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natgeotravel Video by @tobyharriman// Flying by Knik Glacier was incredible.
That black dirt covering the glacier is known as cryoconite, which is very fine textured dust made of a combination of small rock particles, soot and bacteria. Over time, the accumulation of cryoconite has caused a phenomenon scientists call “biological darkening.” As the powdery dust built up on snow, glaciers and icecaps, it got buried within the ice. However in a self-accelerating process, as more cryoconite is exposed, it further increases the rate of melting and therefore the visual darkening of the glacier.

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listen to this my dude... madison is a pretty intimidating fella. he may be short, but he got some serious biceps, a stare that could melt glaciers. shit, the man is always calm but when he loses his temper? fuckkkkk. mads is an intelligent man, manipulative when he wants to be and determined. but then you look at him, he sneezes and falls over

oh i like where this is go—

help him ple a se


Take a moment and think about mermaids. Think about mermaid who live in the waters of Hawaii, with eyelashes made of sea-foam and tails the color of the sun. Think about mermaids sitting on the bottom of the ocean, watching the surfers above them in fascination and pointing out the patterns and designs on the bottom of their boards like children pointing out stars.

Think about mermaids in the Mediterranean being able to ‘speak human’ but they can only speak the dead languages. Think about Mediterranean mermaids still following old trade routes that ships from thousands of years followed to get from one place to the next.

Think about mermaids from the deep sea, odd colors illuminating off of their skin and tails. Think about them with skin nearly transparent and eerie smiles of teeth like needles and claws. Think about deep sea mermaids with bioluminescent tails three times the length of man.

Think about mermaids the size of whales, their upper body seeming like that of giant. Think about these mermaids swimming in large pods and helping out the smaller mermaids, fascinated by their loose, feathery tails in contrast to their relatively short stiff ones. Think about these mermaids trying to copy the smaller mermaid’s swimming patterns with quick flicks of their tails and instead sending a large splash at a nearby boat.

Think about mermaids in the tropics, with fancy fins that seem to ripple and blow in the current, creating illusions of movement to people above. Think about mermaids with fins that look like feathers who like to jump out of the water as if they’re flying before diving back into the sea in giggles. Think about topical mermaids with tails that reflect the colors of the sky and color the ocean with colors that people never thought the ocean could turn.

Think about mermaids in rivers who slither across the floor of the water like snakes and pinch at peoples toes like crayfish. Think about these mermaids living by huge waterfalls, the ones with dams built over them having long since been abandoned in favor for some other point of the river, even if it isn’t a traditional waterfall home. Think about river mermaids meeting with river spirits and nymphs and discussing daily events while listening to motorboats jet past above them.

Think about mermaids who live in creeks made from inland glacial melt in places like Glacier. Think about them sitting contentedly under a long thin waterfall, watching as cars march across the windy road far far above. Think about them writing messages on the cliff walls with the rocks from the bottom of their creeks. Think about them with short but pliable tails that they use to flit over rapids and jump playfully over bridges surpassing their domain.

Think about mermaids who live in streams of glacial melt in places like Greenland. Think about them being able to watch the stars above them in fascination through the clear blue water. Think about them dodging through the inside of large icy glaciers, sleeping on thick sheets of ice that seem to just barely be holding onto the glacier but which their family has slept on for years. Think about them with tails so blue that they seem to glow even when they’re twenty feet underwater, a melody of pastels.

Think about mermaids in the far north, with eyelashes frosted over and lips as blue as the water around them. Think about mermaids in the far north with tails of dark blues, purples and silvers. Imagine them breaking through the ice whenever their waters freeze over and rolling around the top of it in jest, laughing as they skid and slide across the ice. Think about mermaids in the far north who speak in tongues to trolls who live in caves in cliff-faces.

Think about mermaids in the north so old they remember vikings and teach the young Old Norse, believing it to still be the language of the people in the region. Think of mermaids in the Mediterranean that remember the epics that they heard rhapsodes sing of back in the fifth century.

Think about jellyfish mermaids with trailing tentacles instead of tails. Think about them with large umbrella-shaped bells wrapped around their waists like skirts. Think about these mermaids using their tentacles to jokingly sting each other, but never going towards a fish-mermaid in fear of stinging them. Think about jellyfish mermaids with bioluminescent bells and skin with patterns and designs unique to each one of them.

Think about mermaids who live in lava. Because, you know, why not? Think about them with tails of liquid precious metals. Mermaids with tails of liquid gold, nickel, diamonds, and obsidian; their tails not having a definite form and bits and pieces of them flying out into the lava. Think about their tails solidifying as soon as they make contact with water, pulling them down to the bottom of the ocean where they’re forced to live until they die. Think about them daring each other to flip their tails out into the air, seeing who can stay out of the lava the longest and not have their tails solidify.

Think about space mermaids. Think about mermaids who live in the seas of Titan, living in a sea of methane and ethane while watching the thick orange clouds circle above their heads. Think about mermaids on Enceladus, living deep in the interior next to the warm water. Think about adventurous mermaids swimming up into the cooler waters to try to see the ice fountains on the planet’s icy surface, most of them being sucked out and launched into space.

Think about mermaids on Europa. Think about them living in the ocean between the icy surface and the rocky interior. Think about the mermaids grabbing rocks from the interior and scratching long lines across the surface so as to play games and replicate the linear fractures on the surface. Think about these mermaids who live in the deep black darkness of the ocean, but swim up to the thinner parts of the ice sheet of the planet to watch the stars and galaxies light up around them when they aren’t facing Jupiter. Think about these mermaids having different constellations that they point out to others, different myths based off of them and how they arrived in the sky.

Just think about mermaids.

Images of Change

Our planet is constantly changing, and we use the vantage point of space to increase our understanding of Earth, improve lives and safeguard our future. 

These images show change over time, with periods ranging from centuries to years. Some of these effects are related to climate change, some are not. Some document the effects of urbanization or the ravage of natural hazards such as fires and floods. All show our planet in a state of flux. Take a look…

Urban Expansion in New Delhi, India

Between the times these two images were taken, the population of India’s capital and its suburbs (known collectively as “Delhi”) ballooned from 9.4 million to 25 million. It is now second in population only to Tokyo, which has 38 million people.

Great Salt Lake Shrinkage, Utah

Dramatic change in the area of the Great Salt Lake over the past 25 years. The lake was filled to near capacity in 1985 because feeder streams were charged with snowmelt and heavy rainfall. In contrast, the 2010 image shows the lake shriveled by drought. The Promontory Peninsula (protruding into the lake from the top) is surrounded by water on three sides in the first image, but is landlocked on its eastern side in the second.

Exceptional Early Ice Melt, Greenland

Meltwater streams, rivers and lakes form in the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet every spring or early summer, but melting began exceptionally early in 2016. Melting encourages further melting when pods of meltwater develop, since they darken the surface and absorb more sunlight than ice does. Surface melt contributes to sea-level rise when the water runs off into the ocean.

Iran’s Lake Urmia Changes Color

Some combination of algae and bacteria is periodically turning Iran’s Lake Urmia from green to red. The change typically occurs when summer heat and dryness evaporate water, increasing the lake’s saltiness. Data from satellites indicate that the lake has lost about 70% of its surface area over the last 14 years.

Owens Lake Degradation, California

Owens Lake lies in the Owens Valley between the Sierra Nevada and the Inyo Mountains, about 130 miles north of Los Angeles, California. For thousands of years, it was one of the most important stopover sites in the western U.S. for migrating waterfowl and shore birds. However, in the early 20th century, the lower Owens River, which fed the lake, was largely diverted to the Los Angeles aqueduct. Water from springs and artesian wells kept some of the lake alive, but toxic chemicals and dust impinged on the regional environment and disturbed the bird habitat.

Baban Rafi Deforestation, Niger

Baban Rafi Forest is the most significant area of woodland in the Maradi Department of Niger, a west African country on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. These pictures show the loss of a significant fraction of the natural landscape (darker green areas) of the forest to agriculture. Population in this region quadrupled during the 40 years leading up to the 2007 image.

Colorado River Evolution, Mexico 

These two pictures illustrate the extremes of water flow in the Colorado River since measurements began in the late 1800s. The 1985 image was taken in the midst of record high flow, while the 2007 image shows the driest period. Excessive rains or severe droughts directly change the amount of water available in the Colorado River Basin, and so does the increasing pressure of human needs throughout the western states.

Helheim Glacier Melt, Greenland

Along the margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet, outlet glaciers flow as icy rivers through fjords and out to sea. These pictures show a fjord in which Helheim Glacier (on the left) is crumbling into large and small icebergs (light blue, on the right). The glacier outlet held steady from the 1970s until about 2001, then began to retreat toward its source about 4/7 miles between 2001 and 2005. The glacier’s flow to the sea has also sped up.

Drying Lake Poopó, Bolivia

Lake Poopó, Bolivia’s second-largest lake and an important fishing resource for local communities, has dried up once again because of a drought and diversion of water sources for mining and agriculture. The last time it dried was in 1994, after which it took several years for water to return and even longer for ecosystems to recover.

Flooding on the Ganges River, India

Heavy monsoon rains have caused catastrophic flooding along the Ganges and other rivers in eastern and central India. At least 300 people died and more than six million were affected by the flooding, according to news reports. These images show a stretch of the Ganges near Patna.

All of this knowledge about our home planet enables policy makers, government agencies and other stakeholders to make informed decisions on critical issues that occur all around the world. From rising sea levels to the changing availability of freshwater, we enable studies that unravel the complexities of our planet from the highest reaches of Earth’s atmosphere to its core.

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State of Nature by Claudius Schulze

In the words of the artist Claudius Schulze:

State of Nature is an exploration of natural catastrophes post climate change: building massive bulwarks, civil protection agencies attempt to tame the newly feral forces of the picturesque nature in the West, while in the rest of the world people are left to their own devices–all there is, is the assessment once disaster has struck.

A rise in sea levels, thawing permafrost, and melting glaciers create an unpredictable yet imminent hazard of devastating scale. Civil protection agencies work against the clock; building massive bulwarks and re-engineering entire landscapes, they fight storm surges, landslides, and flooding. Supplying a unequitable desire for perfect security, the modification of the topography has reached an unprecedented level. Limiting the chaotic and destructive forces that once made nature sublime, the new landscaped is built with the objective of harmless harmony. Ultimately, nature is turned into the picturesque scenery Europeans perceived it as since the late 19th century.

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Receding glacier causes immense Canadian river to vanish in four days
A statistical analysis, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, suggests that the dramatic changes can almost certainly be attributed to anthropogenic climate change. The calculations put chance of the piracy having occured due to natural variability at 0.5%. “So it’s 99.5% that it occurred due to warming over the industrial era,” said Best.
By Hannah Devlin

An immense river that flowed from one of Canada’s largest glaciers vanished over the course of four days last year, scientists have reported, in an unsettling illustration of how global warming dramatically changes the world’s geography.

The abrupt and unexpected disappearance of the Slims river, which spanned up to 150 metres at its widest points, is the first observed case of “river piracy”, in which the flow of one river is suddenly diverted into another.

For hundreds of years, the Slims carried meltwater northwards from the vast Kaskawulsh glacier in Canada’s Yukon territory into the Kluane river, then into the Yukon river towards the Bering Sea. But in spring 2016, a period of intense melting of the glacier meant the drainage gradient was tipped in favour of a second river, redirecting the meltwater to the Gulf of Alaska, thousands of miles from its original destination.

The continental-scale rearrangement was documented by a team of scientists who had been monitoring the incremental retreat of the glacier for years. But on a 2016 fieldwork expedition they were confronted with a landscape that had been radically transformed.

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Francesco Gabbani - Pachidermi e Pappagalli

This amazing song from the new album, Magellano, talks about fake news and conspiracy theories that are now diffused all over the world and that have a strong impact on the Italian society

Lo sai che tutto il mondo è chiuso
Did you know that the whole world is contained
In un display
Inside a display?
Il dna dell’umanità
The humanity’s dna
Viene da lontano
Comes from far away

Che ogni tre respiri sciogli due ghiacciai
Did you know that every three breaths you melt two glaciers?
Il telefono ci spia
The phone spies on us
Sono della CIA
They come from CIA
Il silenzio è d’oro
Silence is gold

Sai che Ghandi era un massone
Did you know that Ghandi was a Freemason
I Beatles un’invenzione
The Beatles were an invention
E che Adolfo si è salvato
And that Adolf survived
Il Titanic mai affondato
That the Titanic never sank?

Le catastrofi naturali
Natural disasters
Tutta colpa dei Templari
Are all Templars’ fault
Scie chimiche e marziani
Chemtrails and martians

Oh my Darling
Son solo al mondo mentre tu mi parli
I’m all alone in the world while you talk to me
E provo a concentrarmi
And I’m trying to focus
Oh my Darling
Fortuna abbiamo punti fermi e saldi

Luckily we still have solid points of reference
Pachidermi e pappagalli
Pachyderms and parrots

Oh my! Oh my Darling
Pachidermi e pappagalli
Pachyderms and parrots

Oh my! Oh my Darling

Lo sai, la terra è piatta e dominata ormai
Did you know that the Earth is flat and is now dominated
Dalle lobby gay
By gay lobbies and
Da banchieri ebrei
Jewish bankers
Un padrone solo?
A single master?

Che Marylin ed Elvis vivono alle Hawaii
Did you know that Marylin and Elvis live at Hawaii
Hanno aperto un bar
They opened a pub
Che si chiama Star
Called Star
Fanno affari d’oro
They make big money?

L’uomo è stato già clonato
The man has already been cloned
Fatto a pezzi, resuscitato
Torn to pieces, resurrected
Si può campare a fieno
You can live off hay
Peggio il latte del veleno!
Milk is worse than poison!

Non esiste prova alcuna
There are no evidences
Dello sbarco sulla Luna
Of the moon landing
Le piramidi egiziane
The pyramids in Egypt
Sono marziane!
Are martian!

E a questa nostra nuova religione,
And to this new religion we have
Un giorno proveremo a dare un nome
We will try to give a name someday
E a questo immenso canto a luci spente
And to this immense song in the dark
Dove tutto è eterno e dura poco più di niente
Where everything is eternal and barely lasts more than a second

Oh my Darling
Son solo al mondo mentre tu mi parli
I’m all alone in the world while you talk to me
E provo a concentrarmi
And I’m trying to focus
Oh my Darling
Fortuna abbiamo punti fermi e saldi
Luckily we still have solid points of reference
Pachidermi e pappagalli
Pachyderms and parrots

Oh my Darling
Son solo al mondo mentre tu mi parli
I’m all alone in the world while you talk to me
E provo a concentrarmi
And I’m trying to focus
Oh my Darling

Oh my! Oh my Darling
Pachidermi e pappagalli
Pachyderms and parrots
Oh my! Oh my Darling

Sometimes Cas just talks.

Dean thinks it might be a side-affect of Falling–that after losing the hugeness of a Grace, there’s too much experience and knowledge to keep it all bottled up.

Well, that, and humans generally like to tell stories.

So Dean listens. And in the early hours of the morning, when he closes his eyes after a roll in the hay, Castiel paints the night sky of the Sahara desert across his eyelids, speaking lowly of the cold and heat and the people who live there. 

Cas talks about Spain, and Paris, and Pangaea. About Australia before it was Australia. About Chile. Lebanon. Malawi.

“What’s your favorite place?” Dean asks one night.

Cas says, “Iceland.”

It’s not what Dean is expecting.

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Theories || How and why does an Impact work? :||

In Evangelion, the concept of “Impact” can refer to three different events; the First or Giant Impact, the Second Impact and the Third Impact. Only the last two of them are mentioned and seen in the original series.

Although these events share the same name, they differ from one another in terms of conduction and for their different purposes. They are all remembered as great cataclysms though, capable of destroying  the planet and its inhabitants.


An article about the deification and the First Impact can be found here.
In order to avoid extinction, the powerful First Ancestral Race, also called FAR, scattered Seven Seeds of Life in the galaxy; each Seed had its own Lance/Spear that would have activated if two Seeds had landed on the same planet, sealing their power. Each Seed wandered in space with their own vessel, a Moon. For sheer bad luck, Adam on his White Moon and Lilith on her Black Moon, both “decided” to colonize Earth with their respective progeny. 
The First Impact was caused by the collision of Earth with a giant spherical object, Lilith’s “Black Moon”, about 4 billion years ago. The impact created large amounts of debris that led to the formation of the Moon we all know. The core of the Black Moon, with Lilith in it, remained intact; however, Lilith’s Spear was lost or destroyed during the process.
At the time of that cataclysm, Adam had already nested on the planet, so to avoid a so-called “prohibited union”, one of these Seeds of Life was deactivated by the Spear of Longinus. And since Lilith’s one was lost, Adam was sealed by its own Spear - just according to the FAR’s plans, allowing the proliferation of the children of Lilith, owners of the Fruit of Knowledge: humans.


A cataclysm occurred on September 13, 2000, when a strong explosion took place in Antarctica, melting the polar ice cap and even changing the Earth’s axis. This caused several tsunamis in sequence, followed by an increase of the sea level, floodings in coastal cities or towns and a catastrophic weather modifications. Everything was justified by saying that a large meteorite had hit the South Pole, causing the melting of glaciers; of course, this was only an excuse designed to disguise what really triggered that apocalypse. 
The real cause of the Second Impact, in fact, was the “explosion” of the First Angel / Seed of Life, Adam, a consequence of the ”Contact Experiment“ conducted by Dr. Katsuragi and funded by Seele. The experiment was officially justified as an attempt to study the inexhaustible source of energy Adam had (in fact Katsuragi formulated the theory of the Super Solenoid, or the motor S^2 of the series), that was believed to be present on the chest of the giant. But something went wrong during the experiment, with the subsequent awakening of Adam. The cause of the failure of the experiment would be the contact of human DNA with the same Adam. The giant lost control of its own power, generating a tremendous explosion that liquefied the entire Antarctic continent; in addiction, the beast unfolded its wings, expanding its A.T.Field that wiped out all “alien” life forms, within hundreds of kilometers. Somehow however, the scientists (or Seele itself) managed to stop Adam, using the Spear of Longinus, thus managing to avoid a greater disaster. 

We have explained how the Second Impact took place here, but not the reason why it occurred. Seele was considering to initiate the Second Impact because, perhaps thanks to the Dead Sea Scrolls, they knew what would have happened if Adam had fully awakened. They used the Spear of Longinus to have Adam under a embryonic state, making it easier to be studied and protected. All this to arrive, 15 years later, to the plan for the defeat of the sons of Adam: the Angels.


This Impact differs from the other; it is nothing more than the prelude to the “Human Instrumentality Project”. Evangelion Unit-01 becomes the vessel of this Impact, since at the end of the series is, in all respects, a God - in the sense of being perfect, and therefore eligible to be the trigger for the Third Impact. With the S^2 Engine, we can notice how its A.T.Field expanded and became stronger (a power similar to the one Adam showed during the Second Impact).
At the sight of the Unit-02 and its pilot dismembered by the Eva Series, Shinji finally realized it was too late to save Asuka and began to scream in agony; in response to all the grief, pain and anger of his son, Unit-01 broke its armor again, trying to wake up once again - just like in Episode 19. However, the Spear of Longinus responded to the awakening of the Eva and returned to earth, "sealing” the Unit, thus preventing its full awakening.

At the same time, Rei was inside Terminal Dogma, ready to absorb Adam from Gendo’s hand and completing the “forbidden union”, necessary for the beginning of the Instrumentality Project the commander had in mind. However, feeling Shinji’s pain, she decided to betray Gendo and come to the aid of the Third Child.

Also, we can see how happy Seele was because of the return of the Spear from the Moon; they were finally ready to ask the Eva Series to start the opening ceremony for the Third Impact. So the nine White Evangelion use three clones of Longinus to crucify Unit-01 in the sky, on whose hands were inflicted the stigmata (probably their aim was to create a bridge for the passage of souls). The Series then arranged themselves around the Evangelion, taking the form of the diagram of the Tree of Life, with the consequent activation of their S^2 engines and A.T.Fields, that entered in resonance with each other causing a huge explosion that wiped everything in their surroundings and allowing the Black Moon to break free.

Refusing to “accept” Gendo and “take him to Yui”, Rei ripped the hand containing Adam and joined the body of Lilith; the results however cannot be considered “Lilith” per se: it contains both Adam (and its soul too perhaps) and Lilith, it is the fruit of a “Forbidden Union” of two Seeds of Life, controlled by Rei. In Gendo’s plan, he would have been the controlling mind of that being. After that, Rei reached Unit-01 and tried to close/hide it in her hands; at the same time, she also took control of the Eva Series, entering in “sync” with them - and we can assume that since they all received her facial features.
Shinji, already terrified by that sight, completely loses his mind when he sees the giant reacting to the name “Rei”.

It is quite interesting to note that this is absolutely the first time Shinji calls Rei by her first name. The Third Child is now on the brink of madness, but Lilith / Rei / Adam turns into Kaworu and still calms him. This makes his A.T.Field disappear and allows the Spear to penetrate the core of Unit-01, thus creating the Tree of Life. 

What we are witnessing, however, it’s not the plan of Seele - which didn’t include the presence of Lilith / Rei / Adam, nor Gendo or NERV’s plan; in fact, Rei is doing nothing but giving Shinji the command of Instrumentality, to choose what to do with humanity: destroy it or save it.
Here, the real Instrumentality for Shinji takes place, as he seems trapped in his own subconscious, with no idea of what to do. Everything he sees, he destroyes it - living in the costant fear of being rejected by Asuka, for example, even after having lowered his own defenses and A.T.Field. He realizes that he won’t be accepted by anyone and he gladly accepts a world with no physical barriers or limitations, starting the Project and uniting all souls and hearts into a single entity; by doing so, he also eliminates conflicts, human grief ans sorrow.

Lilith / Rei / Adam had got out of Earth’s atmosphere, while holding the Black Moon and assimilating the Tree of Life, born from union of the Spear of Longinus and Unit-01. Every A.T.Field on the planet disappears; the open Chamber of Guf takes the souls and also regulates their flow, making them pass through the Black Moon and then the stigmata on Lilith’s hands, uniting everyone into a single entity: the Sea of LCL, or primordial soup. The Eva Series, which have exhausted their task, pierce themselves with their Lances of Longinus. 
Instrumentality seems concluded. But Shinji strangely still has his own individuality, he isn’t part of the gian entity of life and souls yet - since his dream was to be alone, he always believed to be unwanted. But his desire to meet again Asuka and the others leads him to suddenly interrupt Instrumentality: this is the first independent choice Shinji makes, an evidence of his “growth” and his sad “introduction into the adult world”.

He refuses his dream world, accepting a dimension of misunderstanding and suffering.

Lilith’s neck is cut from the inside, staining the moon with a trail of blood; the stigmata are gone and the white giant slowly starts falling to pieces. Unit-01 emerges from her eye and its A.T.Field also breaks the Black Moon. The real Spear of Longinus destroys the others fake lances, petrifying the whole Eva Series; so does the armor of Unit-01 and Longinus itself, both now floating in the space. Yui’s soul remains inside the Evangelion, as an eternal proof and testimony of the existence of the human race.
Shinji didn’t fully stopped Instrumentaliity, but he has simply given a choice to every soul: they can return to their body and live again, or just remain part of the Sea of LCL. Shinji and Asuka chose to live, at the end of the movie, but we can’t know what the other souls decided to do. As evidences of this event, the oceans (or Sea of LCL) became completely red and pieces of Lilith / Rei / Adam are decomposing on the Earth, surrounded by a giant ring of blood.

Pressing Play

❤ Soulmate Drabble (1/13) ❤

Originally posted by minghaon

Member: The8
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 660

Whenever your soulmate listens to music, you can hear it too. How loud the music is depends on how close to them you are. 

The first time you heard it you were visiting in Seoul, more specifically you were at a bus stop. It seemed not as romantic as you were told. Just a faint bass echoing throughout your body that no one else seemed to hear. The first time you heard it you were visiting in Seoul, so in Seoul you stayed.

It wasn’t uncommon for people to pack up their life and move far away when they first heard whatever song happened to play, in fact it was encouraged, but nonetheless it remained terrifying. And perhaps what scared you most of all was despite the fact that you had worn a dangling pair of earbuds around your neck since the age of four, you did nothing. Your fingers had hovered over the play button anxiously ready to start the song that you had picked out when you were much younger and much more eager of the situation. But they you didn’t move, and the quiet hum of the guitar you felt throughout your body flickered away like a dying campfire.

You had visited what seemed like every corner of Seoul by then, wandering around with two overused earbuds in your ears replaying the same song over and over. It was unbearable, in fact you had wondered if you may have simply gone insane. You may as well have composed the song yourself because that was all that was on your mind. However, despite the months you wandered around looking for what seemed like a lost cause you were only greeted with silence.

You had grown to taking the same route every day: first the array of food carts that smelled greasy in the most wonderful way, then to the park with the biggest red slide you had ever seen, and then finally you would visit the small overgrown wishing well that no longer worked and was riddled in weeds. The wishing well seemed enticing, like it knew something you didn’t. So, every day despite better judgement telling you you should look for somewhere new you were instead always draw back to here. You would listen to the same song everyday, but there was never an answer. That was until now.

It was the faint bass that reverberated throughout your body, faintly matching the drum of your every pounding heart. And for some unexplainable reason, in this moment you knew exactly where to run. It was never a game of hot cold, it was never a question of if you would ever hear that song again. None of that seemed like a worry anymore because you two were made for one another, and you both somehow knew exactly where to run.

You ran past the rows of food stands, ignoring the intoxicating smell of beef, Louder. You ran past the park, listening to the sounds of children squealing when they went down the slider, however that all seemed so quiet, Louder. And then you reached it, the old wishing well that was so covered paddy weeds you could hardly tell what it was. And there he was.

His eyes reminded you of the sun, with such heat and utter passion to melt glaciers. A set of cherry stained lips framing a mouth that had yet to speak the first words. You finally realized the song that was playing over and over again within your chest, and you could only help, but bite back a laugh. Everything in this moment seemed so bubbly, so bubbly with anxiety and wonder and hope.

“Hi, I’m Minghao. I’m sorry I didn’t do anything sooner, I was so afraid to press play.” He motioned to his phone that was playing the shittest pop song you had ever heard, making the entire moment seem much less serious and more exciting and fun.

“Hi Minghao, you have shit taste in music.” You laughed, and so did he making a much more beautiful melody than what you could ever play.


#33- Creative sexual position- John x Jo

Requested by @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash​ for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1450ish

A/N: This was a fun one to write, I’ve never written them before! Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Jo has never been able to resist an older man. There’s just something about a little bit of gray at a man’s temples, the way they hold their liquor like they barely feel it, the way they stare at her like they already know all the right ways to touch her. She rarely goes through with it, knowing that sleeping with any hunter who passes through the Roadhouse is probably not the best idea, but it doesn’t stop her from looking or flirting.

But when it comes to John Winchester, she always makes an exception.

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First Listen: Flor De Toloache, 'Las Caras Lindas'
This foursome of Latino women weave jazz, classical, salsa, cumbia, folk, rock, country and hip-hop on the follow-up to their Grammy-nominated debut album.

These mariachis have moxie. They don’t just sing; they could blast through mountains with their wails and gritos (shouts), and melt glaciers with the warmth of their gorgeous harmonies (figuratively speaking, of course). And they don’t just play mariachi. Flor de Toloache also weaves an arsenal of styles into its new release, Las Caras Lindas (The Pretty Faces): jazz, classical, salsa, cumbia, folk, rock, country and hip-hop.

They also mean business. “It’s really cool to be an all-female group, and empower and inspire women,” says founder Mireya Ramos, “but at the end of the day we want to be known as badass musicians.”

anon: i neeeeed some elain/azriel in my live right now , could you write something for me?

Elain smiled as soon as she saw the shadows curling at the door. Her smile grew when she noticed that they were in the form of a small bouquet of flowers, just as she had envisioned a few days ago. She got up from her window seat and walked out to the small garden she had begun tending a few months ago. And there he was. Sitting cross-legged in between the pink dahlias and the blue cornflowers, his wings seeming to flicker in and out of the shadows that surrounded him. He stared up at her and she felt her cheeks flush. As she walked over to him she tried to maintain her composure and not burst into a full on sprint. Somehow she simply walked the whole way there. (Well, maybe fast-walked.)

When she reached his little spot, she plopped down and mirrored his cross-legged pose. He let a shy smile peek through. She smiled back, goofily, feeling high on the sight of him. How long had his trip been this time? Two weeks? Gods, it felt like a lifetime.

“How was your trip?” she asked him. His gaze shifted to his scarred hands.

“It was alright,” he murmured. “I gained valuable intel.” She reached out and took his hand.

“You were gone for a while,” she whispered. Somehow whenever she was around him her voice became quiet. Like it was just meant for him to hear.

“Did you miss me?” He chuckled, and looked up at her. She nodded. He looked slightly shocked. So she brought his hand to her mouth and placed a small kiss to his knuckles. He was still. But slowly, his shadows curled out around him and enveloped her, too.

“Tell me about where you went.” And so he told her, as he always did, about the different courts he visited: the architecture, the environment, the flowers they grew, the different foods he tried. As he told his stories to her, she laid down next to him, enthralled by all the things he had seen. He eventually ended up laying down, too, and as he got more animated his hands reached above their heads to emphasize his points and paint the pictures he was describing.

Elain could not take her eyes off those hands.

Slowly, as his stories came to an end, she nuzzled up to his side, minding his wings. She felt him sigh and looked up to his face. She thought she saw, and hoped she saw, contentment. Trying to keep that glorious expression on his face, she took his hand and began drawing small circles in his palm, just fiddling with it.

“What have you been dreaming about while I’ve been away?” he whispered to her. She looked up into his interested eyes and sighed. Elain wished she didn’t have to bear the burden of the future. But at least Azriel was here to help shoulder the heavy load. 

And so she told him of the visions. Of the flaming bird and the fiery fox. Of the glacier melting under the warmth of blazing rubies. And of the curious fawn finding beautiful shadows within the forest.

After a while, Azriel dozed off. Elain gazed at his face and smiled in appreciation. She looked down to his cobalt siphons and traced over them. Where were the other ones placed again? His shoulders, his knees, and his chest. Slowly, she slipped away from his side, careful not to wake him.

She walked over to the cornflowers and inspected them. Finding the biggest, bluest blooms, she slowly placed each blossom where his siphons were or would be. Then, silent as a mouse, she slipped away to her room.

When he awoke some time later, he smiled at his own small bouquet of blue flowers covering him.

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this is based on a couple hc i have. 1) that azriel can manipulate his shadows (to an extent, but they also can transform themselves) and 2) that elain likes to place different blue flowers on azriels siphons