melting away the troubles

  • what they say: im fine
  • what they mean: victuuri has been canon since episode one, we were all just too blind to see it. all our troubles and worries have melted away with this newest episode, we find out that victor has been crushing on yuuri since the beginning. he didn't fly across the globe to train a skater he just saw on the internet, he flew across the globe to fulfill yuuri's request at the banquet, when he was quite drunk, and asked victor to be his coach while sloppily grinding on him. this wasnt queerbaiting, this was the result of yuuri being a blackout drunk. victor has been in love with yuuri since day one. we, including yuuri, were all just lacking the memories needed to know it.

I learned this self care spell from a very wise witch in Grand Rapids, and it has worked wonders for me, so I’d like to share it with you all. Because it’s important not to lose sight of the God you really are and treat yourself as such.
Take one black candle (this will represent whatever bad thing happened to you) and inscribe with a needle etc all the negative feelings you currently hold, and pour them into the candle. Light said candle, and as you do so, say: “Burn, burn, sorrow turn, melt away and do not stay. Go in peace, may trouble cease, as I will it, so mote it be.” Now take a white candle. I recommend anointing it with oils such as sage, rose, and lavender, for self love. Wait until the black candle has burned down to at least half, and then light the white candle off its flame. This is to represent new beginnings arising from transforming negative situations into positive ones. As this candle burns, say, “Candle white, candle bright, what once was wrong is now made right, tomorrow is gone, what’s done is done, all will be right by the morning sun.” I think it’s best to burn a bit of this candle every day until you feel better, but you can let it burn down completely while you think happy, constructive thoughts. Hope it works. :)

Title: say please

Rating: M

Word count: 4,775

Warnings: porn, smut, gruvia, light spanking, fluff, porn without plot, SIN

Summary: “Juvia is being thorough. Very thorough. Juvia is going to clean every inch of Gray…”

In which Gray really likes Juvia’s butt and Juvia really likes showers and I really should go to church (•̀⌄•́)

Juvia ducked her head under the spray of her shower, feeling the hot water soak into her skin. Her sore muscles groaned in delight and she uttered a happy sigh as she slicked her hands through her hair.

A hot shower was the best after a long, tedious job.

Her eyes were closed as she relished the hot water pounding against her shoulders, the steam kissing her skin. Her troubles and thoughts melted away as she stood there, her body growing loose and relaxed. Juvia loved water; water had no form and could be gentle and easy or hard and unrelenting, just like her.

When she was in the water, her troubles just washed away. Not that she had very many when her Gray was around, but still.

She was so caught up in the euphoria of the moment that when the shower door opened and another body slid in behind her, Juvia didn’t even open her eyes. Instead, she shifted until her back met a warm, bare chest.

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Shit my friends and I have said: TEXT EDITION

[ text ]: I think most of them have involved me eating abnormally large things that can’t fit in my mouth
[ text ]: Bruh I’m too ace for that
[ text ]: The first half of that sentence sounded very sexual but I did not intend for it to. Unless that’s really how you want to be entertained….
[ text ]: It’s like a big trombone had a baby!
[ text ]: I just get really high and all my troubles melt away
[ text ]: Well yeah, but then you grab a bag of Doritos and everything’s good.
[ text ]: Whining at the adults in our lives until they buy us food that’s bad for us is probably our best option.
[ text ]: Bro all we need is to harness the power of a black hole and find a way to use quantum physics to turn it into a wormhole capable of being stabilized. Easy peasy.
[ text ]: Bro tell the parental units that they should teleport us places with food
[ text ]: Dad says he doesn’t have access to that kind of technology yet
[ text ]: Bro… my heart… those are some of the most perfectly cooked cookies I’ve seen. Perfectly golden brown. God damn I’m hungry.
[ text ]: Regular moisturizers make my skin start to peel for some reason and fuck you
[ text ]: Bro we can’t make the white people riot.
[ text ]: You know, the second half of that text is funny but the first half makes you feel bad for laughing at the second half.
[ text ]: Bro imma do it. Imma put on pants.
[ text ]: I’m not going outside in my boxers unless they’re Star Trek
[ text ]: i’m telling mom on u
[ text ]: I want to stab my eyes with noodles
[ text ]: Okay not the weirdest 2 AM text I ever woke up to, but pretty close.
[ text ]: Yo at least I’m not sending you the whole Bee Movie script …… I should send you the whole Bee Movie script.
[ text ]: I’m always so disappointed when there’s no chocolate on the bottom of my ice cream cones.
[ text ]: bro. someone called me pretty. and hot. cANNOT COMPUTE
[ text ]: I don’t know if I should be worried or impressed with your goals.
[ text ]: It would be the best kind of world domination!
[ text ]: I can live with being wrong as long as I can also live without sushi.
[ text ]: What does it say about my character that someone told me they’re happily married and my only response was: “Yeah, give it time.”

The logs around the fire are cold and damp,
But without some rain it wouldn’t be camp.
When I am seated around a fire,
It melts away all the trouble prior.
Nothing means more than helping these girls,
To make lasting memories in their little worlds.
The blades of grass between my toes,
The traces of pollen tickle my nose.
Without this place I couldn’t survive,
And it it is because of camp that I can thrive.
—  Girl Scout Camp

Draught of Peace Moodboard: The Draught of Peace is an anxiety reducing potion; it soothes the consumer and provides personal comfort. The potion makes one feel like their troubles are melting away and they are secure and comforted. Their mind clears and they can work, study, or take on other tasks easier.  It is a very difficult potion to brew, ironically. The ingredients have to be added in exact order and stirred as specified for the precise amount of time stated. When brewed correctly the potion will emit a silvery vapor and is a shimmery turquoise blue. It is often used around exam and test time. It does have a slight addictive property but as brewed it’s doesn’t have bad side effects and can be used pretty regularly. (Though if brewed improperly it can be fatal, but there are plenty of telltale signs of it having been brewed incorrectly.) It’s given (prescribed by nurses) to people with anxiety disorders and for panic attacks, as well. [Potion Aesthetic: 4/?] 

Amber Epiphanies

Summary; Phil’s unwell and night terror-ridden, and wishes of a time that was simpler, a time where he was at ease. But there’s one sweet, amber-eyed nymph that make’s Phil’s troubles melt away. Based on @phantheraglama ‘s fairy cup AU, and these (x,x) posts.
Genre; floofy fluff
Word count; 0.9k
TW; mentions of food, mentions of illness, mention of nightmares, supernatural small creatures (fairies/nymphs)
AO3 link

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Bleach characters as articles of clothing/accessories

As requested by anon. :)

That’s right. I am going to imagine what type of clothing and/or accessory Bleach characters would be, if they were those things. That is happening.

1. Bazz-B: Light-up tennis shoes

These are shoes that want to be noticed. Every time you take a step, they flash. They draw the eye. They’re supposed to say “Yeah, I’m that cool” but they don’t really. Because they are actually very dorky. 


2. Grimmjow: A sequined vest

This shares a lot of qualities with the light-up tennis shoes. Except with more emphasis on “Look at my abs specifically.”

Grimmjow: Hey. My ab days are past. I wear jumpsuits now.

Ichigo: Jumpsuits with a deep V-neck.

Grimmjow: …what are you trying to say?

3. Orihime: A giant, comfy sweatshirt

Just wearing it makes all of your troubles melt away. It’s snuggly and soft, and it’s the absolute best thing to wear when you’re having a bad day. It makes you feel warm, loved, and also adorable.

Orihime: T-this is so awesome!

4. Byakuya: A scarf

He’d cry if I didn’t make him a scarf. I can’t have that on my conscience. Plus, scarves are coded as noble in the Bleachverse. And they’re great if you want to turn dramatically. Byakuya is all about the dramatic turns.

Byakuya: You say this sarcastically but yes I am a scarf.

5. Riruka: Cargo pants

No, stay with me here. Cargo pants have lots and lots of pockets. Riruka loves to collect things. Mostly stuffed animals. She’d be cargo pants that are full of plushies and stuffed animals. And yes the cargo pants are pink, since you ask.


6. Yoruichi: A trench coat

Trench coats are cool. Who wears them? Detectives. Spies. People who are cool. Also people who are secretly naked underneath.

Yoruichi: Heh, naked.

7. Nanao: Sensible shoes

Sensible shoes are practical. They get you where you need to go. They may not be flashy, but they can be fashionable. Most of all, though, they are very very sensible. And can be used to kick you in the behind if you’re in the way.

Nanao: I’m okay with this.

8. Aizen: A pair of new shoes

Sure, they look great. Perfect, really. But damn do they ever pinch your feet when you walk, because they haven’t been broken in yet. But you’re like, “Oh but they look so good and they’re cool so I think I’ll put up with the fact that now my life is nothing but pain and darkness.”


9. Rukia: A diamond ring

It’s beautiful and shiny, and getting one might mean you’ve just made an important connection that will alter your life. Plus, if you get punched in the face by someone wearing a diamond ring, that would hurt a lot. Those things are not to be trifled with.

Rukia: I’m noble like Nii-sama! Cool!

10. Kukaku: A giant piece of costume jewelry

Sure, some people might find wearing a giant piece of fake jewelry to be embarrassing. They might even find it embarrassing when somebody else wears it. But some people? Some people can rock giant jewelry. People like Kukaku, who are both flashy and cool, and who exude self-confidence.

Kukaku: Yeah I see myself as a giant flashy medallion.

Kukaku: Full of explosives, maybe.

11. Iba: Sunglasses

And not just because he always wears them, either. Sunglasses are often used to make someone look cool (and Iba cares about looking cool), but they’re also actually good at protecting your eyes from the sun. And Iba is a protective guy.

Iba: I-I’m so happy that I could cry!

12. Ulquiorra: Your favorite old T-shirt that is now too small

You know you should get rid of it. Its time has well and truly passed. When you wear it, it does nothing but cut off vital circulation. It’s almost evil that way. Yet you remember when it was a part of your life. You loved it then. You don’t want to give it up. Even though it really ought to be thrown into the trash where it belongs.

Ulquiorra: Yes the fans really need to accept that I am dead.

Ulquiorra: But they never will.

I think loft 89 is what you imagine when you think of being taken far far away to the happiest place on earth where all your troubles just melt away and for once everything in your life is instantly perfect.