melting diamond

Miyuki's gentle 'kora kora'

Remember how I told you guys to listen to this part of DnA ep. 11, just before the flower speech, to hear Miyuki’s voice full of endearment towards Eijun?


your speakers will not do it any justice, i s2g

Crowned Nymph

What make of crown shall go on her head, shall it be of precious stones?

Mined from heaven or from this Earth alone?

But if an angel gives me leave, I shall pull from my sleeve

A ruby from distant Persia, to which her heart shall cleave

A cap upon the crown itself, a sign that my love can never melt.

Perhaps a diamond is more germane, for no joy could ever be the same

As when I light up your eyes, or make you know the only truth

That you are my queen, and from all else am I aloof.

@orochislayer replied to your postPrince cuts diamond with diamond. Bard crushes it…

for the seer/mage thing, maybe a seer would know everything ABOUT the diamond (melting point, density, purity etc.) and a mage would know everything you can actually DO with it

well not really

the reason why Seer is basically “Knows all potentially knowable knowledge” and Mage is “Knows the Unknowable Knowledge” is because that is how Active and Passive are used in the context of Comprehension/ Knowledge/ Understanding 

again, Active meaning you can force your aspect to do your function in a way that wouldnt naturally happen for that aspect. 

Knowledge, naturally, can be learned, be understood, be discovered within certain limits. Our universe has 3 physical dimensions and 1 Time dimension that everyone in it can perceive and perceive with.

No matter how technology advance or what tools we come up with, we’re not going to be able to percieve and observe what a 4th physical dimension is gonna actually look like in its natural state, we can only ever get ideas of what it’s “3D shadow” might look like

for example this

is the fourth dimensional equivalent of this:

It’s a cube, that is not changing, but merely spinning, but drawn and rendered on a plane lower than what it is

A 3d Cube is 3 dimensional, just like the bottom gif, but the bottom gif itself is a 2d drawing, its not a cube, it is a literal shadow of a cube that only had edges and not faces as if you shone a light on it and this is what youd see on the flat 2d surface of the ground

the top gif is a 3d render of a 4rth dimensional cube merely spinning, just like the bottom one, but the 3d render isnt actually it, that’s what its shadow would look like if casted onto a 3d realm

its almost impossible to wrap your head around the concept, much less imagine what the real actual object must look like from every angle

so that’s the difference

A Seer can potentially learn what we can learn, they can understand the concept of the “3d shadow” of the 4th dimsenional object

A Mage can see the fourth dimensional object and know everything about it in its natural realm, literally knowledge that is 100% impossible and unknowable

that is them being Active in their knowledge, that is them breaking the rules of comprehension, they are, in a sense, forcing their aspect to give up knowledge that it wouldn’t naturally, in this universe, give up

"Shit my Dad has said during Attack on Titan" sentence starters
  • "The big bastard, not the great big bastard."
  • "Oi oi saveloy."
  • "That guy with the beard is a fucking prick they need to get rid of him."
  • "It sounds like they're saying Cheeky Nando's."
  • "Hah that's it kick the kid, hah!"
  • "What kind of a fucking trial is this?!"
  • "I like the main three, but not that cunt that looks to the left."
  • "What are you doing in an alleyway? You're not even a real pervert!"
  • "Heheh... Bott. Like bottom."
  • "If I had to rewrite this, I'd make Levi a heroin addicted jazz musician that had never seen a Titan."
  • "There are loads of ways to melt a diamond the pricks."
  • "They have to move to the left? That cunt is already looking to the left so he'll be alright."