melt time

Dear Castiel,

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Every moment you’ve been here…

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Every laughable moment…

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Every melting moment…

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Every adorable moment…

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Has taken hold of everyone here.

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Even though we’ve lost you so many times…

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You always found a way back…

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We never thought…

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You would go out…

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Like this…

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But still we count the days for your return…

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Even if they never come…

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Because we know in our hearts…

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You will always find a way home

you know what, shout out to autistic people who can’t manage their emotions for shit

autistics who have meltdowns once or multiple times daily from emotional overload

“overly sensitive” autistics

autistics who try to control their response to things that upset them but can’t

autistics who are greatly upset by seemingly small things

autistics who get told that it’s “not a big deal” and that they’re “overreacting”

autistics who are mocked for being upset

you’re freaking wonderful and i hope that you have a good day with minimal upsetting events. you deserve to feel okay and your emotions are always valid and real, don’t let anybody try to tell you otherwise.

Run away Far From Noise again with a cup of coffee.

This game is so nice, so clam. I was actually close my eyes and breathe like he told us to do. I don’t know it’s because the sound in game or his voice, It feel like my whole body can melt away at that time. I can’t say that I had a very bad time after I watch this video. Instead, I happy the way I am now that I’m sill alive. All I can say is… thank you. I wish I could meet you someday.

small flame.


Jungkook’s suits Ver.

The combo of his walk and the thin black tie n polished shoes woa

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Him in blue kills me

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  • Bow tie and stripes on the blazer look so good
  • His glare like “I’ve been watching you all night, let me buy you a drink”

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Looking like a model posing for a perfume advert wow such a look

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Idk this gives me vibes of bratty rich kid jungkook?? I love it ??

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The ruffles on the end of the sleeves ooze this “royalty and high status” vibe

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He looks like a student here with the navy blazer, the cool guy that all the girl like but avoid cos he’s trouble but he likes you most n whispers shit in ur ear when he walks past you in front of everyone

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he looks like a teacher here fight me

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Cute prom night look paired with his wide smile, melts me every time he’s so soft

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The hemming and buttons and walk finish the look, ultimate prince look

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Mina and Denki messing around hcs

  • microwaving stuff that absolutely should not be microwaved
  • eating the sourest sweets they can find
  • spreading the most ridiculous, outlandish fake rumours that they can think of (usually about Bakugou)
  • “how much of my hand dyou think will dissolve if I stick it in that acid?”
  • both cheating at video games while accusing the other of cheating and not playing fair
  • combining as many memes as possible to create abstract art
  • practicing flirting with girls which somehow always goes wrong and they end up in overdramatic fake fights
  • melting stuff with heat or ashido’s acid
  • “hey dyou think we can climb this?”
  • covering kaminari in mina’s cheap foundation so he’s completely pink
  • terrible fashion shows. who can make the worst outfit and rock it the most? (these usually involve kirishima’s crocs)
  • “shock me. just fucking do it. I dare you.”
  • midnight baking ending up as a 3am food fight
  • doing viral challenges
  • reciting long copypastas off by memory
  • “is this edible? only one way to find out”

Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender

So I’ve been meaning to illustrate one of the scenes from the vld family au by @lordzuuko but i never could choose only one. When i read this cuteness  though my hand moved on its own haha 

Have a Pidge with twin french braids!