: This is punishment for the rebellion!

We have one example of Homeworld striking back at the CG by turning their tactics back on them. “Rose couldn’t have known”…that because the rebellion used mixed fusion in battle with great success, Homeworld would create cluster fusions.

We know Homeworld ended the war with something that wrecked the minds of the gems, and may have some connection to the fact it looks like a bomb went off where Russia used to be. Heating or irradiating gemstones can cause dramatic changes in color by changing the crystal lattice at the atomic level…no visible cracks, nothing easily fixed, just a massive disruptive change of the entire structure. That is to a full transformation as cluster fusion is to normal fusion.

And, as someone not supporting the conspiracy theories assuming every time Rose appears she’s being secretly evil and thinks we’re still getting a big reveal of something horrible she regrets: melting somebody down and then having all your friends get their minds melted in retaliation sure fits.

So in conclusion, Rose isn’t Pink Diamond because Lion is the ball of carbon fibers that used to be Pink Diamond.